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  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thank you! Hmmm didn't ask about B yet the cards are popping up about the situation 😛

    Yes I'm still thinking of him. But I think I've been left for dead pretty much. He did contact me last month - but only cos he needed a bit of help. I still miss him terribly (and yes guilty of hoping for a miracle) but am also trying to move on. Have isolated myself from friends recently and been just busy at work or working out on my own. Not even been dancing which is where I feel creative. So I guess that relates to lack of ambition and creativity and friends. Yes also to waiting. It's not patiently - it's just that I don't know what to do anymore. I wanted to talk to him previously, to clear the air. I felt very strongly that I needed that for closure. But as he's in my social environment, there will be consequences if we fall out. Then again I'm not happy that I can't escape seeing him and yet have to pretend that nothing is wrong. It's very difficult for me, when I love him but am so very disappointed in him and in the situation. I feel totally unvalued. But I also feel ridiculous for feeling he should be held accountable. Cos I also know it's partly my fault. I wasn't strong enough to face my disappointment in him earlier - and I let him think I was ok cos I remained friendly, when I've been suffering in silence for 6 months. Until he has no clue he really hurt me. And I feel I have no choice but to keep up appearances. Or maybe I should start ignoring him?

    In a way I relate your reading to perhaps me (Emperor) taking charge of the situation and clarifying thing in my own head (internally) because there is limited ability to do it externally. Is there anything more you can tell me of him and the situation. Has he totally cut the cord with me? Why did you say waiting will lead to walking away?

  • Danceur, What I'm getting is that you have a younger (maybe infatuated) love for him. Friends need to be younger/younger at heart. I see him as someone in control of his environment. I don't see him changing until you do. I don't think your in control of his influence. His influence is right over you. How can you be like him (distant) when actually you're opposite. I don't think you like the fact that you fall so deeply in love. You don't want people to know. I forgot your cards and will have to look back and I'm in a hurry now. You're a unique person. I wouldn't beat yourself up over this guy. Not at all. Will he keep in touch--probably. I don't see this as good situation for you. You need to respect yourself for the person you are. Not a made-up person.

  • Danceur, I believe the cards point to what's best up front. Out of curiosity is this guy older than you. Your reading is what I call a clear-cut and to the point.

  • Hey Dal just wanted to say thanks and Im thought that what you meant. Im over it now but I was actually just wondering if he missed me or thought about me or what not because I had a reading that said that a few moths ago but ignored it because my feelings for him were ceased and still are. Ive been thinking of him recently and thought maybe he thinks about me sometimes or misses me. Does he?

  • Daliolite,

    Do you mean to say, what is best is to be upfront? Be upfront with him? How?

    Yes he is slightly older than me. And has to be the disciplinarian at work. However, he's a kid at heart. Just like me. That's why we got along. I'm actually an old soul too, but I guess I'm a little wide-eyed compared to him. Been through some really bad stuff in the past, but somehow I still retained some innocence.

    I have some much older friends who adore me as I am 🙂 They're all young at heart. But I'm not able to see them much nowadays. That's why I'm on my own a lot.

    And you are right - all of it. I don't like that I fall in love so deeply and I don't want others to know either. I'm quite secretive and a private person to begin with. This is the one time I didn't know someone for so long and yet I've fallen so hard. And I'm mad at myself.

    You don't see him changing unless I do? I don't think my actions influence anything at all. And you're right - I can't control his influence. He's like the song in my head that I'm trying to turn off but can't. How should I change. In what ways?

  • Thank you...we are both stubborn, but I do tend to be more rigid in my thinking. He tends to be more pesimistic, responsible financially, and less apt to be spontaneous. I am generally optimistic, money isn't a huge thing for me, I am greatly spontaneous and always like to smile. We both have a love for making music, dancing in the rain, riding motorcycles, laying naked on the couch all day, spoiling one another to the nth degree. When we clash on our thoughts we both tend to be stubborn to change our thoughts, but generally there is a compromise that has to be made in these situations. We both can sense the other one's presence without knowing the other is in the room. We can't keep our hands away from one another and both tend to feel empty when we are not together. We are the couple that when we are together everyone notices and envys how we talk to each other, how our eyes sparkle when we look at each other, and how we just flow together. It sounds cheesy and like something from a romance novel, but that truly is what everyone says about us.

