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  • Hi Dmick ,

    He is not with me anymore soory i will let you know if i tap into his energy again ,

    Love and hugs Loap:

  • Hi LOAP,

    I was just glancing around at the forum topics and something pulled me to this one. I started reading the thread and was overwhelmed when you mentioned the face in the tree so I kept reading.

    I have, what I call a tree spirit. Last fall, the city decided to put up a street light just on the edge of my property to light the dip in the road along the ravine. From my kitchen window, I could see the figure of a woman with long hair, almost like she is running in the wind, in one of my trees that the street light shines upon. The minute I saw her, I felt the calmest I had felt since my husband died in a tragic trucking accident 6 months prior to this. I felt she is in that tree, under that light to protect me because he no longer can. Right now, due to all the leaves back on the tree, it is very hard to "see" her but I know she is still there.

    Another thing that stood out to me in this thread was that you asked about "Mike" regarding Dmick's post. My late husband's name was Mike and he also was traveling an inverse curve when his semi-truck left the road and hit a grove of trees. While I was reading that post, I literally got chills thinking that something or someone brought me to this topic and wanted me to read it. You seem to have tapped into me somehow! Or at least I get that feeling while reading all these posts. What do you think?



  • Hi PattySings ,

    Was your husband of a big build with short dark hair and a moustache ? This vison came to me as soon as i read your post .The name Mike was very strong and he was adamentt on this so i could have been picking up on 2 energies in my post to Dmick. I see the man with me he is smiling ,i want to say he is a gentle giant can you relate to this ?

    Thankyou for sharing your story it is amazing did the lady have blonde hair ?Here in this link is my a picture of the face in my tree I would love to hear your thoughts on it .

    I think your user name is gorgeous

    Love and hugs 2u


  • Hi again Loap!

    OMG! Your gentle giant description is right on the money! Friends even referred to him as that. He was big built and when he was younger he had the short dark hair and just a mustache, which, actually a picture of him like that sits on my desk, so I was probably looking at it just before I wrote my post! But when he passed he was already mostly white headed with a full white beard. He looked like Santa Claus in a cowboy hat. He was always smiling. Even people that barely knew him, remember his smile! I miss him everyday! He was my soulmate.

    The face in your tree? Wow, I see several people. At first glance, I only saw the center section which looked like a young girl with long hair in a baseball cap. Then as I pulled back on the picture, I saw the face of a hairy man and the thought that came into my mind was the character of The Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz. Very interesting. I will try to get an image posted of my tree fairy that I took last fall.

    And thank you, I am a singer so the name was an obvious choice for me.

    Hugs to you too,


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  • Hi Patty ,

    I am so glad you can relate to the gentle giant now he is showing me Shrek , and i am hearing a song from one of the Shrek movies i dont know who sings it but the lyrics are saying , "You just gotta let it go " I just googled it its called i need some sleep from Shrek 2 . Can you relate to this ? here is a link for the song Also he is showing me denim jeans and boots . from shrek you just gotta let it go&source=web&cd=4&ved=0CF8QtwIwAw&

    Love and hugs loap:)

  • Hi Dmick .

    When i read your post i felt the name Michael very strong again , i feel this Michael is living not in spirit . Ok did your relative that passed have shoulder lenght hair and it was grey ? he is showing me that he is walking up a hill . I hope you dont mind me asking this but was he in a bike gang or club at all ? i am seeing a black leather vest with a big image on the back Ok i have typed .Michaela twice now instead of Michael do you know of a Michaela? Its my daughters name but i spell it without the H . Im sorry this all sounds like mumbo jumbo ,

    Love and hugs Loap:)

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  • OMG DMick ,

    I am so glad you can relate as it was all jargon to me but Michael was strong everytime i look at your user name i felt it so i know it was defently for you and the Michaela thats the reason i dropped the h from my daughters name as i namned her after a character in a tv show Dr Quinn medicine woman do you know of it ? in the show the town folk thought a male doctor was coming to town Michael A Quinn . wow that is unreal i am asking them to give me more info . Was your freind the girl of african american appearance? I canr remeber if i asked you this before .

