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  • In your overall life.

  • HI Guys ,

    Sorry i havent been around i have had alot going on again no rest for the wicked lol but true . I have had some weird dreams as well like the onther night i was in a swimming pool wearing socks i wonder what that means. I hope everyone is well . Moon50 i was wondering are you an aussie ?

  • Thanks Dmick, for your lovely message im sorry its going to take me ages to read through these posts and it is midnight were i am where does the time go ?

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  • Yes LOP, I am in Australia ๐Ÿ™‚ Where are you?

  • I am an aussie as well im in Melbourne what about yourself ?

  • can someone give me a love read please? thanx


  • LOP, I'm in the NSW Central West.

  • My Aussie pals , a tv stations has taken up showing The Flying Doctors every day of the week with 2 episodes per day. I caught it from start and i am psyched.

    So cool!

    anyhews if u need more 4 my read am i a pisces born march 10 1972 at 11.20 pm denmark. my main man is a cancer born june 25 1941 in usa n yes i know all of the gap so effing what ? lol oh brother ..................... why cant i shake this depression!

    charmed in blues

  • I havent watched the flying doctors for years

  • I really hate the size of the avatars on this site they are to small to make out .

  • so no one wanna give it ยดago at giving me a loveread? wow thats gratitude for ya! ๐Ÿ˜œ After all when i consider how much ive put into this place ............. the site not this thread, dont get me wrong ................ah well win some loose some!


  • Hi CWB ,

    ill give it ago but i want to warn you i dont feel i am connecting online with my readings but i am in need of practice as long as you are ok with, it if so can you give me a specific question ?

  • hi all I know its been awhile too much going on the last couple of months aghhhh

    If you do not mind CWB I will give it a go if you can wait till saturday evening when I will have peace and quiet to read the cards. I have clensed my santuary and no one will bother me or interupt

  • Living i dont mind u practising on me im grateful. over all a love read. let it fall where it has to.

    shadow dear long time no see, hope u are okay and yes i can wait till saturday coming. if u find a hole before ..................

    i love u ladies.


  • OK CWB ,

    I am geting alot of mixed messages regaring this relationship , i strongly feel this man could be giving you mixed signals unintentionally .

    The cards that came out where

    YOu- The king of wands

    The currant issues int he relationship - The Ten of wands

    Him- The Emperor

    The outcome - The wheel of fortune

    OK CWB , i feel you want to this relationship to to go on to be more commited with the king as your card you are very enthusiastic and are up for the challeges that this relationship has to offer you are in charge and know what you want . however with the 10 of wands in the currant issue position you have and are going through some difficulites, this relationship just doesnt affect the two of you there are other people involved that are making life difficult i feel with this man there are always going to be some obstacles to face and not just because of the age difference between you both .The Emperor in your partners postion indicates what i already know that he ia a lot older , he is wise and has had alot of lifes experiences , Sorry CWB i have to be honest with what i am feeing he is over relationships and is just looking for a companion not a fulltime committment . The Wheel of fortune in the outcome postion confirms this as wel,l things will always be on and off with him you will never truly know where you stand .

    But like i said i havent been connecting with my readings online lately , so please dont take it on face value . I would really appreaciate your feed back on this ,

    Love and hugs Living:)

  • makes sense living thanx so much. ill need to reread a few times n ahve it sink in. his last mariage ended bad. ww3 n ww4 in one end way.


  • Thanks for the feedback CWB i really appreaciate it .

  • I am sorry CWB i wish i had a gift to read cards and such. Thanks moon, for interpreting my dream. I feel it strongly relates to my marriage, however, which, well.... he used to be my friend.

    ๐Ÿ˜ž At least I thought so. God, i'm so confusedd :(( I felt that the dream told me that a change was coming, and I won't be prepared for it. It seems that is maybe what is happening. I really hate asking for too much, but I need some help. Can anyone help me see into my marriage? Its such a roller coaster, good is great, and bad is hell. I fear my husband is abusive, and I fear it will never change,and I am tired of living in fear of these things. I always forgive and try again, try to see where i make the mistakes, but i don't want to have kids like this, and i don't want him to waste his time with me if it's not going to work. Well, maybe i am just looking for some support. I can't really tell anyone that i am close to. I am so sad and depressed, I look at him and wish i could hold him, but then i remember what he did, such an asss!! :(( And in that moment i am seriously torn in agony. I really wanted to love him and be happy with him, but he makes it impossible :(( Please, if someone can do a read to help clear my cloud of confusion? Should I make a decision now or wait again? what to do what to dooooooooooo it's marriage, you know? it's not supposed to be this hard, it's not suppossed to hurt this much it's supposed to last a lifetime, if not more. Tough times, yes, but this?? No. At least if you all could pray for me, send an angel my way, clear my mind of the fog. Thanks so much ladies.

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