What does it mean when a male Scorpio continues to reach out to his Cancer ex?

  • Specifically if he believed she was his soulmate and the only one he'd want to spend the rest of his life with, but because of long-distance he let the relationship die. He is now with somebody else, but continues to message his Cancer to tell her he misses her and wants her in his life, and that he's sorry about what has happened, that he loves her....Should the Cancer respond to him or go with her natural instinct to ignore him because she is hurting? She loved him with all of her heart and believed he was "the one" and vice-versa...thank you.

    Sun: Cancer Scorpio

    Rising: Virgo Cancer

    Moon: Pisces Cancer

    Mars: Leo Scorpio

    Venus: Cancer Scorpio

  • Even the most wonderful person at times ma let us down. Men need plenty of time to figure out commitment, specially if it is long distance. The Cancer female should work on her hurt feelings (because they are tied more to her ego than anything else) and receive the reaching out he is proposing. After that take slow, she should let him prove himself to her over time. If he hurt her because of infidelity or addiction or anything else related to that let him go. But if it was only because of the distance give him another chance, he means it....

  • It was only because of the distance...he said that nobody could take his feelings for me away, but the distance just was too much for him. I'm not sure what to do because he is now with somebody else and I cannot bear to hear him speak about her or anything like that, what should I do? Thank you so very much for your response, I'm so utterly heartbroken...

  • Then, work out a plan to move there or something but he cannot have along distance thing for long. I have a situation like that with Scorpio in another country. I know that he adores me and he thinks I could be the one, but he has told me that he cannot allow himself to think of me if I do not move back there, because it is simply just not realistic to maintain that over time...and you know what? he is right. So, if you do love him and if he is serious make a plan to be together and stick to it but one of you will have to move. Scorpio men feel lonely quickly and they can completely separate their real feelings from having just company, so you cannot ask him not to see the other girl. He is just not capable of doing that even though he might love you...Is there a chance you could or would move?

  • I could and would move, but he does not want me to because he hates where he lives and has always wanted to move away from there...so, he says that my moving there would make him feel like he was holding me back from opportunities. He considered moving to me, but because he is afraid he will not find a job he won't even take the preparatory steps...I asked him where he'd want to live and he's unsure, though when I tell him he will just end up staying in the cow town he was raised in he gets upset because that's his greatest fear (then again, he's doing nothing to change that from becoming reality). Do you really think the girl is just company as his family and friends have said? She is the complete opposite of me, unambitious, complacent, lazy...I'm just so incredibly hurt and heartbroken, his continuous messages telling me he cares and wants me in his life do nothing to help....

  • Then tell him that you need to know that what he is saying are not just words. Tell him to come see you and that you want to work out a plan. If he follows through he means it...Speak from your heart without being emotional and he will listen. Ignore the other girl. Do not let that get to you. Tell him that you believe him but that the only way that would get resolved is if you meet up and start fantasizing and working out a plan. Tell him that once you take the first step things will sort themselves out (do not say anything else or he will feel pressured and overwhelmed). Ignore the other girl thing. he obviously is not that serious about her or he would not say those things to you. he needs to put them into action next!

  • Thank you so much, Mardepp! I have wanted him to come and see me and work out a plan, but he says that seeing me will only make him hurt more...he has very low self-esteem and I have always been his cheerleader and voice of optimism, I'm much more of an optimist/realist while he is an eternal pessimist. He sent me a very long message the other day telling me that he hates the way things are and never intended to hurt me, that he wants me to know that he cares about me and stated that he was worried I think he does not...we are young and everyone says I'll get over it, but we're 24 (almost 25) and 25 (almost 26) so I don't think that I'm being as naive as everyone believes I am, I've been hurt and heartbroken before as has he...The thing is that since I found out about the other girl thing, I have not been able to speak to him or return his text messages (I'm just too hurt) until today when I know he was on a plane to another country so I wished him a safe journey knowing that he was unlikely to see it if he was in the air and will not be able to until he comes back to the States. Oh another thing, the other girl is an Aries...which I know does not mesh well with Scorpio.

  • I am sure cancergirl will get scorpios message, just time for healing hurts etcetc. It will work out

  • thank you, crazycap 🙂

  • Last night I dreamt about him...it's so unsettling to feel like you've lost your soulmate...

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