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  • Hi Dmick ,

    I am sorry i am not making a connection with him . the spirits come to me , i am sorry i am not tapping into any energies when reading your posts as such i will keep you posted if anything eventuates

    Love and hugs Loap:)

  • What is it with people? I mean, i dont get it why they keep pushing punching the issue deader than beating on a horse they already killed? Do they really not think i dont get the issue? that its under consideration? Even when i say listen, pay att. i need this issue of my knees out of the way first, what part of that dont u seriously not get? Need i become rude n nasty to get my point across??? Can i b so frank as to say, stop it knock it off already n leave me alone? if any of u know how to solve this, let me know thanx

  • Its ok CWB ,

    I get where you are coming from i wish the spirit world were as easy to read as a deck of tarot cards , i wish i could help Dmick with her friend i am however still seeing the little boy and he is for her he is so beautiful , i want to give him a cuddle but i dont feel he is a spirit i feel he hasnt entered this earthplane yet . I really appreaciate everyone on this thread allowing me to tune into their energies and the energies of there loved ones that have crossed over that have graced me with their prescence , i cant just tune into them they choose me and i am ever so grateful alas its not like ghost whisperer .I have tuned into energies of peoples loved ones that havent even posted on this thread but i know they are sandbagging on the side . I am being urged to say the name Thelma again as i thought this was for RC dreamer but she cant relate to it so i was wondering can anyone relate to this on this thread ?

  • Yes i can, Living u know i can. We do not choose the spirits we get messages from they choose us. Its basically also them that chooses WHEN they are availeble and wish to talk convey n relay info we can give to others when they ask 4 our help. I also know when we are ill or low on energy or just not up 4 it, nor are spirits bc they KNOW how WELL we are energywise. If ill low on energy or not in mood and we help anyway we are worse off than b4.

    So yes i relate too well. Spirits choose us we dont!

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  • Dmick ,

    This lady is looking at me and shaking her head so i went back to RCs thread and posted that the woman was wearing glasses ., so i am not a hundred percent sure ,can you relate to the name Wilma by any chance ?

  • nice new debate at the debate club. its about thievery, join us

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  • Yes, I had a very strange dream, Dmick!!! I dreamed that I was carrying a caterpillar to some destination, IDK where, but it was definitely for a purpose, and I was happy, i was with someone, a friend, and I put it down for a second to take care of something, and when I came back I picked it back up, but i didn't notice that it had begun it's cocoon, and when i touched it, it was very sticky and adhered to my right thumb, it was incredibly painful!!!! i tried to shake it off, but i was worried i would hurt it, but it was hurting me so much i started screaming, still i tried to be gentle, and when it finally came off, it was fine but i was still screaming in pain, with a hole in my thumb, and rushed to put it under cold water, where the pain didn't stop.

    I don't know what it means, but i have a bad feeling about it.

  • I wanted to post to you guys that I got my first crystal! It's a large natural white quarts, and I placed it in my house temple. I gave it a purpose to bring clarity and light, and remove the evil eye/intentions. I hope it works 🙂

  • Hi Everyone!

    Thank you LOAP for bringing your love and energy here.

    Aunt Buck, I had an experience recently with visiting one in transition. When I let the family member taking care of her know my feeling that she was at the end of life stage, it was a surprise to her and her brother, who is my employer. She passed the next day, and I was so glad to have been able to sit with her.

    It started me thinking that I would like to start a service for those families who have a loved one in surround them all with beautiful light and flowers and peaceful soul music while their loved one is still them.


    your dream seems to indicate that you feel very vulnerable when opening your heart up to someone in friendship, because you give all of yourself and don't hold back. A caterpillar is a beautiful butterfly in transition. Sometimes a friendship will blossom and grow through a painful episode of misunderstanding to become stronger for the lifetime. Sometimes it is so great a strain on the relationship because of fear and the friendship is forever lost.

    However the matter ends, it is a learning phase and we always come away wiser; so do not be afraid.

    I hope you are blessed with a forever friendship...several in fact!


    The stones are so awesome...some are so strong you can feel the energy!

    LOAP, thank you again for your soul spirit. Love and Hugs

  • I thought I'd pop in and say something in contribution to this interesting thread.

    On the tail end of my relationship ending last weekend, I've gone up and down between grief, disappointment and anger to relief, peace and little spatterings of joy.

    I miss him, but have had no contact I haven't instigated (because I had no choice) since last Monday. Sadly, we had a dog who was a huge handful. We couldn't lead train him, couldn't get him in the car or on the ute and I knew I couldn't handle him on my own here. We'd organised for him to be impounded knowing full well he'd be put down, but had no other choice. While I was at work on Sunday, my now ex-partner saw him chasing my owner's sheep. He got a friend to come out and shoot him. I had to call him that night when I got home from work because I didn't know what had gone on with the dog considering he wasn't there when I got home.

    So last Sunday night I had a really weird dream that I heard cars coming over the grid into the farm. One guy called out "you take the car" and the other said "i'll go round the back". I got out of bed and saw my car being driven out of the driveway with the tailgate up (it's a station wagon). I went to the rear of the house and saw the shadow of a man through the screen door with a rifle. I thought I was going to die.

    When I woke up, I was as calm as eggs, and went and had a cigarette, then went back to bed, but had a pretty restless night until I got up at 5 for work.'

    The lack of contact from my ex has really shocked and saddened me. I thought he was bigger than that. So, here I am, swinging between all these emotions and wondering which part of me will win: the one who wants to contact him and ask him why; or the one who wants to ignore him as he's ignoring me. This is all after he looked me in the eye, told me he loved me and said we'd work it out.

    While I truly dislike going on and on about things like this, I really am perplexed. Maybe next week, I won't even be worrying about any of this. But for now, it bothers me because I invested a lot in this relationship which was a step forward for me and my closed-up heart.

    Thanks! Hope I've understood the purpose of this thread too! If not, please tell me to rack off!!


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  • dmick, I think you may be right! I also interpret dreams, but find it hard to interpret my own sometimes. I also am not an expert. Often the interpretation of a dream is really up to the dreamer once significant symbols have been identified and explained. My partner is a mechanic and was also my mechanic 🙂

    I, too, wish to heal from this heartbreak. I miss him every day and wonder why no contact ... while knowing it's probably necessary.

    Thanks so much!


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  • This post is deleted!

  • Hmm, funny how that can happen sometimes isn't it? I had a look at the dream you were talking about and was mulling it over, coming up with nothing. And maybe because you'd come up with the answer yourself. I do think, however, that your friend? nephew? was also trying to tell you to aim higher.


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