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  • sorry I spelled thing instead of think - I mean in the previous post i am suppose to say think where i said things....thank you my own chrisallis

  • If you are sad my friend, you're not alone believe me....this is a sad world. But a great school for all our souls.

    Hmmm....i think you said you're a musician.....why not express your sadness in songs ? Just express yourself, let it flow out of you...just a thought that came in....;)

  • I'd give it a try. (Smile). Please Chrysallis I want to break up with my girl friend, i think she is evil, She has driven me to the wall. I can't take in anymore evil. Please I beg you to assist me do another reading to expose who she really is....

  • I am so over relationships i would be happy to grow old and lonely and live in peaceful bliss , oh wouldnt it be lovely . Dan if she is evil as you think she is you should just leave as you know her better than anyone else but make sure you are protecting yourself imagine yourself surrounded in a bubble white light in which nothing can penetrate it . The right side of my face is burning as if it is on fire i feel i am tapping into someones energy can anyone on this thread relate to this ?

  • Dear Loap , your words say exactly what i would say. Dan234, a great part of maturity is to make our decisions ourselves. If you are absolutely convinced your girlfriend is evil...why are you still with her ? Or you have doubts about your judgement....that the evil you preceive is actually a projectionof your own inner shadow on her ?

    The runes clearly said this is a time for you to release the shadows of the past and re-invent yourself. And accepting responsibility for your actions is the one thing that distinguises the evolved from the spiritual infants. So i'm sorry but no reading for you regarding this. You will have to make this decision yourself.

    If you break up with her and the evil you feel now wanes with time, then you were correct in breaking up with her.

    But if waxes....then it was your own inner darkness that made you see "enemies" even in Heaven as you said my friend....because if you were able to perceive even a fraction of what Heaven/Eden is....then you wouldn't see enemies everywhere....just souls who struggle to find their paths.

    To be angry, afraid, frustrated, jealous etc because others are not as YOU would like them to darkness.

    To be able to understand, forgive and finally Heaven.

    When all labels of this world fall off, and we stand naked before the Source....what are we then my friend ? Who are we really when we stop baptizing ourselves Americans, Egyptians, Christians, Pagans, Republicans, Socialists etc etc....when we forget all this....what remains to truly define who we are ?

    The answer is our Choices......

  • Why is it that all anyone on this forum wants to talk about is relationships ? Isnt there more to life? Only we can bring true happiness to ourselves not anyone else .

  • Of course there is more to life than relationships but for some reason that just seems to be all people are focused on. Too many people look to others to make them happy and that isn't right. I often tell friends that if they rely on others for their happiness they will always be disappointed. Each individual has to be willing to make any necessary changes to one's life in order to find true happiness otherwise they will always be miserable and sad. I see it in so many of my friends who are always negative about things and it drives me nuts. Once we figure out how to make ourselves happy then anything someone else does for us is just bonus and when they are unable to do isn't a big deal.

  • Hello Delicateheart

    Those are very wise words you havve typed ,can i ask you a question ? Do you think it is an age thing what i mean is as soon as we reach a certain age we realise that we dont need anyone else to make us happy ?I am in my early 40s .

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  • Hi Dmick ,

    Im so sorry about your freind (( hugs)) to you did he have blurred vision at all ? As my post looks blurry when i am typing . I havent been on much as my carpal tunnel is playing up driving me nuts and it seems to act up more when i am on the computer . My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time .

    Love and light Loap:)

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  • Hi Dmick .,

    Sorry i didnt reply sooner now his vision was blurred , i almost feel it could be due to weather conditions like fog or i want to say haze i strongly believe it around this blind curve he is showing me he is going up and then turning and it came upon him i dont know if it was due to the decent in the air . He is showing me clouds and they are low . whatever it was he couldnt see properly . I feel he could handle his bike very well .whatever this was it came upon him very quickly . He didnt have time to adjust to the conditions . Is there a Michael connection around him at all ?

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  • Hi Dmick ,

    Was the eagles song he liked take it easy ? The CT is just annoying i feel it now in my other hand but very lightly and that will drive me totally up the wall . Ok he is saying the name Mike again i told him this sounds very similar to bike but he is insisting mike i feel its related to you in some way ? like this a nick name i am looking at your user name as i am typing this (Dmick) i feel it is to do with that in some way does this make sense?

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  • Livingonprayer,

    I too have noticed that relationships are very important to most on this site. I have made the assumption it is a lot to do w/ age and then again some people just must needs be coupled. I have a friend who recently jumped from her 3rd husband and immediately into her new "lovers' arms. I was hoping she would embrace freedom/independence like I have and we could be pals again free to do things together like when we were young like hikes maybe catch some music but it was not meant to be.I try not to judge her but in truth I was disappointed.

    Most of my every day behaviors are pretty much solitary. I prefer it that way. I have a autistic spectrum adult daughter who lives w/ me and so my need for personal alone time is pretty great. When I am home a closed door does not really amount to much. She is a good girl but her needs are always 1st so I have my own need to "escape" for lack of a better word at times. To be up against nothing. I bike everywhere and I find freedom in that. Being w/ natures elements.I have some elderly folks whom I help w/ their domestic needs and it's nice to have an adult to chat w/on occasion but no "office" politics or crowds. This has served me well. I bought my own gym equipment years ago so I don't need to go to a gym. I do venture out to the library quite often as I love to read. Just about everything I do except what my daughter and I do together is as a "loner".I have embraced the freedom of independent living to the best of my ability.

    If the gods were good we would be living in a more rural environment we live in a suburb next to a school and it's a very nosey and noisy neighborhood.

    But it is not w/o trade offs. When I come across something that needs fixing and I'm clueless. Or I do not have the proper tool. Physical strength can be an issue especially in the wrists and hands when I'm repairing something. Sometimes doing everything oneself can be overwhelming.

    My parental relationship seems to be the main relationship in my life my daughter and I we have a very large fondness for homeless kitties and ride out to a few local bay parks to feed quite a few about every other day. It is very endearing to see them trust in her so easily they know she is gentle soul at heart.

    It has not past my notice that I somehow have given much of my life to the more needy. The impaired disabled elderly and homeless. I am not sure what that is about but even in my need for freedom and independence I still seem to need to be of service. It too is a form of relationship.

    Got a bit off the topic ..sorry.. thank for listening.

    Cheers P

  • Hi Pfree,

    Thanks for sharing your story , all the good and kindness you have shown to others will come back to you in abundance . I really dont understand how people can jump from one relationship to another , i never will get involved in one again . I will embrace my independance as well . I am totally over all that now .I have been in a relationship for 18 years , i have my kids . Im sorry i would live to type more to you but my fingers are feeling weird like they are numb i have this carpal tunnel syndrome but i have never felt this before . so i will sign off for now .

    Loves and hugs to you Loap:)

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