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  • Hey all. loads of love to ya all.

    ive been awol mia as well. xmas at my sisters, helped ma n pa with my nephews from xmas to newyears, started work that kicked me bones n ligaments for six, got out bc the boss was an eff, got sick n am first now myself again.

    i hope all is well. ive missed ya all.


  • Sorrry guys it has not been a good week a good friend of mine passed away and i am struggling to come to terms with it as she took her own life 😞

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  • Thanks for your kind words D they mean a lot

    ((Hugs)) Loap

  • LOAP Sorry for your loss. My dad took his own life while I was in college. Loosing someone you care for is sad & but when it is by their own doing it is difficukt to understand/ accept. Know you are among friends


  • Thanks Amused ,

    I am sorry ot hear about your Dad , it is difficult i just wish i had seen some sort of sign that she was extremely unhappy , she was so outgoing and confident . I just cant believe it has happened . I feel like i have let her down in a big way 😞 I have her funeral in the morning i just pray she is at peace now no more hurt and suffering .

    Blessings Loap

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  • Not to bring anyone down, i hope ur Vday is good n nice n full of surprises, but to me it renders me depressed n ive got the blues big time. dunno what i should do? or even if i ought to.

    sorry ladies n lads i so HATE Vday. its to me not a good day at all.

    😞 charmed

  • Vday can be a difficult day for many of us. I, too, find it a tough one to get through. It can bring back memories that perhaps are bygone. I try to remember it is better to be single than in a relationship that has past its prime or is hurtful. It is best thought of as a day for self love & for the children to express friendship & to look forward to sweet treats.

    Let us celebrate ourselves & our resilience!!!!!





  • I really couldnt care less about it there are more important things in life to worry about .

  • Sure there are more important issues, do we drill in the northern sphere n ruin the entire eco system for the mere purpose of more money? Do we keep the gun laws as they are? do we keep sending our soldiers to conflict zones due to this or that treaty or reason? do we stand by when animals are neglected and cruelly treated? do we stand by and see more n more animals vanish forever and end on the endangered list? healthsystem yes no? i can go on.

    HOWEVER love giving recievin´g are just as important as breathing and livivng. I can´t speak for all but for us women who have serious conditions is love vital.

    My main point was that Vday for many is a really bad bad bad day. One gets personal and selfish. I ask, why is it so bad to be selfish for one day in the year? seriously!

  • of course it is a bad day charmned Vday is a load of Sh*T it should be scrapped . Im sorry my head is reeling from other issues i feel like a zombie stuck in limbo after the los of my best friend.

  • U got may email right? U CAN MAIL ME THERE. if u feel need to vent.

  • no i dont have your email cwb .

  • Hi All,

    Relationships are hard work yet most of us desire the chance to be in one...some wanting to live together, some marry. I am happy with my life yet it just feels different, incomplete to be by myself each day/evening /night. I was a 90% of the time happily married woman until jack died. Trying to meet a new man, Oh how that stinks.......yet I feel compelled to keep trying. i feel the pain of those who are in un satisfying relationships as well as those of you who are single & would like to meet someone special. Don't let a holiday send you into a tail spin. Be true to yourself & focus on how to make a change happen. You Can do It !!!


  • What about all of us who has found a guy but he is silent n non moving? Ye i know free will n all. Y cant men just say it out as it is, sorry at this time i aint looking we can b friends or sorry nothing there kindly dont bug me thanx. y cant men just say it out straight? UGH

    living u can mail me at lonniej2002 at yahoo dotty com or at dawned72 yahoo dotty com.

    im also found on fb RealBente Millek

    admin sssssshhhhhhhhh dont delete this thanx LOL

    ps all who sees this mind u if u request on fb ill ask u b4 i add u, so b sure when u request to mail n say why n whatfor. ive had too many backstabbers so ................. 😉

  • LOL this VDAY has revealed a lot about my friends here! LOL it's good to see the person behind the username. :)) I have been MIA I went to India with my husband and his family for the holidays, and then we moved to a new apt., leaving that shadow spirit behind! I think that she spent time in the bathroom because, when I get anxious myself, I spend a lot of time in there. I often felt like when I was looking at myself, I was sensing someone else in my reflection. I don't think that she was an innocent spirit, personally, and I am glad to be rid of her. My new apt. had some negative energy, but it wasn't too heavy, as I was easily able to clean it out with some incense and prayer. I just discovered yesterday that a man and wife was here that he abused her very publicly, and so I was right in recognizing the neg. energy. But I feel that it was something else here, also.... but well, it's gone now. 🙂

    LOAP I am sorry to hear of your loss, all my love to you 😢 . Its odd but I remember now that I wrote a song when I was 18 exactly about you and your friend. I don't know if you would want to hear it or not... its about the situation itself and may or may not be comforting. But don't blame yourself, honey. She certainly wouldn't want you to, and usually the positive exterior is what she used to convince herself, along with everyone around her, that she was strong enough to deal with whatever was hurting her on her own.

    Congrats on your son's wedding, D! I am very happy for you and your family, I hope that he has a long life full of joy and grandchildren for you, of course! 😄

    Anyone, if anyone has any energy or time to help me with a couple questions, let me know, I don't want to take advantage of anyone, and it seems that everyone is going through something rough for themselves. And LOAP if you decide you would like to know the song, I will share it, only if you like. ❤ Take care sweetheart.

  • ask away leolight ask away


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