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  • Danceur, Ok, so this is temporary--I guess that speaks to the Fool in future position. Hermit--need to draw to oneself to find the truth--yes. If you're applying to work situation, yes, queen of swords can be that person. I don't know if you're veering into the future in re your situation. If you are, I view the queen as blocking some path of yours. Whether it's some behavior of yours (failure to act on or acheiving a higher mark) or hers by not acting on and being in conflict. You are going to pass this environment, either way. Just make sure in some way that you don't hinder yourself and advance. This may take more action than words. Decisions are needed. Feel you'll reach a crossroads in things to come. Sometimes people are fear based and that is what causes the behavior. Her actions may be fear based. I remember drawing the 4 of wands for you before. Is there anything happening that you're looking forward to. I know that you're familiar w/the cards. Try to meditate during the day as to the message.

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  • Hi Daliolite

    I feel a shift - some kind of awakening. All very internal, nothing has manifested externally yet, insofar as decisions. Am not sure as you said if the queen is me in my own way or this other person. But I do know that I'm coming into my own truths. That may not sit right with others, like this lady, but I can't bother with that anymore. Even if others do not understand, it feels right for me to allow the process to take place without resistance. Whatever this process is...

  • Perhaps I'm seeing significance where there is none, but sometimes it feels like like I'm being called to... something. I'm not sure what to do or indeed - if I'm supposed to do anything at all.

  • Sharon62, I haven't forgotten.

  • Thanks Daliolite - I look forward to your reading.



  • Yeah!! Got my taxes done. Seems when I get one thing finished something else takes it's place. I will get to everyone's reading.

  • Hi Daliolite 🙂

    Could you please do a Tarot reading for me? I am looking for help in the area of my marriage and health, both have been pretty confounding lately and I am wondering if there is a lesson / message the Universe is trying to give me that I am being blind to, and if yes, then what is it.

    Please feel free to ask for any details you may require.

    Thank you

    Love and peace

  • Saggigirl, It's taking me about a week to do one--ok.

  • Sharon62,

    In this reading, I feel, I'm picking-up on you and husband. More of his personality seems to be showing. He's being shown as King of wands and 2 of coins. In his foundation is the 6 of wands. He needs to guard against being arrogant. He's being shown as creative/planner/path. Also, may be unrealistic. Intentions are good. Finances are front and center. A balancing act as far as finances. Don't let the emotional turmoil of the moment get him off-focus regarding finances. Distractions are in the way/path is shakey but not as long as he's around--if you can relate. Things coming back to haunt him in near future. Perhaps a set-back. There seems to be a lot of drama that is just irritating to him. I do believe things will work out for the best. I see a long-protracted fight. I do believe things will work-out for the best. Seems money is at the core of everything. A creative battle, will take some work--if you can relate. Things working out for the best--


    above--king of wands

    present--2 of coins

    below--6 of wands

    situation--ace of coins



    blocks--5 of wands

    friends--page of cups

    advice--9 of wands

    outcome--3 of cups

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  • Nency,

    I'll try to do a reading tomorrow. Never know what the cards will point to.

  • Dear Daliolite,

    Thank you so much for the reading. You are always so correct in your readings. You truly have a gift.

    I just wish that the entire reading would not have centered around my husband but the cards say what they want you to know right?

    Again thank you so much for taking the time to do a reading for me.



  • Daliolite, no problem take your time!

  • Sharon62, What did you need help with. Maybe I can help.

  • Nency,

    Situation stems from taking a chance. You did what you thought was best and acted on. Presently, focus is on happiness and anticipation. Emotional fufillment. Someone figures into this idea of happiness (10 coins, 10 cups, 8 wands, knight of wands.) You're being shown as king of swords, I believe. You're not really "out there" or express emotions easily. You're more guarded. An ending in friends, assoc's. New path here. I remember that you mentioned breaking-up w/gf before. This is showing an actual break and different beginning or path--death in friends. The desire for career and happiness is definately here--10 of coins in situation. Something, however, is blocking your financial path. Perhaps it's lack of self-confidence, finances or you feel like you're at a crossroads. Maybe you feel a burden. The advice here is king of wands-creative, planner, in charge of your own destiny. The plans are in your hands really and no one else. There's a tendency to want to be w/someone--sharing, passion and happiness. Conservative/guarded vs spontaneous. The need to be more spontaneous and not so calculated to find happiness. Possibility of getting into trouble--7 of cups in challenges. Don't lose sight of your (real) goals in life. Have fun and do your best, you'll succeed.


    present--10 of cups

    above--8 of wands

    below--king of swords

    situation--10 of coins

    past--wheel of fortune

    challenges--7 of cups

    future--knight of wands

    blocks--7 of coins


    advice--king of wands

    outcome--6 of wands

    Does someone require money to be friends/high maintenance--7 coins/death.

  • Changes5, I'll get to yours next.

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