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  • HI D,

    Just about life in general mainly finances . Those names have come out before and Timmy is the little boy he is here again showing me the wooden spoon and the numbers 2013 and i feel he is telling me that is the year he is going to be born he has never showed me this before .

  • Lucky u Living. Sorry ive been silent n absent but have had a LOOOOOTTTTT going on. Thats a lot not loot LOL. I aint no pirate lol

    All signs point that i wont be a mom til 2014 .................... ah well prolly has to take that long until a decent man comes a long.

    may i again be a nag n ask for a read please?

    Living babe if u smack a picture of u up i may get stuff for ya. i do better with pixes these days.



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  • HIb CWB ,

    I jusr want to say thank once i connected to your energy i am feeling a heavy tirdness feeling aroiund you i know that in the past you have had 2 choices where it comes to lovers and you have got the lovers card , next to the 7 of cups which represents walking away from, a dissatisfying situation you need to broaden your horizons now go in search of new challenges , however i do see some minor conflict coming up you rin the next 3 months or so i see you in a sutation where you will feel that you are always trying to compete with others( 5 of wands ), i get a strong sense of family around this i feel they will not be happy with a choice that you have made i strongly y feel it is to do with a new job but you will be able to come through this as i see you balacing many issues and being able to do it extremely well ( 2of coins). After this I see you keeping things on a good even flow in your life family , freinds i also see an improvent on your finances and i do feel you will meet Mr Right at one of the jobs you will be doing as i feel there will be two ,This man is The king of pentacles he is down to earth , practical , reliable all the things you could wish for except that he is totally 100 % dedicated to his job and i feel this could make him quite boring at times but he is totally 100% comitted in a relationship as well, i think he is exactly opposite to the other 2 men that you were dating .I also see an ending of a phase in your life coming up for you ( THe world) you know it has been coming ( the high priestess) it was somethign that happening in the past that you have always worried about coming back to haunt you ( 6of cups ), it is not that bad and you need to face it head on ( THe king of swords ) The king of swords indicate to me that it will have a good outcome . i am feeling ti is somethign to do with the law or leagalites i actually want to say that i feel you are going to court over something that happened years ago and it has been a long drawn out slow process . Can you relate to this ? I hope this helps

    Love and hugsLiving xx

  • Thanks D for you kind words they mean alot ,

    Hey what was the song Dal got as i am hearing i'm saving all my love for you , and the song has to do with an affair i think ive told you this before ?

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  • Hi Living

    Thank u soooo much. I can relate to all og it except the legal thing. Have non of such in session so to say. I cant afford lawyers or run a long drawn out case BUT i know of one who has n still is trying leaglly to tie loose ends n its been a yearly drawn out situation. So far its been a case of non parties wanting to let go or give in, One want it all n the other wont want to b taken to the cleaners. Its a case of joint business in a broken marriage that is long a divorced thing.

    ah well. not my issue lol

    On the man, right now i want boring, to me is broing as u sat RELIABLE. Its communication which to me is one of THE MOST important thing in ANY relationship. Without it there aint any relationship.

    So thanx again. ill DEFINITELY re read this a many a time.


  • Your very welcome CWB:)

  • like it says lol

  • Merry Christmas Everyone, and may your new year be full of new opportunities and chances!!! Love to you!

  • LOAP you made me cry so much! I have wondered if my grandfather's spirit has been around me, along with other family members that I don't know, ( I am third generation German American, so they would be German) and yes, sometimes I feel like someone is leaning right into my face, when I lay down mostly. But I have been wondering why, if it is a family member, that i feel uncomfortable or something pushing me, not physically, but to do something or emotionally disturbed. Yes, I feel that sometimes I think I see something, it's only happened once or twice. I am crying because I have always wondered if I ever had any family watching out for me at all.

    Is there a specific item that this shadow spirit has latched on to? I like to create energy items, and collect things, things that I feel have a human or universal spiritual connection, could be something that I feel someone else used to own, like an earring or little key, or things I think have beautiful energy, like I have some rocks that I have gathered, simple ones but they are beautiful, I have one large crystal rock that I have re-purposed to bring positive energy and clarity to my marriage. i keep in in our family "temple."

    Is there a way that I can communicate with my family member? I don't always feel it is the same one that is around me, but can you ask his name or if he is my grand father or great grandfather, so that I can communicate with him? If you can let him know that I love him, and would like to approach him and not be afraid. I would like to know what he has been trying to tell me.

  • Hi Leo .,

    I am feeling the name Hans around this man he is showing me an axe he used to chop wood alot . I think you are feeling uncomfortable around his energy as he was a very strict and stern man in life he didnt show any emotion , yes he came across harsh but underneath he was a good man .I feel ,he is telling me 2 generations from your Dad so i feel he could be your great grandfather. As for the shadow figure i strongly feel it is attracted to the bathroom area has this area been renovated ? I feel there is something to do with the mirror that is in the bathroom have you felt spiritual energy around it before ? I feel Hans does not trust what he cannot see and the shadow figure will not show it true form of like when it was alive so he does not trust it .I feel the shadow figure is female and i feel she cries for she is lost she is showing me a cat do you have a cat ? She really likes this cat she is stroking it i feel it is a black and white cat but i could be wrong . If Hans is invading your space just let , let him know you are happy to have him around protecting you but could be step back a little He knows that you love him and he says he has been with you all of your life . I am so glad you can relate to all of this .

    I hope this helps

    Love and hugs Loap:)

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Dmick was his hair curly ?as i am seeing a tall man with dark curly hair and he is telling me 2 names one is George and the other is Michael i know that sounds bizzare and of course you are going to think of the singer George Michael like i did but i feel this was his actual name. he is watching you leaning against a wall listening so it must have been a very interesting conversation your friend and your self were having .Happy New Year

    Love and hugs Mags xx


  • Loap, Happy and Blessed New Year!!!

  • Thanks Guys same to you all . Wishing you all the best for 2013

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