Who Would Like a One Question Tarot Card Reading?

  • Thank you Sharon for your reading. Have a nice day 🙂

  • Btw, Sharon, I have another question if you dont mind - will my bf propose in the next couple months? He has been asking me about my attitude on getting married quite a few times.. last night he said, let's get married, so I wont be tortured not seeing u everyday .... ehh. he's a workaholic that we dont see each other often...

    thank you 😉

  • Hi Sharon,

    Sorry if that was too vague 😛

    B and I dated for a few months from Aug last year. It was very intense, very nice. However, we drifted apart and things ended. At various points, it seemed that he wanted to reconnect with me. But I think he has decided to let things be. As he will still remain in my environment, I'm wondering what his role will be in my life from now on - how he sees me and and what our interaction will be like? My question is somewhat similar to Jen whom you did a reading for - just in a different context.

  • Hello Artic123!

    Thank you so much for this offer again 🙂

    I would like to know if my divorce proceedings will go smoothly/successfully in my favor and will it be fairly quick??

    Light and Love to you!


  • Hi Sharon

    Thank you for your generosity. I am wondering if my fiancee 's ex girlfriend is still contacting him. She moved back into his town after living in another state for 2 years. . Just wondering ...........how this will play out.

  • I would like one please.My question is about my marriage,is it over or do we keep working on things?Seems we keep going in circles.Thank you so much!

  • Bump:)

  • Morning Sharon, if you're still doing readings I'd love one from you please. My DOB is 24 Nov. 1959. I've been told I'm entering a new phase in my life and allegedly it's for the better - do you foresee a positive turnaround for me.

    Thanks and have a lovely day

    YB x

  • Hi my DOB is May 6th@ 9:28pm in Dallas,TX. I was wondering if my ex boyfriend thinks about me or misses me at all (he is Nov 1st 1991).

  • Hello. Thank for the offer of a reading 🙂

    My question is will me and my Virgo ex get back together?

    Thank you 🙂

  • Hi Artic123,

    I asked for a reading on your other topic but I think you may have missed me. This was my request:

    "Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for sharing your gift.

    Can I have a reading on how my present situation is going evolve?

    Thank you

    QuestforLight "

    I hope you will get round to me this time.

    All the Best,


  • Hello Sharon,

    I just joined this community today. Is it still possible to have a card reading? If not, I understand. My DOB is 04/20/1966. He is Virgo, also 1966. I want to know whether to trust my intuitions/heart, or follow logic. Heart says I love him unconditionally and he is the only person I have felt that way about besides my son.... and patience will produce results. Logic says, he is a lost cause, and will only further hurt me. I know we both have life lessons to learn from each other. I feel it very deeply. It is just so hard, and the thoughts of him haunt me when either he, or I, pulls away. I feel a deep soul connection with him. He denies that he feels this connection, but yet we always find our way back to each other (sometimes he initiates, sometimes I do). Does anything come up for this? Thank you for your consideration.

  • Sharon, I would love a reading too. I am a Taurus in love with a Cancer. We have been only friends, but I feel that we were meant to be together forever. I have just gottne out a marriage and am trying to work on me, but recently we had a disagreement because of my crazy emotions related to the divorce ( I take responsibility) I felt to give him space until I work through my issues. My questions....

    Will my Cancer come back and will we fall in love?


  • Hello Arctic123,I feel like I am evolving into a new and different person. About 3 yrs. ago after many hardships in my life I started to feel a sense of contentment. I started to be able to paint,, write poetry a small talent I NEVER HAD BEFORE. I seem to be stuck and I haven.t been creative for a while I am in my 60,s I truly miss the JOY it gave me and others. Now I just want to know Why it came and will I get it back. Perhaps a card reading will tell you something, and I hope I have briefed you enough.


  • Hello Leonida I am recently confused on my direction in life last Wednesday and Thursday I feel a bit better I have know my faults lately that not all I wanted in any kind of relationship in my life is always be on the way I wanted to be I forgot that everyone has reference and it cos me to much trouble dealing on my on emotion and it kills me cos I silently screaming in pain. I now realized that I'm selfish human being I wanted on my way but I am not aware of it sometimes. I'm not trying to work things out that I need to take some bad things happen or deal with it instead of making myself miserable. And just because I am not the type of person who holds grudges and I forgot that the man I used to deal is asking me for space till I didn't realized I asking him to fix stuff for I know he had knowledge to fix it up an his the one who help me to set the stuff on my place. Now I felt so bad cos when I asked him throw the question on me an just now I said that I do apologized that I asked him my problem and I shouldn't asked him and I want him to be at peace. I don't want him to think that I still chasing him cos I know now that we can't deal to each other needs cos were totally different.

  • Hello Artic123,

    If you are still doing readings, I would request one for my best friend Monica, Will she find that special someone soon... She is beginning to feel like she is meant to spend her life alone.. and is very sad about that.

  • Artic 123 Will I get a job?

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