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  • I am so sorry to hear this! I am a dogowner myself and I strongly belive this guy is lying to you about the dogs, I would report it to the police and I hope with all my heart your dogs are ok and will be returned to you. I don´t know why but I do belive the man has the dogs, what kind of breed are they?

  • I am so sorry to hear about your dogs, I am a dogowner myself and I have this feeling that the man was lying about the dog you searched for, I strongly belive he wanted to keep them for himself and that u should report this to the police and put up missing dogs papers all over the town so that when someone sees him with the dogs, they can call u or the police..I belive the dogs are OK and I really hope that you get them back, my thoughts are with you and I am crossing fingers and toes

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  • Rockofages, They're Bassett Hound/aust shepherd mix. They favor the basset hound, not the aust shep. He didn't want to give his last name. I think they're both alive too. I've had quite a hard time keeping them inside the fence. They are very friendly, kind and lovable so they make friends--no enemies. It's hard not to love them. When they get out together, they're double trouble--they run and run. I've been waiting to place one of them thru adoption--petfinder because of the running problem. I know they're thinking of me and I didn't get an opportunity to say good bye. I also feel I will find them.

  • So sorry Daliolite....how tragic to lose your babies like that. I am sending good energy and thoughts your way for their safe return.



  • Libraluli--THANK YOU

  • JoyLily82,

    Happy that you applied and found something that interests you. Your reading is discussing this job, I feel. You really feel as though you could expand creatively w/this job. Do you feel that other people may have more experience. There's a feeling here of many choices. If they do consider you, I feel, it may not be exactly what you want. You may have to gain experience. I see delivery versus path. I see all of this as an experience issue w/them. I see it as a fufillment issue with you. There are 2 males in this reading. You may feel like it's a lost cause. This job may require you to hang-on for awhile. Hanging in there.


    above--7 of cups


    situation--knight of cups

    past--ace of cups

    challenges--4 of wands

    future--4 of coins

    blocks--ace of wands


    advice--king of cups

    outcome--hanged man

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Am sorry to hear about your dogs.

    Keeping them and you in my prayers.

  • Danceur--THANK YOU

  • Hello Daliolite!

    Its interesting what a lot of thinking and waiting can do a person. I honestly feel that the dress shop won't contact me again. There wasn't any indication during the last meeting and they even offered to give me a tour of the back to give me a chance to see if I really want to do this, but there was nothing going on at the time, so they said they will call me back. I haven't heard anything since. Part of me is kind of relieved now, because I've changed my mind on what I really want, but it requires me to do even MORE waiting.

    I'm now finding the other job to be the more logical choice, and the issue there isn't exactly experience as its entry level, but availability. At first it seemed daunting. There's travel involved, overtime (in which you get paid double), and I could be called in at any time during an emergency (its a utility company and the job is at a service center). But after having an interview and a nice chat with the two gentlemen (you mentioned two men showing up in the reading) who were doing the interviews, I felt that this wouldn't be so bad. Dad did mention that most of the people at this company are old school type and far more friendly than in most places. The down side is that they'll probably take their time calling me back, like they did the first time. They took nearly three weeks before contacting me. Also, I feel like I'm pretty low on the totem pole for this one as well. Goodness knows how many other people they've talked to who have the preferred experience.

    I've also had another issue come up: I finally decided that if I get the utility job, I'm moving out. I'm getting tired of the situation at home and had a couple more arguments with Dad that indicated he wasn't going to help no matter what I did. I needed time to build up my savings again, but if I stay, things will become even more restrictive. The only thing he's offering is furniture he was planning on giving away anyway. It wouldn't be possible to move with the bridal shop, plus I'm finding that out of everything I want, its freedom that I want the most. Everything else, including the classes I wanted to take, can wait now. I just want a job to get me out. I'm tired of the waiting.


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  • JoyLily82, What classes were you going to take because I kept getting a feeling that you needed more training in something. Is it the sewing job. Good luck. I get the feeling that you're not doing what you're good or talented at--what is that.

  • The classes were for learning how to use and properly take care of my new sewing and serger machines. They come free if you purchase them from this particular company that's in partnership with a fabric store I frequent. I have pretty much stopped my projects (except writing) because I just can't concentrate on them, and it felt silly working on them when I should be finding a job.

    The bridal shop was considering starting me as a presser(ironing and preparing the dresses) so I can work my way up as I learn more, but I'm afraid they are not interested in me anymore. Its okay. I need a job where I can support myself, and that just won't do it. I've flip-flopped on which job I wanted. The other one would give me more freedom, meaning I can get my own place and spend as much time as I want doing what I love when I'm off work and not care for anyone else. The hard part is waiting on them to get back to me. The company tends to take its time, but once in, you're good.

    I hope I answered your questions.


  • JoyLily82, I went back and read your initial post and you said that the classes were for sewing. One thing I've learned is to always keep your talents, hobbies alive. Practice them. In times of stress especially. It's something that no one can take away and it's something that says who you are. A lot of the time we get caught in a rut of working and keeping up. If we lose are interests, we lose part of ourselves. Your creativity is what defines you. I wish you luck and let me know how it goes--ok.

  • Amused59,

    This is one of those intense readings that deliver a message. Your reading is speaking of an eminent change in the structure of something. There is a lot of path/pursuing something different/plans in past. Delivery of something coming from the past. Put plans forward is a message for you/delivered to you. Time to change perhaps. You're being shown as the page of cups--young love,emotion. Water sign. Have you been riding the tide emotionally. Strong feeling here regarding a love interest. Although things may appear ok on surface, your being told to walk away--may have already and reading is validating. Something is past it's time. Comfort and not productive. Three of swords in outcome, for me, usually indicates sorrow that usually turns out for the better. Perhaps leaving something that just wasn't going to work out. Your obstacle seems to be lack of control or taming the beast, so to speak. 2 males in this reading/perhaps person w/2 sides. I see you as having support perhaps friends/assoc that you work with. This almost reads like a relationship outside the norm. I'm getting to stay w/in the structure. Something fundamentally wrong with plans in present. I do see a much better time financially. Need here to work on some issues. Can you relate--


    above--8 of cups

    present--king of cups

    below--page of cups

    situation--ace of wands

    past--knight of wands

    challenges--king of coins



    friends--ace of coins

    advice--ten of coins

    outcome--3 of swords

  • Hi Daliolite

    I have had a roller coaster of emotions the last year, selling my home, moving, break up w BF & saying good bye to home where I raised my sons & lived w now deceased husband. I had a difficult time moving forward from break up despite knowing it is for the best. I've worked hard to focus on my self & letting go & now feel ready to go out & meet someone new. I think your reading was of my past struggle. Do you see forward movement & me meeting someone new in the near future?

    I have begun to look on line although I would prefer meeting someone in person that just hasn't happened.Is this going out of the structure?


  • Amused59, It may be going out on a limb. 10 of coins in advice can be viewed as a more conservative card. Friends and assoc looks promising. Has it really been that long since your breakup. My advice would be to remain content and in time something good will happen. I believe this all happened for the best. I also believed a lot of this was going to happen. Maintaining control over emotions may be a block for you. Do you have some friends that have helped.

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