  • I now am certain that Mike and Michaela are two different energies .

  • Oh Loap, Thank you so much! He loved the Shrek movies! He was a big kid at heart! That song meant a lot when I listened to it. I truly believe that Mike wanted you to connect with me so I could hear that song. He was always bringing me home new music that he heard on the road and that is one of the things I miss about him. I also feel the song was meant as a double entendre since he must know how hard of a time I am having letting go and moving on but I know he was getting tired of being on the road too so I can see that aspect of the song too.

    His boots are setting on my hearth by a picture of him and of course, he never wore anything but jeans, even dressed up, he always wore just a nicer pair of jeans! LOL

    Again thank you! I needed this affirmation that he is okay and I feel you got that from him.



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  • Hi Patty,

    I am so glad you could relate to shrek and that song the main lyrics i was feeling you just gotta let it go and he shows me Shrek as a man in one of the Shrek movies he turns into a man i think it might be shrek the third and i feel he is trying to say , this looks like me (Himself) does this make sense to you ? I will try to find an image and post it . The boots and jeans were coming across very strong . I seen them clear as day , I want to thank him for choosing to come to me as i am very new at this . now i am going to say this did he like the movie roadhouse with patrick swayzee or is there some reference to a roud house for him at all?

  • Hi Dmick ,

    i am still blown away by Michael A ok i have a lady of african american appearance coming through when i read your posts .She is very slim and im going to say it again she looks a lot like Whitney housten do you remember me saying this before ?. I have just asked her to give me somethiing solid to work with here .

    Its defently Michael A not Michelle . I am sorry D for all the confusion .

    Love and hugs Loap:)

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  • Hi Loap,

    When you said Roadhouse, I laughed because I knew he wanted me to know for sure that it is him! We used to go to a bar called the Roadhouse here but because it's too far for me to drive alone, I don't get to go anymore but we both loved that place. And as far as the movie Roadhouse, yep, he was a big Sam Elliott fan so he watched it whenever he came across it on TV. I personally have not seen the 3rd Shrek movie but I will make a point of it now.

    Not positive, but I think your name might have brought him to you because he sometimes referred to his life from the pilot's prayer which says living on a wing and a prayer. I am just glad that he did. He was always the type of person who wouldn't say he believed, but he always took my advice when I "had a feeling" about something!

    Thank you so much for being there, Loap, I really needed this!

    Many hugs to you,


  • Loap,

    I just googled Shrek and found the image you were referring to in the Shrek 2, which is also the one that song came from. Yes, if you added a mustache, I can see him in that image!


  • Hi Patty

    You have blown me away i have been seeing visions of Sam Elliot from the minute i read your first post and i know who he is but couldndnt think of his name and the vison i seen was Sam Elliot wearing jeans and boots as well i wanted to tell you this but i thought it another celebrity reference ,and i know that Sam has been in a few movies but roadhouse was the one that i felt i should mention and i know i have mentioned a few celebrities like Shrek and Whitney to Dmick but that is how they are getting there messages across to me . That is so sweet what you say about my username Bless him i love Bon Jovi and the song it means alot to me like a good freind i met here on tarot .com Rc dreamer said to me at the end of the day we all are living on a prayer . I thank your Mike from the bottom of my heart for choosing me it means a lot . I am reasonably new to all this it just started happeing to me in the last couple of years .

    Love and hugs 2 u Loap:)

  • Loap, I am posting a few pictures. Two of them are my "tree fairy" - the first one I took thru my kitchen window, so the glass obscured the lighting but the second one is from outside. The third picture is the one I have on my desk of my late husband. His hair was already beginning to turn gray but I think you will see the human Shrek resemblance. The last picture is what he looked like when he passed.

    If Mike comes back thru to you, let me know, I come to the forums daily.

    Thanks and hugs,


  • Well, I guess those didn't work-I will have to try to resize them if I can

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