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  • Hi LOP,

    Thank you for inviting me to The Lounge.

    I have read part of the thread, no time to read it all right now.... I would like to know how this thing of writing down your wishes and worries and burn them in the full moon works. What about the New Moon? Is there something for that? We are about to have one.




    Susan A Sheppard

    As I wrote Betty below, below is a good article explaining Mercury retrograde.

    I think it's best just to go along with your life and not make a major purchase that is mechanically based, relies strongly on communications, or some other type of technology or mechanical equipment.

    For instance: cars, computers, an expensive cell phone or television sets would fall under that. Travel may end up a bust but we can't avoid (most of us travel everyday) it so just expect delays and miscommunications.

    Mercury goes retrograde 3-4 times a year so we can't put our lives on on hold, but you can choose more wisely and delay big purchases or agreements in that time period. http://worldywidywebly.cafeastrology dotty dots dot at com´slash ​mercuryretrograde dot html

    admin please dont delete this post thanx 😉


  • Dear CWB

    Hiya! Hv put up a response on your thread on Psychic-(Fish etc)

    love and sorry for butting in on this one:)

  • never be sorry for butting in, i butted in as well LMAO

    i saw ya response n thanx i appreciate this.

    just got an idea for the debate room . lol


  • Hi LOAP,

    Hoping you and the family are well! Hubby is having another surgery this friday on his leg. If you can let me know how he will fare then and in the coming months I would be grateful, unless it distresses you. That is the last thing I want to do.

    Much love,


  • Hi Living!


    Surgery went well...he is getting blood transfusions now which makes me worry...but overall he is feeling better.

    How is the car situation>?

    I loved the face in the ancient man of wisdom and kindness seems to be there-

    Didnt realize you had knocking and lightbulbs burning out.

    Ive had one flicker...but it hasnt happened again...and the same light bulb is still in there.

    When I think of streetlights burning out as a message...(and I had one do so in response to a question)(Are you REALLY there???) ummm...OKay...I buy that! lol.....they seem to...

    but again..I havent explored communication as of late

    Hoping you come back soon and praying that the car situation resolves splendidly for you

    love you!


  • Hi Guys ,

    Sorry i havent been around i had to take a break to clear my mind , Patch i am so glad that your Husbands operation went well .I pray he has a speedy recovery . I have a new car now thank you all for your kind words and thoughts . I have been going through a weird time in my life that i quite dont understand . I have been worrying endlessly and i find there is one worry after another . I am trying to keep a lid on this as i dont want it to overtake my life like it has in the past .

    Love and hugs 2 all Loap:)

  • LOL aren't we alll, LOAP 🙂 but man, those lids sometimes don't seem to fit, right? Ha ha sometimes we choose the wrong lid 🙂

    HM! That's actually really scary to me! I have had many dreams where an unseen presence keeps turning my lights out or keeping me from turning them on, and I am left in the dark! Sometimes it really happens, I turn the light on and it doesn't work, and I panic. When I click it the second or third time it works, then I'm like, "Wheew!! Just my imagination!" IDK i guess i'm scared of the dark, LOL

  • Hi Leo,Light,

    That is strange have you had anyone out ot check the electrics ? even though it sounds paranormal to me its best to make sure .Another light bulb blew out on me today and it wasnt replaced that long ago , normalllly they go in sequence so no doubt another one will go out as well today .

  • Living,

    Is your wiring safe as well? The light fixture itself? Sometimes the socket the bulb screws into can become so hot that it turns brittle and cracks, creating a fire hazard. Please inspect the socket immediately.

    I remember you seeing shadows out of the corner of your eye...yes?

    Had a great experience today...went to a holistic fair with my daughter in law. Before going in we were invited to pick an angel therapy card...mine was concerning the throat chakra..speaking my truth. After browsing through the vendors Istopped at a table with stones and minerals...and began to feel some kind of energy influx. I asked my daughter in law if she felt something and she truly did. I picked up a long piece of Kyanite and I got goosebumps..I kid you not.

    When I asked the vendor what it was for she said it was to clear negative energy and to fortify and balance the chakras. This morning for the first time in a month I listened to a meditation that was for the third eye chakra..intuition and insight.

    What a beautiful day it has been.

    My husband several days before surgery actually wrote down an foot is healed...15 times every day (I had read it an email...affirmations)). He has better circulation in his foot than he has had in a long time thanks to God directing me to the surgeon. His first surgery failed after 2 weeks...the doctor who did it was young...and I had misgivings from the getgo. I overheard the surgeon who did his second surgery in the waiting room as I waited on the first surgery...and i knew that it was the doctor who should have done the surgery. I got his name...researched his history...and it confirmed that gut feeling. He did a grafting of one leg artery to the other...and it was successful. However...two days later the vein clotted again and he had to go in and remove it. Now we have a wonderful leg with super blood flow. He is growing in leaps and bounds.

    There was a couple of weeks when all heck seemed to be breaking onslaught of negative events...but ones here said it was coming....and to hang on..


    we did, didnt we?

    So glad you have a new car!

    Please check that socket.

    Much love to you,


  • Please look beyond the I's....looking over the last is apparent that at times self intrudes wayyyy too

    Wishing you every blessing, that your path smooths and you gain balance and equilibrium spiritually and emotionally.

    May you feel angels warmth and loving guidance as they hover near you and know that you only need to ask...and they will help you. In God's spirit they offer us aid...but we must ask as they cannot interfere with our will.

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  • Hi Patch,

    Wow that is amazing about the crystal , thier is nothing wrong with the electrics ive had them checked thank you for your concern , my new car broke down on saturday so now i am back to square one with no car and a very annoyed husband who is driving me mad . I am so glad to hear all went well for your husband with his operation .

    Love and hugs Loap:)

  • HI Dmick ,

    I hope all is well long time no see ,

  • Hi QFl.

    Sorry i never read through this thread proplerly welcome , long time no see i am feeling lots of water around you i want to say i feel like i am bobbing up and down in the ocean like i am on a boat does this make sense to you ?There are islands in the distance .are you going on a holiday soon ? Good on you if you are how i would love to get away from it all .

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  • HI Dmick,

    I am still seeing the boy around you he is showing me a wooden spoon again and he is licking it . He is so sweet he justs wants me to let you know that he is around you in in the kitchen that is where you will feel his energy the most . He is such a georgeous looking boy he is so feminem in his appearance .He is now wearing white pants with a blue and white striped shirt with bib and braces on .

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