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  • LOAP all my prayers to you ❀

    Okay, so I am just a bundle of nerves today, completely not okay 😞 trying to get signals from Spirit or the Universe or whatever to know what I should do and I am left in total confusion. I don't really know what specific question I have, could I please have a reading for the future of my marriage, and the sincerity of my husband?

    I don't want to hurt anyone, especially him, but I am not happy in this marriage, and I have a strong fear or feeling that I may never be happy! I tried doing meditation and my intuition said to go. I had a dream where I was praying and doing automatic writing, (which is odd) and I asked God, why should I go? And the answer was: He's not good to me. But last night I dreamt that my husbands' hair was growing white without my love and I woke up crying, the effect is still there. I do love him, or I want to love him, but I don't know what the right thing to do for myself is.

  • And more importantly, I think of the kind of future my kids would have. I need to think of that before myself, even.

  • pulling card for myself, what could this mean?

    Self: King of wands

    Situation: Queen of Coins

    Challenges: Seven of wands

  • leolight ill get to u as soon as i can, my world has been crazy lately n is still crazy hah, im gonna b moving homes b4 end april ...................... as i said ask n i hoped more than me would come out n aid lol ill see what i can do 4 u soon as i can



  • mmm thanx miss, I understand! Patience is one of my good attributes πŸ™‚

  • LeoLight, hey gurl. it has taken me more time than i expected, i hope either later today but by Saturday i PRAY ill have read u some cards. things r STILL crazy on my end. So im GLAD that some is as patient as i am ( look up in dictionary under SNORT! )


  • LOL

    yes where the hell is all the rum...................


  • crAZY eff weekend. i apologize. my plans either race away from me or gets flushed. mind if ya hafta b a smidge more patient leo?

    all else who follow this can ANY help me n leo out here? thanx

  • πŸ™‚ hon its ok I am getting some advice in other forums. Thanks so much for caring ❀

  • i wont forget u leo. ill do u a read anyways when i get to it. im sorry to have made u get hiopes up. my life went busy as eff. oh i hate to let down people i hate it i hate it i hate it!

    did i just get flushed?

  • No prob miss, don't feel badly πŸ™‚ ❀ I don't have my hopes up, I only appreciate the sharing of the talents here!! Everyone here is so kind. I am so amazed by them, I am trying now to open my own chakras to gain some perspective- I think that originally I have some talent in this area, (some scary experiences and some reaffirming ones as well) but since the past few months (or maybe the past four years) with my husband, I feel physically that my chakras, especially my heart and stomach ones, have closed very tightly!! I wish that I could get a vacation for a month just to get away from all this- get re-grounded.

    But don't be feeling badly, I don't expect anything from anyone, just humbly asking for guidance, or perspective.

    PS Has anyone here ever seen an orb? I think I have seen two! One white one in my kitchen, floated past my right shoulder and up through the ceiling, and the other was a black one, floated through the front door of my neighbor, and again, up through the ceiling to the third floor.

  • Hey all

    What are your sentiments, thoughts, feelings about strangers suddenly calls you sweetie, sugar, darling n it AINT your better half nor the man you love n are with?

    I say, i feel violated. I feel they have overstepped my boundary lines, they have INVADED my privacy. Am i overreacting? I dont feel as i am. I did ask what seriously??? what?



  • Yeah I get uncomfortable too when guys do that. They even act like. Ur the crazy one when you tell them to stop. That's when you know they is bad news You have the right to tell them not to call u that. I have cut relations completely with. Guys that do that, so do what you have to do. I mean if they are being friendly u wouldn't feel the way u do so trust ur instincts girl


  • I did leo bc i finally had enuff. one called me sweetie anothe sugar another my angel n the last my sugar darling. i was livid with fury. UGH!

  • Quiry ladies n gents.

    What is FRIENDSHIP to you? What does it contain? What holds it alive? What does it takes to sustain through every thing?


  • Friendship is love. U either have love for someone or not. When u love them, u treat them the way u would want to be treated, and loved.

  • Thanx Leo, youΒ΄re alway SPOT on with ya light 😜

  • Ya right lol I wish what I said could be more easily applied to my life πŸ˜‰


    Mine was fine and dandy. Anyone do anything fun??? πŸ™‚

  • weekend stressfull back breaking walking like the hunchbag of notredame still. next weekend? AAAIII WEEIIIII LOL so is it to move house n unpack those darn boxes HHAHAAHAHAHAHA

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