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  • I think Im an intuitive reader, sometimes what I see in the cards strays away from the traditional meaning or I only focus on parts of the card. But Im guessing this is normal.

    How do you read the cards?

  • Laura ,

    You are a a great reader go with what you feel ,itsalways the right choice and did you check out biddy tarot ? I loveher site

  • Laura .

    I wish i had your confidence good on you , your readings are fantastic .

  • Does anyone wanna catch up on skype ? i think this place should at least have a pm system .

  • Are you reading this Admin?

  • thank you Livingonaprayer

    I think your right I think I should go with what I feel. Thanks. No I forgot about biddy tarot. Will have to check it out. Me? Confidence, ha, I just try my best and hope its good enough.

    ๐Ÿ™‚ hope your doing well

  • Hi Laura

    , What time is it in SA? Now you are up late girl its 2.38 pm here in Melbourne ? Do you have facebook? i was thinking about getting it again as i already deleted it once just to keep in contact with my tarot freinds . Here is a link to Biddys site and acelctic tarot is the best tarot site ever i know admin wont be happy with me but here is the link i love it it is a wealth of information . I wish this site ( Tarot .com )lived up to its name butit is riddleled with lovesick zombies it actually reminds me of a computer game that my Son plays called plants vs zombies sad isnt it .

  • Laura, do u feel the cards trip ya? they get in the way? it happened to me, they became a hidrance rather than a help.

    what am i to talk about? hum hum hum ................................... iยดd rather go 4 now with :

  • Hey guys,

    I have had l alot of strange things happen to me i have a face in my tree and a spirit who knocks on my door now my light bulbs keep going out i am forever replacing them i wonder if this is paranormal activity as well ,.

  • Have u aknowledged the ghosts spirits in ur home at all yet? If not i suggest u do. Say thanx guys i dont mind u being here around me guiding me but please bulps r costs thanx?????

  • hey Livingonaprayer. I dont have a fb, I hate fb lol. I love aclectic tarot its great Im always on that site and thanks for the links ๐Ÿ˜„

  • I have CWB and this light bulb blowing all happend on my birthday 3 went out ,I hope its my dad and my dear freind letting me know they were there id like to think so anyway .

  • Hey Laura ,

    I never opened another fb account as i really hated it the first time around so i thought why bother with it again . I am glad i am not the only one who doesnt like it .as some people think i should get with the times as i am old school . I have been checking out different secondary schools all week for my daughter and Facebook was always mentioned as causing problems with kids . I am so glad that i never let my kids get it .

  • Hi LoaP!

    I was quickly scanning for any new stuff here on Tarot. I read about your lightbulb issue .... there is a female spirit around you, dark haired. She is waiting for you to acknowledge her so invite her in and ask for her name. Hope this helps.

    Blessings, Laie

  • hello Livinonaprayer

    I did have a fb but it sucks. Dont worry about them do what is right for you :-). Thats probably a good idea

  • Hey everyone! Just thought I'd drop in and see what everyone is up to. :0) I'm still plugging away at school and internships. Really haven't had a lot of time to pick up cards since my mind is going in a hundred different directions. I've been working with hospice for my internships and as always, sitting vigil with those who are dying. I find it so rewarding. Interesting that my focus has gone this way. I wanted to work with seniors as an advocate but I'm finding that working with end of life stuff is really rewarding. Not sure why but I am guided towards it so I am just going with it.

    LOAP....any idea who that spirit is that Laie is talking about?? My spirit I had in my house has moved on now that his wife has died. I'm pretty sure he was just making sure everything was alright around here until she could join him.

    Anyway...good to see everyone!

  • Hi Laie ,

    Thank you for letting me know this, i dont know anyone of that description that has crossed over , but before i do acknowledge her do you get good energy from her ? As i havent felt anything bad around me but i just want to make sure . Come and join us in the lounge the more the merrier .

    Hugs Loap

  • Hi AB ,

    Long time no see i am glad to hear all is well ,with you and the hospice work ,you must be an earth angel to work there ,as not many could cope working in that sort of envirioment . Im not sure who the spirit is ,i will have to ask Laie for more details my friend who passed away always had an assortment of colours in her hair different shades of blonde and very light mousey browns and she wore it short ., it doesnt sound like her , but there is no bad energy in my house except for my hubby cracking it over the bulbs continually going out all the time lol:)

    My kitchen light always flickers as well and that is the one that goes out the most .

    L&L Loap ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi Laura ,

    FAKEBOOK lol (that is what i really call it ) is blocked from the schools internet apparently which is good . Do you have many freinds that are into tarot?


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