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  • Hi Dmick ,

    I hope you dont mind me asking but was your friend involved with a married man? Or are you now ? , as thats the message i think she is trying to tell me . .

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  • Dear Loap, like i said in an earlier post, you have a great potential....and you better believe it !

    You saw the proof yourself, you succesfully protected your DH ! As for Paganism, do whatever you feel guided to. Acting from a point of Love and Light and determined to do good, no dark entity can stop us 😉

    Dmick....this is somewhat private business and i fully understand if you don't want to address this...and i apologize beforehand for intruding....but i see a locked closet inside you. It's a place deep inside you you don't want to open again...but it contains something valuable, the catalyst for solution and closure in something that has been going on for a long time now....i won't say anything more in public and again i'm sorry for being nosy, i just convey a message i received for you 🙂

  • Hi Dmick ,

    She is still playing the song ive asked her for more info im sorry to have asked you something so personal , it is so loud and i am seeing Whitney Housten so i am confused , I have asked her for more insight now it has gone silent no music playing in my head its very eerie .I feel her on my right hand side are you sure that there wasnt a Whitney Housten reference somewhere ? Or did you friend resemble her or someone in anyway ? as i feel that is what she is trying to tell me . I hope this makes sense in some way

    Love Loap:)

  • Dear Chrysalis ,

    I am feeling more open now i know they are trying to make contact ive asked them to give me some space and let me develop and harness this gift in my own time as i feel they are very eager , and its the confusion like with Dmicks friend i actually could have thought that it was Whitney herself making contact the image was so clear and beautiful she was smiling her hair was curly and her skin was flawless she was wearing makeup and she had dimente earings on ,,. I know it is not the real Whitney as she only plays the music for Dmick

    Thankyou for your kind words .

    Love Loap:)

  • Dear Loap, sometimes we must read between the lines to understand the real message. Spirit often uses images, thoughts and concepts already existing in our minds to convey subtle meanings. For example, although it could very well be Whitney.......what does the archetype of her means to you or Dmick ? Does this particular singer represents success, fame or love ? Very often there are hidden messages somewhere in a drea, vision or circumstance, that only the person they're meant for can decypher.

    Universe does work in mysterious ways...;)

    Love, C.

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  • Dear Chrysallis and friends, hello, its my first time here. I need your reading. I am a musician, i have once did a video, but before then, i was living with my brother who gave me money to buy thins but later i worked and was able to live on my own, my brother felt jealous and start hauting my life most especially when he heard i made a music video and its been displayed on local and satellite tv. since then i started having spiritual attacks and the direction of my life is not balance, sometimes i see him in the dream, feeding me, or being cruel, later on i found out that all my brothers were not happy of my success. Now I am left alone struggling with what they had done for me, my music career which everyone says is supposed to succeed across the world quickly has been deteriorated. I dont even get my bearing, i dont have anything doing with music and financially i am nothing. but I was kind. the second was my girlfriend who lives with me and use to touch my head when we use to sleep, one day i found her hand in the middle of my head(scalp/brain side), and i removed her hands, she is acting suspicious, i trusted her before but i guess she is evil too. I dont seems to undersand why my bright future is in coherence with bad people. I hardly meet good people, even my girl friends want my music to die and she knows i will rule the world with it, she even dated me because of my lovely song but now she is with me acting like a demon. I am here alone, seeking for your reading as what i can do. Thank you

  • Before any detailed reading, a rune and a question for you Dan234, not to answer me....but yourself. Why do you seek to "rule the world" as you say ? Is your music supposed to bring joy and Light to people....or just the means for your personal success ?

    Spirit presents us with everything our soul needs to evolve at any given time.....and gives us a choice. We can consider the tests as punishment...or valuable lessons. By choosing the bitterness we live our lives in regret, anger, frustration....the Shadow. The latter path where we seek to learn and evolve is the hard path of the Light. Not many choose it.

    Why do you think Spirit put all those obstacles in your path ?

    Anubis upright showed up. A good sign, not about your material needs my friend. This god lead souls before Osiris and Maat (Truth) to be judged. He watched over the whole procedure to ensure the weighing of the heart was conducted correctly. He then led the Pure to a heavenly existence....and the guilty to a demon....

    His message is it's time for you to judge correctly. Not others, but your true motives. An honest conversation with yourself and no other. You approach the crossroads, and you have to decide which path you will follow.

    I understand this wasn't exactly what you'd like to hear my friend....but what we want and actually need....may not be the same. If you still want a reading, you have but to ask....after you and yourself have a serious private conversation about the question....

  • I am very grateful for this. most of us are ignorant of some of this and we believe that mischief fell on us because something is wrong not knowing that we are the one who is wrong in our decision. I have now understand where I suppose to be, I shall hastily return home like a prodigal son.

  • But I still need your reading pls. This will usher my consciousness as if i have a clue of some of what to do

  • Anubis upright signifies you have the potential of choosing wisely Dan234. And you just proved this. By choosing "home", you chose wisely.

    But what is home actually ?

