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  • I went to see Titanic in 3D today and i was the only person in the thearte at first ,it was very creepy lucky two other couples came in . I left feeling a heavy sadness it happens everytime i watch James Camerons movie .

  • Hi LoaP!

    Yes, she has a calm, clear energy. I can't remember ever connecting with an awful energy and I wouldn't ever recommend that you acknowledge and open to such a spirit. No, it isn't the friend that you described of that I'm sure. She has presented herself to me as having shoulder length, straight, dark brown/black hair. There is a sense of refinement and idk … like self-contained, collected, calmness about her. Anyway, she is there for you if you chose to allow her in.

    : ) it can be creepy sitting basically alone in a theater! Lately, I'm findng I can't watch anything too heavy, movies or TV, even though I don't mind a good tear jerker. Love movies which pull out a variety of emotions!

    Hey AB!

    Big smile lit up my face when I read your post! I'm so happy for you --- to me it is the most rewarding. Let your heart continue to lead and it'll never feel like work.

    ~ Laie

  • Ladies i ask of u not to desert the nutty nuts lounge. it is wevy lonely over there now lol

  • I started out doing vigils and just being able to sit with someone who is transitioning from this world to the next is an honor. I just found out my first hospice client is now transitioning so this will be my first patient that I have spent time with who is now getting ready to leave this world. For some reason, the fact that I don't know these people personally makes it so much easier. There is just this overwhelming feeling of compassion and peace when I sit with someone. I get a lot of people telling me it is such a needed thing but they couldn't do it. When I started, I didn't know if I could either but when I first heard of the program that volunteers sit with people dying who have no one else, I just had to be a part of it.

    Laie...I saw Titanic the first time with one other person in the theater. At one point a worker came in and watched for a few minutes but you are right that it is weird sitting in a huge theater all by yourself watching this movie. I was so completely engrossed in this movie I didn't realize how much time had flown by while I was there. I have stayed away from my usual programs I love too,., prefer watching something light hearted. I've caught a few episodes of the show "Coming Home" which shows vets coming home to their families. I feel their joy in being reunited and just tear up every time! LOL.

  • I will be back there CWB

    Laie ,

    Sorry i didnt mean to insinuate that you would recomend a bad energy i know you wouldnt at all its just me being paranoid , ever since you have mentioned it i have had visions of a girl with long dark hair i do feel a connection with her like a sisterly one even though i only have one sister who is living . This is a very strange feeling Laie , a while ago Paddifluff described the same looking spirit hanging around my husband . I would love to know her name .i am asking her she looks like my cousin who is living her name is Sue . she has an olive complexion she is showing me her hair blowing in the wind .

    Hugs(( Mags ))

  • No worries, Mags. I just wanted to be clear that she is someone that anyone would like to have watching over them or as a friend even. And Yes, she has what could be described as an olive complexion! It has that enviable golden/green ( Italian?) tone, .... smooth, pore free. Light in shade, the type you know tans easily. Thats cool that Paddi saw her too!! More confirmation for you! I got her around You, not hubby, as soon as I flipped off this thread the other day. I don't think that matters much though, just like when she appeared to me her hair was pulled into a low, side, pony tail. What matters is how she appears to you, that you know she is with you, and that she is there when you need her assistance, if you choose. Maybe she is a "guide for the moment" like whatever is present in your life now, she's lending energetic help. Or a past life connection?? Writing this makes me wish someone could tell me about the various guides that have popped up in my life ... : ( oh well, sometimes its enough just to know we are never alone and receive whatever is given with gratitude. Blessings.

  • Beautifully put, AB. It is an overwhelming sense of peace and compassion. I always cry, always ... but it is from an overwhelming presence of love in the room. I use to get extremely anxious and irritable within myself, no one else knew this tho: ) prior to someone's passing but, a year ago this month, I fully got that was about. I was picking up on their struggle to surrender. I always knew that it was about their struggle, but couldn't keep it from affecting me or stand outside of it. Once I got that message--- an invaluable lesson --- I maintained an open loving space in my heart, sent them peace and love, and journeyed with them. To a point, of course. : ) There will always be pts. that will break your heart with their struggle, but in the end, imo, you learn and receive more than you could ever give on so many levels. Words can't convey how happy I am for U! (((Huge Hugs))) ~ Laie

  • Thanks Laie i have asked her to guide me in the right direction as i have never felt so uncetain about the future as i do now in my life . I need to make a worry list and burn it . The other day when i came out of the titanic my energy was low and heavy so i envisualized the ship heading for the iceberg but turning and saling straight past it . i know this sounds silly but it gave me peace of mind now if i can only image my life sailing so smoothly.

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Thank you Laie, huge hugs back to you! The only people I've talked to are the ones that already do it and understand that feeling you get. It really is just an incredible space to be in. I was really scared at own fears of death, maybe sensing the same thing...the struggle but as time goes on, I just feel so much compassion for the person and in some's a privilege to be with them in their final hours. Dealing with family is what makes me cry because I feel their hurt and pain of loss. Someone once said in a meeting that we look at birth as a celebration....a new life. Death...should also be a celebration because it is a birth of a different kind of life. The joyous release of the body to move to the soul and begin a whole new level of life. It really made so much sense to me. It's always the toughest on those left behind for now.

