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  • Yay for moving! Sometimes it brings new energy to us 🙂 Hope it does that for you!! Boxes are the worst part LOL

  • Anyone have any advice for learning tarot and such? I am very interested, but how to start? U are all so talented!! THNX! ❤

  • well my experience says , get a deck that speaks to u, it has to bunr in ur hands n habve a connection inside of u. once bought n brought home, open the deck and slowly pick each card up look at it, imprint the image with ur eyes and fingers.

    then pick up the booklet, go through it slowly like your did each card. then redo the cards one by one.

    now u have made a strong connection to the deck which chose u as it s owner. Now u´re all set to start out in the small.

    when u start use the booklet as ur crush as ur guide, n add what comes from inside. Soon ure an experience novice in tarot reading.

    when u feel ready to read people, set criterias or u will b overrun. Even experience done for yonks tarot readers set up criterias as how many when where n whom.

    criterias are mucho mucho importante.

    good luck dear


  • CWB is spot on take your time to go thru the cards and practice on yourself 1st most of all enjoy the learning of something new

  • Wow that's really cool. I can't wait to get my cards now. I know that there are many different types, or are the different types just different artwork?

  • Hello all its been a while i hope all is well .

  • Hi LIving. loads has been going on. I´d only bore ya all with it lol

    hope ure okay to living


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