    Home is kindness, forgiveness, higher understanding that comes from maturity which in turn comes from hard lessons. Home is gratitude for everything he have been blessed with, yes especially those hard lessons...for it is them that can truly enlighten us, not the riches or success...these usually led us away from Home.

    Home is Love. Divine, Unconditional Love. Inner Peace. The Light. Some call it Heaven, Eden.

    Outside of the mental state which is Home, there are fear, anger, jealousy, frustration, hatred, bitterness. Some call it Hel*l.

    We choose where we live, free will you see.....

    Please realize that our material existence is finite. No matter what you accomplish in the material world, it will be washed away by the waves of time. People hype too much about what they achieve in the material realm neglecting their spirit....their immortal soul.

    Everybody remembers Alexander the great, right ? So many say he is now immortal.....but if i remember correctly....he's still dead right ? And no matter how many remember him or other aspiring "conquerors of the world".....this means nothing to them. They're still dead.....

    If you conquer the world, for a brief period of time like all the conquerors of the past, this will fill your soul with pride, arrogance etc....what happens when you leave this material world ? You continue your journey with your soul burdened with this Karmic be balanced in a future incarnation. The Light or Darkness we carry inside is the one thing that really matters....

    Return Home, forget the labels this world sticks in your forehead, relax, calm yourself and let Spirit talk to you. It always does....but we cannot hear it over the yelling of our tainted Ego. Your Spirit Guides await to give you all the guidance you need. Where are they ? Home, awaiting for you 😉

    I will deliver your reading in a few hours my friend. Please take some time to reflect on some of the above. Any reading you have will be meaningless if you cannot fathom some fundamental spiritual truths about Life, material and spiritual.

    Love, C

  • I feel like crying when I read this, I am truly disobedient to my self, I placed the big picture too much in front of me, i don't know why I became adamant that all i want is the money and fame...But I know truly that within me, my action and attitude does not fit the world. Because I cannot sell my soul nor leave home, i became trying to achieve two things, living at home(paradise) and living in the world, i became blind of what the divine can do as He always do to help me that when I am nobody, he sheltered me and has always protect me even at the verge of death. Oh I am very sorry Lord. I shall not hold back until i come back Home

  • For God, no one is "nobody" my friend. Only this world of material obsession can do this to you. For the Source, we are ALL of equal importance. Some, in their pride and arrogance call themselves "gifted", like the Source loves them more than it's other children. And they sink in their Ego. The One Spirit makes sure no soul is more or less "gifted", as we all come with everything we need to walk our path. You have your own "gifts", your special may have plans for yourself....maybe, just maybe the Source has other plans for you, to serve the Light in a different way than you could imagine...because up till were only interested in serving yourself, right ?

    And the big picture is, no soul is left behind, even if it takes a million incarnations for our stubborn spirits to return to the Light.

    Please understand my friend, you see things only from the Earthy 3d perspective. Reach "higher" ground if you want to see the big picture you say. Detach from the false teachings of the 3d world and reach within. The Divine Flame is always there. Relax, calm down, forget who this world told you you should be....and re-discover your True Self....just follow the thread to the Light....which thoughts give you serenity, peace, love...follow this thread. Which ones give you anger, jealousy, frustration etc.....avoid this thread if you want to ever find the Light.

    Yes, it's that step at a time, following the right thread, one day we exit the dark labyrinth...of our own Ego, tainted by the material. and re-discover the Spiritual Light. But it's something you must do on your own. Trust me, once you attune to the'll find everything you need in your path.

    But always keep in mind....if you wish for darkness....then that's what you'll find in your path, exactly what is going on now. Fame, glory, profit....all poisons for the example ?

    Poor Whitney Houston...she had it "all" right ? Wrong...she lacked the most important thing in her life...the Light 😉

    I'll deliver your reading in about 3 hours my friend, i'm sorry but my schedule is heavy these days..

    Love, C 🙂

  • Your reading Dan234 :

    1st rune, what’s going on inside you now : Berkana (upright)

    Rebirth and Feminine Energy, meaning intuition and receptiveness instead of aggression. Look not to conquer, but to preserve and nurture. Many doors of opportunity are opening up for you at this time, but you must use discernment and discretion. this is a time to sow seeds and make plans. Be aware though, not to expect to see instant results and immediate rewards for your efforts, as new ideas and concepts need nurturing, feeding and growth before they are able to bare fruit.

    2nd rune, your desires now : Pertho (upright)

    Pertho represents mandatory changes brought about by external forces. Upright position means they serve your spirit well, they will lead to a better place (NOT necessarily meaning material profit). It represents the happiness of being alive and the joy of living, as well as being a rune of self-awareness. There may well be surprises, gains or rewards that you did not anticipate coming your way. But always keep in mind, YOU are responsible for your fate. Things unfold on your path based on the choices you make. “Ask….and you shall receive” so be very careful what you ask for….everything has a price, and unfortunately materialism has a toll on our souls…spiritual attunement on the other hand, will bring the True Light. It’s our choice….and responsibility.