  • LOAP....when I remember...I like to make my lists (worry and wishes) and light them on fire under the full moon. It's a good way to put that which you don't want and that which you do...out in the universe. I also was told a New Moon is good for the same thing. :0)

  • I think i wanna crack up this joint. Ahm ok ya know weΒ΄re always bombarded with weightloss schemes, diets, excersize , this n that hollywood london Milan Roma where ever new thing to loose weight and b healthier on. Im kinda sick n tired of it, BUUUTTT not that sick of it lol

    Enjoy below. It seems to me this cat is saying


  • What a cute kitty LOL:)

    Thanks AB i will do it but every fullmoon i seem to forget as i have got a brain like a siv

  • Dear Loap...i dont post much here but today your posts...or something about them made me respond. There is strong energy around you. Don't worry it's benevolent and you perceived it correctly, this "girl" is with you to guide you through turbulent times.

    She's the answer to your prayers actually....;) You were asking for guidance and support lately.

    I'm curious....does the name Danae resonates within you ? You and this spirit share a special connection, you go way back.

    Her appearing to you now signifies a shift in your life path. You may think it as negative, dangerous, feel insecure....but everything is for the best, trust your gut instinct.....does it say to you everything is going to be just fine....but your conscious mind many times thinks of the worst case scenario ?

    If you will, could you focus on the girl's neck.....she wears a talisman. Please tell me what do you see, it's your Guide and i'm not permitted to see clearly. Maybe it's an emblem or letter or a rune sign but i'm not sure.

    Love and Light πŸ™‚

  • Hello Chrysalis,

    I am sorry but the name does not resonate with me and i have been trying to focus on her neck but she is only showing me her right side profile so i am, seeing the side of her face and her hair is blowing in the wind .. I feel as if she is at the beach looking out to the ocean and that is exactly where i want to be right now . I am so happy that she has come to help me , and you are so right when you typed this

    You may think it as negative, dangerous, feel insecure....but everything is for the best, trust your gut instinct.....does it say to you everything is going to be just fine....but your conscious mind many times thinks of the worst case scenario ?

    Spot on , i need to change my way of thinking .its a hard habit to break . Yesterday i was in my bathroom and i seen what looked like oval shaped orbs a yellow colour in the middle and pink on the outside there were many of them . Do you think this is spirtis trying to contact me ?

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Lol i'll insist on the name, i know this is my Ego talking here...btu i have it right at the edge of my mind....fact is she had many names in various incarnations just like you and everyone else....the second i got Danae something with "A" was insisting but i didn't give it much thought....try "Amisi" i'm sure she's Egyptian....

    As for the Orbs, definitely yes. Their coloration speaks volumes about their intentions, exactly like a person's aura. How beautiful you can see them πŸ™‚

    Pink denotes true love, sensitive, compassionate, affectionate vibrations, and yellow....there are many hues of yellow....but i get a strong feeling you saw golden yellow which means higher level of consciousness, wise, protective, enlightened. Please inform me if i'm mistaken....

    These are guardian Spirits, don't worry. You can tell a lot from the way they move actually...wild, agitated motion means they warn you about something. A nice peaceful floating motion means they greet you and want you to be aware of their presence (otherwise they would remain invisible...;) you really have to trust your gut instinct it's quite powerful you know !

    You may asked if they are spirits trying to contact you but inside you already knew the answer eh ? So, relax and meditate about the reason for their and the girls appearance.....maybe you'll be surprised with the "spontaneous" answers that will just..."pop up" in your head πŸ˜‰

    Love and Light dear Loap....if you ever want a reading, i do runes and crystal ball, just let me know πŸ™‚

  • Dear Chrysalis,

    Something strange happend today i have heard a ladies voice at the shopping centre calling Danae my heart nearly jumped out of my chest . Do you think this is confirmation ? I asked the pinky yellow orbs to come closer and one did but i wasnt startled or anything as they were moving in a nice poeaceful motion .. I have been going back to my bathroom with a camera to try and catch something but i havent seen them again .Yes It was a golden yellow that i seen .

    Thankyou for the offer of a reading oh yes please i just posted a thread on crystal ball readings i would love one of those thank you .

    Love and hugs Loap:)

  • Dear Loap i am had your confirmation, the Orbs are friendly Guides and responding to you, how beautiful ! But dont expect them to...pose for you lol...they're very discreet ! time you see the girl, call her by this name, even do a meditation about it...use a light blue candle or have something with you that is of the sea like a shell, not a picture but something material....she always lived close to the sea (hint on how to attract her πŸ˜‰

    As for the Crystal ball reading, some time within the weekend as i have a very busy psychic schedule...but i promise i'll deliver !

    Love and Light

  • A Butterfly stands on the girl index finger...the girl smiles. The butterfly is YOU Lopa, so it's a time of transformation fro you. It may be hard, even painful to brake your coccoon....but when you will be somehing beautiful !. You have so much stress because you fear change, you're paralyzed seeing your golden cage braking, cracks appearing on your coccoon....but rest assured it's for the best, many guides around you right now to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible.

    A green dragon oversees the whole process....a good sign. He is the East, and guards (possibly warns too) about health issues and things of the Air....beware of the flu !...or gossip about you and your loved ones.

    The moon above all of you....which means trust your gut feelings, this is a time the best compass will be your intuition, guided of course by your guides.

    For last, i left something that requires some research....above and around the moon there are 5-6 stars...they form a constellation. I think it's Leo but to be sure i have to consult star charts,this will take some time.

    If it is Leo, it means you are about to claim what's rightfully yours in your life, to become the King of your Life, stop following others or try to live like others. This time your transformation will lead to you claiming the "throne" in your life, be the one who decides as well as inspire others with your strength and resolution. Not bad !

    Be all you can be my Friend πŸ™‚

    Love and Light

    PS : I just might ask for a Tarot reading...can i ? πŸ˜‰

  • Full Moon tonight! :0)

  • Thanks AB ,

    Do i have to say any rituals at all ?

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