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  • Chrysalis ,

    I havent done any readings for a while and now i remember you did start a thread asking me for one it has been a long time i will do a reading for you but only 3 cards if that is ok What would you like to know about The past present future or do you have a particular question in mind ?

  • Thank you so much dear Loap......i'm involved in a very intense but SO draining relationship....the person is capable of taking me to Heaven....but the "other" place as well...the intensity of it is overwhelming....but lately i have become so tired of the negativity....when it's good it's magic but when it's's something i can barely my question is......lately i sense the end of this relationship approaching and i will be the one to end it the right decision or i should give this another chance ?

    Thank you in advance dear Loap, i really appreciate this 🙂

  • Chrysalis ,

    I feel your overwhelming energy . I have pulled you 3 cards on this situation

    They are

    Death, past influence

    4 of cups Present

    9 of coins - Future

    Ok in the past you couldnt adapt to change very well as this is the lesson of the death card i felt you would tolerate all sorts of situations that made you very unhappy , I also feel that you were manipulated in some way as if your partner had some sort of hold over you , I feel you would turn a blind eye to most things , and i feel that he has cheated on you more than once . I feel others would try to help you but you wouldnt listen you wouldnt see past his lies , even though you knew deep down in your heart what he was up to . At present you are extremly unhappy i feel as if you have been doing something that you shouldnt have like drinking , smoking or comfort eating . Does this make sense? You need to snap out of this , it is doing you know good and you know it . In the future i feel you will outgrow these ways and start taking charge of your life you will be more happy within yourself and you will except the fact that you can no longer change this person you can only change yourself . I finally i see you leaving this relationship after tolterating years of mental and physical abuse . You will totally dedictate your heart and soul to your career ,as i do feel you are already putting plans into action to start a very successful buisness . There is a Bon Jovi song that comes to mind when i am tapping into your energy its called What do you got ?

    What do you got, if you aint got love

    Whatever you got, it just aint enough

    Youre walkin the road, but youre goin no where

    Youre tryin to find your way home, but there's no one there

    Who do you hold, in the dark of night

    You wanna give up, but it's worth the fight

    You have all the things, that you've been dreamin' of

    If you ain't got someone, you're afraid to lose

    Everybody needs just one, someone... to tell them the truth

    Maybe i'm a dreamer, but I still believe

    I believe in hope, I believe the change can get us off our knees

    Can you relate ?

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Can i relate ?! Dear are just amazing !!!Gosh...i naked lol.....i wasn't wrong in perceiving your great talent...and yes smoking drinking eating done all of them....sorry i'm just overwhelmed about the accuracy of your reading.......

    Before reading this, i sent him a mail teeling him of my intentions to distance myself from this abusive relationship because i too have sensed the lies in his words, saw deep in his soul many times....but yes as you say i was deliberately blind and deaf to others who genuinely tried to help me get over this....addiction to his sweet have experienced the perfect somthing so difficult to get over....but true Love cannot be a lie, i learned that the hard way, wishful thinking can only lead to more hurt sooner or later...

    Dear Loap, i'm so grateful and amazed....yours was the most accurate reading i've had in years, really....even my planning/scheming lol about starting a business of my own....even this wow....and you say it's going to be succesful ? Thank you So much, i really needed to hear some good news, you really made my day 🙂

    As for Bon Jovi....for now, i choose "It's my Life" !

    Love and Light Dear Loap, thank you once again 🙂

  • Thankyou so much Your very welcome Chrysalis , i went with what i felt and i was a bit worried incase i upset you . I felt bad typing some of those things

    I love Its my life . good choice . !!!!!

  • I can't believe I enjoyed the moon and then was too tired to do what I normally do! I usually just write down what I want to get rid of and things I desire...and light them on fire and simply say I give it to the universe. :0) Sorry....was a busy weekend.

  • AB,

    I never got chance and the winds have been really high hear it was freezing on saturday so do you do this inside ?

  • I actually stand on my patio, rain or shine and light it....however, if the wind if blowing...there is always the option of lighting it indoors. :0)

  • ok thanks AB i will give it a try next time round,

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  • Dmick59, i saw you Double. Meaning not you with another person but two

    And this could quite possibly mean...Twin Flame approaching. Heavy clouds were above you signifying hardships until now, but they're disbanding and the sun's rays start coming through. Now please try to see the deeper meaning in any of the above.

    The Sun doesn't necessarily means all will be bright and happy and perfect in our personal or better, Material life. If we want to proceed in our Spiritual path....then at some point in our lives we must try to understand the real meaning of Spirituality...which is attuning to Spirit and not matter.

    The Sun could of course signify material hapiness after a long period of trials....but surely it represents Enlightenment. And my friend, essentially, that's what we're all here on this Earth learn, be tested and become stronger and wiser, evolve as Eternal Souls.....if we consider every harship not as punishment but a lesson which will be helpful later in life.

    So a higher understanding of things comes your way my friend. And if it's really your Twin Flame which will appear after many unfortunate relationships (in essence soulmates coming into your life to give you experience, not only pain...) the prepare for the ride of your LIfe....better yet, your whole existence....

    Many people search for their TF because they believe he/she will make them absolutely totally unconditionally happy, fulfilled, perfect. And nothing could be further from the the start...

    The Twin Flame, the other half of our Soul comes to bring forth all remaining darkness in us....and yes it's a painful procedure. The other half of our Soul comes to give us what we lack in order to cleanse our Soul, evolve from simple humans to ascended's not an easy process to cast out the illusions of the 3d. The end of Duality, the braking of our eggshell 3d "self" and the evolution into Self.....maybe your time for Higher Understanding approaches my friend 🙂

    Ok maybe i scared you a good news : A strong Bull is close to you to help through you have any Taurean friends or children ? Also Nefertem, the Egyptian God of fragrance, Youth and Beauty appeared...on his lotus flower and in a good mood which means these are on their way to you...ok now i'm jealous haha !

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  • HI Dmick ,

    I have to ask you are you a fan of Whitney Housten? Or was you freind that i contacted as everytime i look at your avatar i am hearing her sing saving all my love for you ? Can you relate to this at all ?

  • Hey Chrysallis ,

    That was a fantastic reading , you done i was wondering if you could help me can you explain the light bulbs going out in my house one by one ? Do you think i am the cause as i have a lot of electricity in my body and constatly get shocks off things like shopping trolleys and such ?

  • sorry pressed button by mistake as my son was at me , i would really appreaciate your help

    Love and light Loap:) Happy mothers day to all 🙂

  • Dear Loap, you have a great potential bottled up inside you. Do you feel constantly under pressure ? If so, it's probably because you need to channel all this energy into something creative. Spirits are attracted to you, lights bulbs going what other hints do you need ?

    You are extremely talented in giving readings, i was amazed with the accuracy of the one you gave me, and believe me i've had tons of reading by self-proclaimed "professionals" and supposed "mediums" (see charlatans...) to know yours was a sincere and true one. But i perceive you still don't use more than 30% of your true potential... i wonder why?

    Perhaps your psyche needs a catalyst that hasn't appeared yet...i'm very interested in how things will evolve from now on for you....let me know if that spirit girl appeared again

    Happy Mother's day to all who have been blessed with the experience of giving birth 🙂

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Chrysalis ,

    I felt the spirits presence hear tonight my DH was in an awful mood he never ever bought me any mothers day cards for the kids or wrapped my presents up and that is not like him at all , so i did a spell to clear his energy , and today he seems alot happier . I think i will get into paganism one day . I am going to this shop that sells all sorts of stuff in the city so i will look for a dog tailsman there., I hope you enjoed your mothers day

    Love and hugs Loap:)

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