Who Would Like a One Question Tarot Card Reading?

  • I will be doing a five-card concise spread, so please make your question to the point as much as possible. I look forward to hearing from my friends.


  • Hello Sharon!

    Repeated requests are accepted? if yes. i would like to ask about again about job, you said it would be similar to my previous job, when many people work together, but the cards were not clear on whether similarity will be also in the type of job i did in past (which i didn't like).

    So i would like to know what kind of job will it be! and if possible (you said the offer will be from the person i know-do you think it is male or female)?

  • Would you be kind enough to do me one please,

    My Dob is 10th nov 76.

    Question is relationships, as will my ex Virgo come back, or should I move on from him?

    Thank you


  • hi Sharon, i would like a reading from you please.

    I am struggling with finding a job lately. My male friend who has a lot of connections in the industry offered to help me again. I am wondering if this time he can get me hooked with another company or so? will he eventually help me finding a job?? Thanks. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Much appreciated. xxx

  • Marishkaa: I dropped the card concerning the auto and travel industry. I don't know if this means anything to you. I now will do your spread:

    Things are unclear, but this is what is known a young friendly, trustworthy, loyal man will be involved in getting this job. You will have to travel further than what you want. Your search may be over sooner than you think and that you need to take care of yourself and not just worry about the job situation.

    I hope this helps a little.


  • Thank you Sharon! You mean to take care - is that i have another problems rather than just job? or that i should not be so nervous about job, exhaust myself with this worry?

    Sharon, could "travel further" actually mean the job when i have to travel (business trips)? or this is only that it will get longer that i wish to get to work (((?

    i was not related with auto,travelling. interesting.

  • HI Sharon, Youre very generous with your readings. My question is about a man, Ive recently been introduced to, his name is Rob and Im just wondering if the cards show up anything that could happen between us.

    Thank you

    Tissy 86

  • Jenxxx: I will do two spreads for you. A yes/no and the six card spread. Here it goes:

    In all my readings I have never had this answer come up though it is a possibility and that is "unknown." I'll now do the six card spread for you.

    The reason this relationship broke up is that you both needed a break from each other. Though you wanted to continue as if nothing was happening and continue socializing, this was not in the cards for the relationship. It was more his wish to attend to business. I still see you talking to each other when required. I don't see him going out of his way to talk to you, but he is friendly to you. I know you just want to get back together NOW! He has his doubts.

    The most positive thing you can do now, is not bother him -- withdraw. You know that saying about the butterfly--"If it comes back it was meant to be." It will be hard for you to move past this because you feel a soul connection with him, but you have bright prospects to love again more deeply.

    Hope this helps,


  • Sharon, maybe if you will have time later and a wish, could you answer please - can this young man be A. (a man with whom i only talked on the phone and he sent my resume in one company in march), now he is himself is in job search.

  • Hi Sharon,

    Somewhat related to your last reading, what kind of role will B have in my life from now on?

  • Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for the offer of a reading....much needed today!! You were very accurate with your last reading for me. In the last few days, the settlement I was waiting for hit a brick wall. My attorney had to resign because of health reasons and I am searching for another one to replace him. Can you see what the cards say about this situation....is it going to be successful, will I find an attorney, will I win the case or is it just a lost cause?

    Thanks so much,


  • Thank you Sharon.

    Doesn't surprise me that you have never had unknown in a reading before only mine.lol

    Just my luck.

    Thank you


  • Tissy86: I see you like Rob a lot and have even daydreamed about him, but I must say at this time I don't see a romantic situation with him. Though you would be able to see him in group settings quite a bit. If you went out with him, which I think would be highly unlikely, it would be quite celibate.



  • Hi Sharon, I think you missed my reading request.? ;(

  • Danceur: Please be more specific. I can give you a better reading that way. Nice to see you again. 🙂


  • LibraLuli: I can see how you can be upset. You have been left out in the cold, but my friend you will find the perfect lawyer--the King of Swords. The King of Swords is aggressive, sharp, no-nonsense, but fair man who will work with the Empress who has the leadership and people skills to see your case through to your satisfaction. Prepare for the storms ahead. Just remember that you need to take care of yourself. They will cost money, but will put your mind at rest. I don't see this taking too long to happen to ascertain the lawyers, so my best wishes to you, Leslie.


  • Thank you Sharon...I will forge ahead and not give up!!

    Blessings to you,


  • DDTT: I did a yes/no spread on your question and it came up Yes. Your Gentlemen, friend, is going to help you find your job. Do you have another question?


  • Thank you everyone. I will check back tomorrow.


  • Thanks so much for the reading, Sharon!!! Can you please tell me more about this process? Like when I can be introduced by him to another company?? Any insight on the interview please? Last but not the least, when is possible for me to receive the job offer?? I know its hard to predict timing, but in any case, maybe you can offer me some clue? much appreciated!! lots of loves for you! Thank you for your help, Sharon! your reading made my day 😉

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