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  • Dear Leolight,

    I am so sorry to hear of all that you have been through with your hubby ((HUGS)), i would try to do a reading if i have time as i am going away in a couple of days and have alot to do before hand . . Im sorry i never looked in on this thread sooner . I hope you are feeling better by the time you read this .

    Lover and light loap:)

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  • Leo i have done your reading

    The cards that came out were

    You- 7of swords

    The relationship -2of cups

    Him- 6 of swords

    Outcome - Knight of swords

    Ok my overall perception of this relationship is that there is alot of mental tension going on , the sword cards confirm this .. I feel with the 7 of swords in the you position you are not being completly honest with yourself i feel that there is something that has happend in this relationship that you have turned a blind eye to but it is eating you up inside i feel alot of hurtful energy coming from you and it is not what you wrote about in your last post of how your husband has been treating you ,it is more than that . The 2 of cups in the postion that describes the relationship is a wonderful card to get , i do see that regardless of all the things that have happened when you both are in not at each others throats you have a great relationship , i really feel you are both intuned to each other on a deep and meaningful level and yes this relationship has great potential for long term commitment . I feel that your husband will move into a more peaceful phase with the 6 of swords as his card, i feel he will be calm for a long period of time but then it could start up again with the knight of swords in the outcome postion and this confirms to me that he is who he is, he will have ups and downs i also feel with all these swords that he could be suffering with depression or mood swings . do you feel he likes to start trouble or arguments deliberalty for no reason ? As this is what the knight does best he loves causoing havock.

    I hope this helps

    Love love loap:)

  • Thank you all, i know you all have busy lives and thanks for the support!! ❤

    Thank you LOAP for the reading, I will have to do some soul searching, i have no idea what i could be blind to could you help me pin point what it could be? Im sorry please, i have nothing left in me. You are right a lot is eating me up inside, and honestly i want out of my marriage, while i have never said that aloud ever before, but i think that this is not meant to be my life path. I feel that what i wanted, what i should have been was stolen from me to make his wishes come true instead. I am afraid of just what you said to happen: that he would start trouble again, that is the cycle of abusive personalities, and while he is trying his best, I fear that it will never actually end, and i no longer have physical or mental stamina left in me, i honeslty wish i were dead. I do not want to live a life where i trust him again, and we have children, and then hell comes for me again. I cannot do this twice, i cannot. :((

  • Hi guys.

    I have 3 new threads up. One is s poll, the other a creative thread n the last is a psychich read reqeust. i hiope PRAY u´d all have a look see join in at least on the creative thread


  • Im on it CWB

  • Leo ,

    I will ask for more clarifiaction when i get some quiet time t think .

  • Hi Living Girl,


    I hope you are resting well enough to keep your love light shining. Much love and blessings to you.

    I hope you don';t mind my butting in here...


    Remember the catepillar dream? You picked it up and it hurt you...

    You are so afraid to trust your husband ( stuck in the thumb)and at the same time you feel the wind in your hair calling you to adventure in the hope of something better.

    I think you have a decision to make for your peace of mind.

    You iether get on level ground with your husband and have a tool of communication that allows you both to grow as individuals while working towards a common goal, the best for the family.

    I would suggest a class niether of you has attended before...perhaps on relationships, or marriage.

    It gives both of you an opportunity to learn something new from an unbaised party which feeds the needs for self validation.

    It could also be something totally different from the norm which will enable both of you in supporting each others fears from a different perspective.

    Or make the decision you are ready to be on your own, handling life on your terms, but it too will be scary and difficult. But is your freedom worth the effort it is going to take to keep everyone in the family on an even keel?

    It all boils down to working positively in one direction or the other; you just have to make up your mind- no more sitting on the fence.

    Keep a diary for two weeks and at the end of every day, ask yourself if this is what you want to live with and to commit to for the rest of your life...good and bad. You will know what the answer is.

    Love and Blessings to you all,


  • Hey Patch ,

    you are always welcome here on my thread long time no see . how are you ? I hope all i is all well with your family .

    Love and hugs Loap:)

  • Thank you PatchLove and LOAP. PatchLove u r right, we should try something new, something different so we can get on the same level and appreciate each other. I don't think i am afraid to start my life over if that is what it takes- i would be more afraid of the kind of life my future kids would have to go through if things don't change. We have started marriage counseling, and that has made a world of difference - but he is still resonating the impact i made when i moved out for three weeks... I think that things are headed up wards, and I moved back in because i felt that it was fair to give it one last chance, see if he can keep his promises. He is a very genuine guy, and i feel that happiness is seeping back to me, slowly, along with a butt load of sanity!! I will start that diary right away 🙂

    I just hope that LOAP's knight card doesn't crack things up.

    Thank you so much, Ladies, it's meant the world to me for your support and kindness ❤

  • Hey Leo ,

    The knight is a very dominerring person , can you relate to this influence in your relationship at all ? Im sorry i havent gotten around to doing some more cards for you . Think about what it is you really want to know about and tell me in a specific question and i will see what the cards say . I agree with Patches advice strongly . .

