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  • could I have a reading please?? 🙂

  • Daliolite, I have good friends that have been supportive throughout the changes in my life these past few yrs. It has been 9 months since break up. I have no intention to rush into another relationship but would like to get out & meet new people. If I'm lucky enough to meet someone special even better. I'm able to carry on quite well on my own but would like to share life with some one. I

  • I think my post was sent unfinished. I'm not known as an emotional person, I keep my emotions closed inside most of the time. I'm compassionate & empathetic towards others but guard my own feelings. I;ll take my time & await for things to unfold.....patience the ever challenging lesson. Thanks

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  • Missashley84, Yes, I'm doing them in order.

  • Nency,

    Are you still considering moving because of family. In present and in advice something revolves around a decision. Either way, do the right thing. It's unmistakeable that this involves some love interest--lovers, 2 of cups paired. Your initial question was concerning your tests. Your reading is carrying on several conversations--it's not just about tests. I have to warn you, Magician and Justice paired could be someone influencing you to do something that's against the grain for you. In past, showing managing, also showing two-sides. Perhaps your biggest struggle is just to be yourself. Also, I get the feeling here that you feel blocked as far as path. There's a struggle just to be yourself or what road or path to choose. King of wands in future could indicate a love interest or the fact that all your plans/path is managed by you. You're being shown as the page of wands. As far as tests, I think you'll be fine. World over reading is an overall expansion or branching-out. There's an overall feeling that you can really stake your claim, so to speak. I don't know what you're contemplating--more feedback needed. There's a block in the structure of something--tower in blocks. I'm also showing a friend who may not be realistic but nevertheless inspiring. This is definately a love reading. Showing that this person is suited to you as far as path/career. There's some block. Without the tower in blocks--I would say go for it. Otherwise, I'll need more input about this major decision that I see you're contemplating. Is it moving or this love interest.


    above--world--great for tests


    below--page of wands




    future--king of wands




    outcome--2 of cups

    A lot of major arcana cards. A lot of life playing out here.

  • Rockofages,

    This reading is speaking to you and your personality, I feel. You are a very creative person who knows what they want. You're being shown as young and creative. There is also a call to be careful what you wish for type scenario. Don't let emotions play into things. You have a higher calling. Somewhere along the line have a feeling that your heart was broken--8 of cups over reading. What you wish for is a challenge for you. It's like you have a lot of plans, gameplan. Don't set yourself up to be hurt. It's almost like your creativity can hurt you? Drew the 3 of swords in future. I feel the message here is what hurts you can actually help you in the long run. I get the feeling here that imagination is ruling you. Someone did not show emotion and distanced--emperor in blocks. I see that you have some inspiring friends--this is great. I also get the feeling that someone may actually move. Whatever happens as far as friends, you'll still be the same creative and inspiring person. I feel that I had to deliver this message to you as far as meeting someone. It'll happen. Don't get too "out there" is what I'm getting. Get to know yourself better. I'm also getting coming and going. Perhaps a phase your going thru. Let me know if you relate to this--


    above--8 of cups


    below--9 of cups

    situation--knight of swords--message delivered


    challenges--8 of wands

    future--3 of swords


    friends--6 of wands

    advice--6 of swords

    outcome--page of wands

    #6 and #8 involved in this reading. You can look up themes of 6 and 8 in tarot.

  • Danceur, Actually, I prefer to have context after the reading. Spirit will say what it needs to and then I'll clarify. Yours is next.

  • The word fluffy came to me this morn. If anyone relates to fluffy, let me know. I believe it's an animal--prob a cat. Don't know if it's someone here or somewhere else. thanks.

  • Hey , y es i moved few months ago. Yes when i asked, in my head i was worried about test, now im too. but new question is bugging me and it showed in cards. Im in long distance realtionship, but i like someone else, and i dont know what to do. Im in realtionship with my gf, and i like some guy, they are both libras she 27.9, he 13.10. What shoud i do?:/

  • Nency, It seems this new interest is over-riding the present relationship. Would this be a coming-out issue for you, as well. If I'm reading this right, there's a girl or boy type scenario. I can read the 2 of cups as a reunion. So, is this a possiblility w/gf. Has there been talk of this. I need this answered before I respond further.

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  • Well i told her, i need some break, cause im confused but i didnt tell her everyhing. And i really miss her, and i dont know what to do. but this new guy gives me feeling -being in love. Will this guy do smth about us? He also has gf, and maybe that's why he is insecure or idk.

  • Daliolite, any news of your dogs?

    Sending prayers

  • Hi Suramya, Good hearing from you. No, I haven't followed thru on anything. I did ask spirit if the one had passed to give me a sign. Spirit has been strong in this regard. A blanket showed up where I work with a dog on it. Nobody seems to know whose it is. Also, this morning the name Fluffy came to me. When I went to work I asked this girl that I work with (she usually doesn't work w/me but someone quit) if she had a cat named Fluffy and she did when she was 12.

    The name was written in ribbon and she said that she does a lot of crafts, etc. w/ribbon. I want to believe the man was telling me the truth regarding my dog. I've come to realize that animals have souls. Because their spirits are so strong, I feel I've learned a lot from this. BTW you're quite good w/readings. I hope you stay on this site.

  • Nency, Are you all the same age. King of wands could show him as older. Because of the tower in blocks it could just be an infatuation meaning I don't see it as lasting. Future love predictions are something I don't like to make.

  • he is year younger than us. oki thank you, i also feel it wouldnt last for long, i cant be sure, but i will try to distance myself and see how it all goes.

  • Daliolite

    Its amazing what you got about fluffy and the ribbon. It must further validate for you your link with spirit, which seems mysterious in its operations and revelations.

    Sending love to your dogs wherever they are.I guess once we open ourselves to animals there is no going back (to ignoring their spirits I mean!).And thanks for the encouragement.Keep me posted abt further developments.

    Love and Light

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