    3rd rune, your fears : Laguz (reversed)

    you have made poor decisions or find yourself in a place or situation that you are not comfortable with. It is an indication that you are experiencing a period of confusion in your life. Reversed, Laguz is an indication of a period of confusion and wrong decisions being made through lack of proper judgment. It tells of a lack of creativity, or they are fearful that they are stuck in a rut. The most important question is : why did your path led here ? The right answer is to bring maturity and enlightenment to you, if again you make the right choices. Did your choices so far led you in a happy place ? If not….it’s time to change. The source now gives you this opportunity to start seeing everything in a different, more true and enlightened way.

    4th rune, what’s in your favor right now : Othila (reversed)

    Desire to possess and/or own something, possibly to the point of obsession. Keep in mind that when you try to own something, you run the risk of losing it. Now is not the time to be held down and bound by old conditioning and behavior. Othila is the rune of possessions, material or spiritual. Another interpretation is “home”, meaning not just an earthy house, but the foundation of what we call “self”. So how can a reversed rune be in your favor ? How can trouble in material or spiritual possessions, financial loss or the realization our current path is a dead end, our beliefs were false ? Just because when we are able to understand a road leads to nowhere….then we change our path. And in all our existence, not just the current incarnation, the moment we change course is the most important…in our timeless existence. When the captain turns the wheel….the ship eventually will reach the right harbor. But all depend on this moment in time, when we change course.

    5th rune, what’s against you : Hagalaz (reversed)

    A time of trial and tribulations and a test of your true inner strengths and weaknesses. On a personal level, it indicates loss of power and a period of stagnation, hardship and loss. It’s the “hailstone” rune, and reversed it speaks of destruction. Of what ? Your old and obsolete “self”. And yes, the Source cause this. Why ? Maybe because it has plans for you...but to fulfill your purpose in your current incarnation, your old self, thoughts, beliefs, concepts and actions of the past must change. The past has served it’s purpose, to bring you in the here and now. Keep the lessons you learned and then release it. Only once it’s gone your spirit can evolve further. Spirit destroys your old self… you an opportunity to learn from your mistakes…and create your New Self, be reborn from the ashes of your old existence. You have a choice of course, to see everything as punishment….or liberation from the materialistic slavery. Your choice, your responsibility my friend.

    6th rune, outcome : Isa. “Perfect Order”.

    Isa is a reinforcing rune underlying those around it. It tells of challenging frustrations, creativity is being blocked by psychological forces, and that this time of standstill is a time to look inwards and wait for clarity to appear. Once the internal processes now taking place inside you are complete, only then you will receive further guidance, because only then you will be mature enough to understand the messages coming to you.

    It’s a time for silent, inner contemplation and reflect on your life so far. You may feel that you are engulfed or powerless in current situations and are unable to do anything but go with the flow and submit. You may even feel compelled to sacrifice a goal or desire. It is showing you that it is not the right time to try to force movement or change, as to do so will bring more frustrations and obstacles. Patience is key here. Shed and release old habits and cleanse away negativity. The seed of the new is present, but in hibernation. This is NOT the time to be abandoning dreams and aspirations. In fact, it is the perfect opportunity to re-affirm and re-establish plans and goals. It is a time for contemplation and preparation, rather than depression and regrets. Rest assured that things will change, when the timing is right.

    Hope it's helpful,

    Love and Light, C.

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  • Dear Dmick, we all tend to devote time and effort to understand the deeper meanings of messages we receive. But sometimes these come in "code" or in segments, like pieces of a puzzle.

    This happens to me all the time, and i rush to make assumptions and even conjure up ideas to complete the puzzle because i absolutely have to know....only for another segment to show up at a later date, and suddendly the pieces fall together and everything makes sense....and quite often a different sense from what i have imagined....

    So take your time and don't stress too much about this dear Dmick, trust in Divine Timing. In a universe made by God, nothing is coincidence....and nothing arrives too late or too early...but exactly when we're ready 😉

  • To Godsent Chrisallis-

    These things you told me are perfect. is it because I should not die young that I am being punished and I have to wait when I know that the source(God) really want me to sing. I have noticed that the word "why" is an evil word that when it shows up in my life, i never seems to understand "why" itself, although i am upset with the truth that hovers around me. What have I done to suffer punishment when people who cannot sing like me are on top. I am so sorry to say but do you know that even when i set my foot home(paradise) i see enemies in the paradise because I am a Gemini and what I do is always noticeable and it seems i quickly take over an old congress in few minutes. I dont see any light but how can my heart be feeling like this world is so small to me and I can see forces stronger than me holding me down. When will I understand these runes which are 3:3 (three ratio three in good and bad portion. I wonder why Gemini is not helping me to get there, I must not die like this, next month I will be 26 and in the next twenty four years in will be fifty....I am sad because I have seem to be ungrateful at this age because it seems i am nothing of what I thing I could have been....I love your readings and i want more but I am very sad now...and bleeding in my heart with tears invisible.

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