    Love Loap:)

  • HI ladies Thanks so much for your best wishes and everything! I am sorry it seems that I have kind of taken over the lounge... I am sorry!!! The reason I joined it was because I enjoyed reading about the experiences you have in your lives as well, please don't let my worries stop all other topics! But I truly appreciate your advice!!!

    LOAP, I don't really have a specific question now, but thank you for the offer!!!

    Anyways I think I have been living with a spirit or two in my apt. How do you know if it is a spirit or plain old paranoia? And how do you not be afraid of them? I am terrified of what I can't see, what if they are not friendly?

  • You can feel spirtual energy , can you tell us what you are experiencing ?

  • Hi LeoLight,

    Glad to hear things are on the upswing. And you didn't take over the thread silly girl! lol

    LOAP, your love light can be felt from here.Good to see you!


    I would ask your guardian angels to assist and protect you when you feel any negative emotion or fear. Ask them to reveal to you the nature and source of your feelings, and believe that they will protect you. See one in each of the directions of your home protecting your home and keeping any negative influences outside your home.

    I say the Our Father when I lie down to sleep when I am feeling any negative threat to my physical and spiritual being. It never fails to help me.

    May all of you be blessed and at peace and love bind you all.

    Blessings and Love,


  • more thought

    If you are sensitive to spirit, there be someone who is trying to communicate with you.

    After doing the protection affirmation and surrounding yourself with a field of light and love open your mind and heart and feel whether the presence in your home is indeed there, and if so...for what reason.

  • Thank you patchlove! What is the protection affirmation? I know about surrounding myself with light, but what is the affirmation?

    Sometimes I just feel i am being watched, or i feel very uncomfortable, that there is a presence there; Remember how i told you guys that when I could click on my light in my bedroom sometimes it wouldn't come on until the third or fourth click? it hasn't happened since i told you about it, but I was in my restroom the other day and I was feeling very uneasy but trying to ignore it, and then the light in my bathroom flickered twice. I thought maybe it was a brown-out, but it was a work day at about noon, and there wasn't hardly anyone having an a/c running, and also the microwave and stovetop clocks would have been blinking if that were the case. I quickly burned some incense cones in every room. My bedroom i think has one corner that carries the energy, and I try to leave my burned incense holder in that corner, I believe i;ve found that as long as it is there, I don't get any feelings of visitors.

    Also, I have been sick lately, so one day I tried to sleep in, and as I fell asleep, I felt that I had two people or spirits guide me out of my body... I opened my eyes and I was in another sphere, and feeling a lot of joy until I felt that I shouldn't be messing around... I asked to be brought back into my body and when it didn't happen right away ( I woke up in a level 2 dream) I got a little scared, I felt as if two people were at the end of my bed, each holding one of my feet. I forced myself to wake up, it was very slow, it was weird but it's hard for me to know if that was just a very lucid dream or what... but when I got up I took a drink of water and suddenly a noise came to my right ear, like if a mosquito was buzzing right against it, but it wasn't the sound of a mosquito, I don't know what the sound was. THAT freaked me out a lot. Again I try to go about just ignoring it. it's very hard for me to not be afraid!!

    So you can see where I am worried that I'm just paranoid

    so what do you think.......................?

  • juss quick note to let ya all know im still alive. juss been so busy.


    ps id still like that reading hahaahahahahaahah

  • welcome back CWB 🙂

    Leo ,

    There is a male spirit he is watching over you and i feel he is literally looking down on you so i feel he was very tall in life and i feel he was German . I also feel he gets up real close to your face have felt this before ? As he is invading my space now he is showing me elves so i think he might be refering to christmas. He is probably in his 70s but his hair was a sandy colour he never went grey .. I feel he could be your grandfather if not he is defently related to you somehow . Have you seen shadow figures at all? as i am being show a black shadow in the distance and your relative does not like this character he is saying no good no good and he is keeping him at bay this shadow figure i feel is attached itself to your property . I feel you could have seen it out of the corner of your eyes is this right ? I do not feel it is harmful in anyway but your protector does not trust it as it wont show itself shadow figures i feel are shy and harmless and are generally lost they are in denial of being in spirit so please dont worry . .

    I hope this helps

    Love and light Loap:)

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  • I see the man D wow his energy is angelic , i strongly believe that there are earth angels among us that come into our lives for a fleeting second and leave us touched by their prescene . I have experienced this before as well , as when my car broke down for the third time after only having it for 3 months, i felt very upset and depressed but when the tow truck driver came wow he was absoloutly glowing the energy was radiating off him , he said the kindest things but he didn,t need to as the energy was nothing like i have ever experienced before i didnt want to leave his presence i felt a true peace like nothing i have ever experienced in my life . D i feel something odd has been happening to your xmas tree like decorations falling off if not something will happen this is your friend letting you know he is with you . I just felt the name Michael again im sure this name has come out before ? Can you relate ? The name Timothy is coming to my mind as well and i think that has come out before for you as well can you remember as i have a brain like a siv .

    Love and hugs Loap:)

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