Can I please have a reading?

  • I just broke up with my girlfriend yesterday..and I don't know how much longer I can hold on. I've been kinda flirting with this guy I just met and I don't know if anything's really gonna go forward. He just stopped talking to me yesterday. I like him..but i'm not even sure if he likes me at all..and i'm WAAY TOOO SHY to ask him. What should I do? Give up trying and just be single? Or should I try to make things go forward with this guy..because I have NO idea right now.

  • You will never have enough information to feel completely safe about taking action. Sometimes you just have to take a chance rather than speculate endlessly. At least if you ask this guy if he likes you, you will know one way or another whether to go forward with him or keep looking. How much time we all waste just agonizing over decisions!

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