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  • LeoLight,

    Yes, I'll try to have one up by tommorrow. Daliolite--Dally a little--get it. Prob should be Dally alot, right! Dally by day, Dally by night--I'm strange--ha, ha.

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  • Leolight,

    Your reading is telling me that you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. I believe money is tight. You're considering a few alternatives. Some of your decisions in past haven't been the best. Esp concerning relationships. I believe that relationships have caused problems/hardships for you. Breaking away would be the best thing for you and your reading is making this abundantly clear--fool/queen of swords/death in advice. Now is the right time to make the right decision on what's right for you (lol!)--oh so true! Some situation in present that makes you feel like you have to fight for what's true--7 of wands in situation/justice in foundation. You haven't expressed your side as much as you've wanted/needed to. Your advice is change is imminent and can't really be avoided--tower crowning /death in advice. Conflict and choices. You are being called to a higher purpose and a lot of this reading involves combinations where education is needed--queen of swords. Don't fight for defeating purposes esp where relationships are dysfuntional. If there's a love relationship, it's showing as defeating/dysfunctional. Lots of major arcana cards--





    past--7 of cups

    challenges--6 of wands--it's like you have a hard time seeing thru this struggle

    future--2 of wands--moving/relocation may be involved esp w/fool in present are you considering this

    blocks--ace of swords

    friends--queen of swords



    I'm getting an indication of 2 choices. decision having to be made regarding should I do this or that. Is there a relationship involved w/ one of the choices. The devil card often relates 2 choices as well as 2 of wands. As you move ahead the move is favorable over relationships.

  • Thank you Daliolite! I like how you dally, whatever dally you do 🙂 Thank you for your advice, it makes me confident to once again follow my feet/intuition. I am enjoying this new-found power in self-assurance. I really wish there was a way to repay all that have helped me here on this website though... Someday I will!! ❤ HUGS HUGS HUGS!!!

  • I'd say Dally the Light, Daliolite.:) This is what your username was telling me the first time i saw it.:)

  • Hi Daliolite, if you are still doing readings, I would love one pertaining to my work. Thanks so much!

  • Faye1218, I'll try to get one up by tomorrow. If not, I'll have time over the weekend. Work and career seem to be big question marks right now. I wonder if it has something to do with the planets, etc.

  • Thanks Daliolite!

  • Hi!

    Can I please get a reading about what´s going on with my friendrelationships? Like all my friends and with F, can this between us be solved or did I mess up to bad?

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  • Sosweetme, I'll get to yours in a day or so.

    Wanted to add to anyone on last couple of pages...I'm picking-up a mother/female figure who has passed. I'm also getting baptism possibly.

  • Thanks Daliolite

  • Faye1218,

    You're trying to hang-onto what you have but it's just not satisfying. Creative struggle coming from the past. I feel like you've been hanging on. Structure and organization in present. Is someone promising something or you feel like if you stick w/the present it'll pay-off in the long run. Money is tight. There's a real conservative feel coming from the present. 10 of cups is challenged. You want what's best for everyone. Do you have a family. I don't know what's going on in your life so I often go out and make reference to what I feel. Seems that someone may need money possibly medical attention--am I correct. Something is not working. Take the first steps, initiative--page of wands in advice. Fearful of economic collapse. I wouldn't tell friends/assoc. Good card placement for things happening when you put your mind to it--magician/page wands/3 of wands. Circle of friends may need to come to an end. Kinda feels like you're thinking about an at home job due to family etc. Let me know if you can relate--



    above--7 of coins

    below--6 of cups

    situation--4 of coins

    past--7 of rods

    challenges--10 of cups

    future--5 of coins


    friends--10 of swords

    advice--page of wands

    outcome--3 of wands

  • Hi,

    I see that you are offering readings on this thread. May I have a reading about my former friend M birthday july 1, 1966 and me. I want to know what his truest feelings have been for me?

  • doeyeyedpisces, Sure, it'll prob be around Tues--ok

  • Thank you Thank you Daliolite ❤

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