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  • Could you also let me know if Spirit has a message for me, esp about the dream that you said last time, I must keep alive?


  • Daliolite

    Does spirit have a message for me?


  • Dear Daliolite,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do a reading for me. The reading was quite interesting. I was beginning to feel that there was a light at the end of the tunnel with everything that I've been through in the last 8 months.

    I'm a little worried about the Future Card (Tower) as I feel that there just can't be any more surprises around the bend. Are there more revelations (truths) to be found out or am I just reeling and trying to absorb the shocks that I've experienced recently?

    At times I've just wanted to go away and never return but running won't solve our problems. My instincts tell me to stay put . . . that the end of the rainbow will soon reveal itself and some type of normalcy will steadily return.

    Every morning I pray for the Lord to use me to do his will and the answer that I've gotten is to stay put until everything settles down. Then I will have a clearer vision of what lies ahead and be better able to move in that direction.

    Any insights?

    Again, thank you so much for the reading.



  • Suramya, He's a bit of a control freak. He steered me towards metal buildings to use as storage and possible guest house. As I started talking w/them and discussing plans, it became apparent that they are able to work w/you and develop your ideas. Now, he's downplaying them and wants me to build something as he puts it, "investment." I like modern styled houses and you don't see them in a lot of blueprint books. So, might have to find an architect to draw up plans. I think I want to start small scale first. Can you show me what cards you drew and positions. I was born on Feb 3rd (3). I'm going to look up the #3.

  • Sharon62, Can you refresh my memory as to your situation. I don't remember. Any developments. My readings deal with present not so much future. I can tell you w/the tower there's a lot of inevitability with the shake up.

  • Sharon62, I still need some input as to your situation. Cards seem to indicate that finances on his part and your part lack. 6 of coins gives this subserviant-type feeling to the scenario. Knight of coins always gives a heavy feeling to reading. I believe in prayer. Path/direction is discussed in advice. Need more info.

  • Suramya, Spirit seems to come out while doing a reading. I think I may start jotting down thoughts. Today is my Sunday I'll be back tomorrow. Really, need to do a reading. Have some ahead. Did you have a concern.

  • Daliolite, sorry about your Bassett , I use to have one, I also had a lab girl that passed away , I was so sad that I went to see an animal comunicator and actually my pup came thru, it was wonderful to hear from her...yes they do actually will wait for their owners on this other dimension. Please when you have time do a reading for me, I got a new job that lasted 4 months , I was laid off because there was not enough business and yes like you told me before this is the end of what I used to do I have to get into something else, but I worry about money, I just want a normal life where I can actually enjoy it. Thanks

  • Brightmoonshine, I can relate to wanting to be happy w/your work. Have few ahead will get to one for you. The telephone # the man left me was bogus. At least he contacted me--right.

  • Dear Daliolite,

    You did a reading for me back in October and were right on. I have been a stay at home mom for the past 5 years, so I am not contributing to the household income but I feel that I keep the household running by paying the bills, cleaning, cooking, etc. My baby just went off to attend college in August. He was home for the holidays. I spend alot of my time tending to my gardens and growing organic vegetables for our dinner table. I also have several grandchildren that I see often. My husband had never been good at managing our finances and has left that job to me.

    My husband is the bread winner. His son from his first marriage was involved in an incident where he stabbed 3 people back in July. He and his ex wife paid a large sum of money to get him out of jail where he is awaiting trial. He was spending almost everyday at his ex wifes house where his son is living, but something must of happened because that is not occuring anymore. He used to talk to his son everyday on the phone also but that has kind of slowed down also. When I try to talk to him he says that the whole thing is just exhausting and doesn't really want to talk about it. Anyway, I'm guessing that he and his son must of had an argument of some type and he has backed off tremendously.

    In the beginning I really thought that he was going to move back home. I had to brace myself for what was to come and told myself that if this was God's will then let it be done. But now that some time has passed things have changed and he is more present when he is home. I think that he has had some time to process everything and realizes that I've always been here for him and that I love him very much. I was really worried about him and still do worry what all of this is doing to him and that he will be all right when all of this comes to an end. His sons trial should be coming up here in the next few months and I hope that it all ends well with his son getting probation. But in the meantime it has taken its toll on everyone, including our marriage and I

    want it to be over with.

    I was needing you to do the reading because I've felt that all of this was nearing the end and I'm beginning to feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that this too would pass.

    Any advice that you could give would be much appreciated.



  • i asked for a reading pages ago.....? was I missed?

  • I asked for a reading pages ago...was I missed?

