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  • Okay here are the pics I tried earlier (xing fingers as I post) LOL

  • Hi Pattu

    Thankyou so much for posting the photos yes thats him but he showed me himself alot younger . I feel when they pass they often go back to looking at what they felt was their best .My Dad came to me with dark hair and he was completely grey when he the light and the tree looks amazing . I will keep you posted if Mike gives me anymore messages he is not with me now so i strongly feel that he got his message across . Please drop in and say hello now and again . Take care

    Love and Hugs LoaP)

  • Hi Loap,

    I will definitely keep in touch. And yep, I am sure he went back to a younger look, in fact, the first dreams I had of him after he died showed him to me at about the age of 25. Thanks for the peace you have given me, I know he is still looking out for me.

    Love and Hugs to you too,


  • Your very welcome Patty 🙂

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  • Hi Dmick

    It is not Fathers day here until september you guys have it earlier than us , now i wanted to tell you i feel there is a little boy in spirit around you and he is the one that is touching your back when you are cooking in the kitchen. And you guessed it i am feeling michaela again and look at how i spelt it . Omg and the l is nowhere near the a on the keyboard .

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  • Hi all! I just have a question, trying to find some personal spiritual identity, veryvery lost in life right now! how do you guys go with all these spirits and energies without being afriad? And what would one advice be to learn to reconnect with the energy of the universe? I can't feel it anymore, and feel very unprotected/alone. I am trying some yoga and protective light sessions, lol IDK what you guys call them 🙂 . And if anyone would mind, do I even have any spirit guides around me? Thanks so-oooo much, i would like to learn from all of you ❤

  • Try meditating by yourself without distraction

  • Dmick this little boy has blonde hair it is in a bowl shape haircut and he is wearing a checkered shirt

  • Leolight,

    There is a lot of scattered energy around you , you need to focus on one thing at a time try the whitelight protective bubble imagine you are surrounded in a bubble of whitelight then visualize arrows heading towards it and bouncing straiight off . Do you have any oracle cards ? I will pull a card for you if you like, i have many oracle decks .I have all of Doreen virtues decks .

    L&L Loap:)

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  • This post is deleted!

  • No I don't have any cards or such. I would like to re-connect with my spirituality first, because I feel lost in the wind- no roots to keep me safe/stable, much less aware or intuitive. If you would like to pull a card, I would appreciate it! 🙂 I will try the meditating, and continue the whitelight meditations. That's a good idea, the arrows suggestion. Thanks all 🙂 ❤

  • Hi Loap,

    How are you?

    It's been a while since we chatted, I still haven't re started my tarot, to be honest im unsure whether i be good enough to give other people readings, may be it a little lack of confidence.

    I have ore so been in tune with my Physic side, which i trust more than ever since sp, and not listening to it then.


  • Hi D,

    I had a similar dream like yours long before i had my kids i seen them looking at me through a phone booth window as silly as that sounds and they look exactly the same in life . I knew they were going to be my kids even though they didntlook likeme at all as i have dark features and my husband is so blonde and pale they take after him . Now probably a silly question but does the name Tabitha mean anything to you ? I am being shown Tabitha from bewitched . and rtghe boy is showing me a wooden spoon i am feeling the name Tmmy as well .

  • sorry Timmy

    Love anD Light Loap:)

  • Hi Scully,

    Long time no see, i understand how you feel about tarot i feel the same sometimes just do it at your own pace , i often have breaks from it . Its great you are getting in touch with your psychic side .I am also getting into my psychic side tapping into energies .I dont understand the messages are coming through , but others can relate , which makes me happy . I feel so blessed to have been given this gift .

    L&L Loap:)

  • Loaaaaaaaapppp....i am baaaaack......from the 78456th dimension.....i even brought a very special Tarot deck with me from the Great Beyond....i asked about you.....and the cards have spoken....about the future....

  • Hi Leolight ,

    I asked my Archangel cards what you need to know and learn in your life right now and the card that came out for you is, Archangel Raphael Breathe card , and the messge of this card is during times of stress you need to take several deep breaths and exhale slowly to awaken your energy and to release old patterns . I am feeling alot of anxiety around you . I am feeling anxious and i am rubbing my hands together can you realte to this ? I am also feeling like panic attacts and shotness of breath . You need to take yourself in your mind to a calm and peaceful enviroment . Imagine yourself to be in a beautiful garden laying under a tree on a beautiful sunny day with no worries in the world . Call upon Archangel Raphael when you re feeling anxious ask him to help you heal and guide you with yourspirtual path .

    Love and blessings Loap:)

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