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  • SagittariusGurl,

    Complete transformation occuring and needed--death/5swords/3swords. Loss in past/painful. Current situation stems from loss. Surviving--it's been a struggle. Meetings are challenged. Still thinking of what could have been. I'm also getting some female that is providing help that you'll need in future (emotional--queen of cups. Could be mom. Wanting to give-back, contribute in foundation of reading. Star is good in foundation. Tendency to be unrealistic and have others' burdens placed on you. Need to be realistic in dealings. The mask needs to come off--hanged man in outcome. Love is inspiring to you. You relied on words. The mask is coming off. Need to know and respect limits and set boundaries. Creative path is best for you. Find what inspires you. Very good card placements when you find your creative path and when you make career/creative plans--ace of wands paired queen of wands. Is there someone you know that has a career that you're interested in--ace of wands in friends position. Moving away from words and emotions into more creative, happy time. See things for what they truly are. Hanged man in outcome usually presents for me someone who is helpless. I don't know if this is someone that you're dealing with as my readings point to the present more than future or a scenario involving yourself. Either way, stong advice here is to get out of this helpless trap. The best road to the future is good planning.


    above--9 of wands



    situation--5 of swords

    past--3 of swords

    challenges--2 of cups

    future--queen of cups

    blocks--10 of wands--have a lot on your plate,others may not be helping

    friends--ace of wands

    advice--queen of wands

    outcome--hanged man

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  • I'm doing readings for everyone on page 182.

  • hey my question is on 179 page 🙂

  • 9/20/1983 curious about anything feeling overwhelmed emotionally

  • Daliolite,

    Thanks for the reading. I had to digest the deep thoughts you wrote. You asked for clarification. My friend has a huge task which is what the expansion might be. Starting over might be work as in new boss. Could be new task. It could also be a personal one as in starting new life. As kids we were idealists for a better world and fought for it. That hasn't stopped. I love the arts and been deep in it but there is more and greater depth to be in. He's ambitious, too. We follow our ambitions. We want to be together but we keep going for the career. Yes, I hold my turf and know it well. We probably inspire each other. We cannot forget each other. It might be said that we want to be with each other. There lies the frustration. What will it resolve to?

    Thanks again for the reading. You're amazing.

  • Tellstar, I'm just curious--what's going on w/your career. It's no surprise your connection w/him as a lot of these cards are closely aligned.

  • Daliolite,

    Career's very busy, lots of opportunities, some jealous people try to bother me. But when I work I'm focused and nothing could distract me until I go home and sit quietly alone, tired and miss my friend and jealous people get into my head. I should retire but not until the most desired project is completed. o I don't want to be a hermit, which I live right now. But I want to accomplish a perfect work. But if my friend comes I will go with the flow. Where will it go. Can you tell?

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I'd love a reading if you have time - love/relationship and family.



  • Hi Daliolite,

    I'd love a reading if you have time- love/relationship and family.



  • Rockofages,

    Comforts of what you know--that was my first impression of your reading. This person is coming back from somewhere. I'm getting that you don't know everything regarding where his career is going to take him. Occasion showing in present/coming together--4 of wands in present. Self-control and emotions are challenged. I feel this is escalated by the queen of cups in your past. You are showing as the queen of cups. I believe you are nurturing and family means a lot to you. You want to feel safe and secure w/family/relationships. Have you known this person for a while perhaps someone that you grew-up around. Take things for what they are and enjoy life regardless of where this goes. Let things happen, don't wish it to happen. Tendency to want it to happen. Will have much better time just winging it. It kinda feels like this guy is in the military and just starting out in his career. Feeling of sticking close to home coming from you queen of cups/nine of coins/6 of cups. Looking for someone to fufill--9 of cups in foundation. Going elsewhere--I'm reading this as career related. You'll have to elaborate some as the reading is sketchy--at best. You just don't know everything and this relationship is better as friends (for now.)


    over--nine of coins

    present--4 of wands--are you planning a party or someone else

    below--9 of cups

    situation--8 of swords

    past--queen of cups


    future--6 of cups

    blocks--king of swords

    friends--hanged man


    outcome--ace of coins

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  • Tellstar, This person has a young-energy to him. Right now I don't see this in your reading. More like a strong connection. That's not to say no, either. Is this someone that you can tell everything to. He kinda helps you along.

  • Hi Daliolite, I would love a reading if you have a moment...thank you so much for your time! If you could focus on my career and family it would be appreciated - but whatever comes to you!

  • Daliolite,

    We're continents apart. Type A personality. We've known each other during teen years and all the work we did were great growing up experiences. Yes he influenced me and I did him too. We have strong feelings for each other. We've said it to each other. But distance for one keeps us apart. His situation is more difficult than mine.

  • I'll get to a reading for everybody thru to this page.

  • Danceur,

    Tendency to be swallowed up in words/things coming back to haunt you. Things need to be confronted for change to happen. You just don't want things to pile-up before you make that change. Set the course for change to happen. A lot of this involves making the right decisions. What works and what doesn't. Absolutes. Moving ahead and seeing the future is a challenge for you. There's prob a need for a higher mark meaning some training needed. Things springing from the Hermit--aloneness. You have a tendency to get swallowed-up in words and this stagnates you. 2 of wands over reading, when I draw it, means change in physical environment--moving on. I often draw this when a change in physical environment happens. Fight over how things are done. This prob involves a work-type situation. I have a feeling that someone has come into your life that has you thinking of a relationship--page of cups in situation. If not, I believe this is showing as you somewhat immature in romantic relationships that could get into trouble. I believe a lighter approach is needed when dealing with the demands that life puts you in. Don't carry a sword or be grounded by one. Being pulled-out of the muck. Words, words, and more words. Path is encouraged, carefree--fool in future position. Starting over. Making the right decisions--justice in outcome. In friends etc. this theme will be re-occuring--wheel of fortune. The best type scenario is stating what you need and want to yourself and others. It seems that they're stating what they want, you are not. This will backfire on you. Feel happy with your decisions. This is where true happiness will come from. Happiness can be yours--4 of wands in advice. Creative expression encouraged. In present, your reading is addressing the need for change.


    above--2 of wands

    situation--page of cups

    below--10 of swords

    present--ace of swords


    challenges--queen of swords


    blocks--7 of wands--get stuck defending yourself

    friends--wheel of fortune

    advice--4 of wands


  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thanks a lot for the reading.

    Hope you are doing well. Have not seen you around much.

    Your reading makes sense to me in a work context. Sort of being bullied at work. Not in a position to fight back, and choosing not to (it's temporary, need the $$). Was very unhappy, but I don't see the Hermit as aloneness - more of finding my own truth. What does Queen of Swords in challenges mean? Is it literally someone who is at odds with me, as there is such a lady. And Page of Cups - I identify with the character as a whole (Hermit also) and that is why I'm at odds with this lady. She doesn't like either of that in me.

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