  • Daliolite

    I don't do a fixed spread like Celtic cross. For your reading I asked the same 3 questions of two decks:marseilles and Crowley Thoth. In the first deck the answer to the contractor question was 3 wands.Four cups and Judgement came up in the outcome position. If you follow other options what would happen? I got three cups and King cups. This was confusing so I picked up the Crowley deck and asked what kind of person is the contractor? I got 7 cups or a card called deabuch which is associated with deception and addiction.It shows seven cups overf;lowing in what seemed like a wste of resources. I asked for general messages and got Aeon / Judgement(major personal change), and princess of wands in the advice position.It shows a lady in red,impulsive,outgoing,outrageous.The partner or new person in your life appeared as Prince Wands, a Leo card.

    I went back to the first deck and asked for more messages . I got again 3 wands and 3 pentacles and 3 cups came up in advice position which meant to be, go out, meet up friends.Final outcome was Tower.Adding the Judgement card which appeared twice and Tower,I concluded that a major change is coming up for you.

    Hope this helps

    I dont have a particular concern,take your time:)

  • Sharon62, Who did you think was returning home. Are you talking about your husband. Has he gotten another place. Or are you talking about the son moving back, I'm confused.

  • MissAshley84, What page did you request a reading on. I'll go back and look. Sorry if I did miss you. If I did, will do one soon.

  • Suramya, What the tower tells me is that there's something structurally wrong in the plans. Something inevitable that I'll find out. Today, I'm going to get (hopefully) a book of house plans. I'm doubting that I'll find a book of modern-styled house plans. Hopefully I will. Then, I'll compare cost w/the metal co. and the contractor. Yesterday, met someone (new Person) who is experienced w/metal buildings whose a contractor, as well. Helped build the Texas Stadium. So, I'm still in the developing stages. I'll have to ask if he's a Leo. Princess of wands is me, no doubt. I'm the one developing the ideas. I think the original contractor is not used to a woman managing. Judgement and 3 of coins is telling me to go w/the "right" group which is also telling me to take my time. I'm actually taking my time which seems to be confusing to a lot of people. The contractor is boggled w/me--7 of cups. My son has always told me that I appear to be easy-going to people and they think they can manipulate UNTIL they really know me--lol. I think the message here is to take my time/be careful/judgment. Somewhere in here I think I'll find the correct group. This is a group project. I'm Aquarius. I'm known for turning a page and forgetting but it was fun in the process. I'm not tied to anything.

  • Dear Daliolite,

    I was referring to my husband moving back home with his first wife. Sorry for the confusion.



  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Sharon62,

    I was looking over your reading. This question--will things blow over is pretty broad. I'm getting glimpses into several things or conversations. Can you narrow it down. I was looking at you in this reading. I believe it's pointing a lot to him and this whole scenario. Did his son cover up anything and the police had to come and find him.He may be looking at long-term consequences of this whole scenario with his son. Why do you refer to the ex-wife's place as "home." This is very strange to me. Did you all meet while he was still married. I'm getting that a lot of people know of this (world in foundation.) Did he actually kill someone. Perhaps the best case scenario would be if he did get probation (6 of coins) and started a new path (page of wands.) This indeed looks like a possible scenario. In the long run, I don't know how much your husband is willing to do financially (king of coins is blocked.) The money is making him feel isolated perhaps/withdrawn. I don't like to predict the future. What factor do you believe is weighing heavier--the son or the ex-wife. If I remember right, she hasn't really figured into the readings. Does your husband have a major guilt trip going. I don't really understand what motivated him into spending a lot of time over there. Like I said, a lot of this reading centers on money (or lack thereof.) I didn't pull any cards dealing w/truth, judgment, justice etc. Will it be awhile before the hearing. If it's coming-up soon looks like a good attorney would work.

  • Dear Daliolite,

    I feel that we will never really know all of the details of that night. His son says he doesn't remember anything . . . He was at a party until about 4 am and there was alot of drinking.

    I don't know why I referred to his ex-wifes house as his "home" . . .

    We have our own "home" that we purchased 8 years ago.

    As for how we met, we used to teach at the same high school. I taught for 10 years and we were friends for a few years before he left his wife and moved into his own apartment. We didn't begin dating until a few years later after his divorce.

    His son did not kill anyone but injured the three victims. He just graduated from college and had a job lined up and was supposed to be leaving within days of this incident. It's all just so bizarre and i'm sure there is more to this story that we will ever know of.

    Ultimately I believe that he is having a major guilt trip about what has happened . . . If he would have not divorced then maybe this wouldn't have happened , etc., but that is not necessarily true.

    It might have happened anyway, who knows. He had to team up with his ex-wife to raise the money to get his son out of jail because he didn't have that kind of money just laying around.

    Now that I think about it I don't believe that she spends alot of time at home. She told me that their son had pulled a knife on her also. I think she might be a little scared of him but I'm not sure.

    Any Insights?



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