    He met this other woman while training for work while he was still married. She was married as well and they did have a week romance prior to him and I meeting, but for the last five years she has pushed him away, then chased him, on and on and on...she said that she had lost a baby that they shared and that it was a boy, however I don't know if she really did as he always wanted a boy and she waited until we finally moved in together and he told her he was going to be with me for the rest of his life. I have much more for you, but this is the basics. If you need anymore in order to give a more accurate reading please let me know. Thank you very much again.

  • I forgot to mention I had met him through a dating website...he and I had a 98.9% compatability. I didn't accept his first offer, and then I did the second. I can still clearly remember the first time we laid eyes on each other like it was just yesterday.

  • Dear Dialote:

    I did not ask you for anything in specific as I just wanted a general reading, since my birthday is on the 8th of this month. It is fun to get something on a birthday as it kind of seems like a present.. Is it easier for you if we do ask a specific question? Just curious. Thank You!

  • Hi Sporty48, If you want just a general reading, that's fine. Sometimes people come out in readings and it's hard to pinpoint w/o grabbing--you know.

  • For Ssselma,

    In present, I get a strong soulmate pairing for you. He is more responsible w/money. You have a neuroses somewhat w/money. Are you an impulse shopper.

    Remember,the past always leads to the present. Even though he was this sort of soulmate pairing there are things that you overlooked in past about him. You had a blind-eye. You kinda weighed both sides but didn't speak when you should have or just overlooked some aspects about him. What goes around comes around. When I first started your reading, I could feel the emotion. Because you did have a soulmate pairing w/him the loneliness from this separation will be strong. 9 swords/Hermit. The ambivalence of the 2 of swords escalated into 9 of swords. Mastery of your environment is in your blocks. Balance/strength is needed. This is an emotional time for you. The best that you can do is walk away from it (8 of cups in advice.) I'm getting a failure to see things for what they are. Not accepting of the way things truly are/stubborness. Do not drink from this cup again/you've had your fill is what I'm getting from the cards.


    over--king of rods

    present--5 of coins

    below--knight of coins

    situation--queen of rods

    past--2 swords


    future--9 of swords


    friends--2 of rods--Balance extremes in friends (2 swords/2rods)

    advice--8 of cups

    outcome--4 of cups

  • For Scully, Strength is over your reading. Mastery over your environment is an non-confrontational way. Developing yourself. No longer victim of circumstances. There is a grounding in past followed by an emotional time in present. All is not lost, look ahead. Defending yourself. I'm getting to watch how your conducting yourself. In your blocks, failure to move ahead on some level. A parting of ways. perhaps moving somewhere. Blessings by waiting and developing yourself. Things probably won't be handed to you. I'm getting some hobby that you can develop. Friends can provide spark of inspiration. Do you have a creative friend. If you master strength and environment, you can go far. Need for balance someone may have more control over emotions and creativity. You can enjoy the moment in balance. Shows you enjoying the moment in balance.



    present--hangman reversed

    situation--5 of cups

    past--wheel of fortune

    challenges--7 of rods

    future--10 of coins

    blocks--6 of swords

    friends--page of rods

    advice--7 of coins

    outcome--5 of rods

  • Danceur, I guess what attracted you was this young at heart. Problem-- your playing adult games with the heart of a child.

  • Danceur, Also, get this feeling that it's like the child who's parent didn't have time. Don't carry this feeling as children do. Don't feel like you have to control your emotion to get along. You are not paired emotionally. It's not you, not your problem--only if you let it be. I hope this helps.

  • Thanks Daliolite,

    Your readings are always helpful and I really appreciate everything you're telling me.

    You mention about change - what did you mean specifically?

    I kinda understand why you drew that analogy of the child whose parent didn't have time. And I think you're right. I may not have meant to but being a child at heart means that I've approached things with more innocence and idealism. He was reflecting that back to me so I thought I was safe. And now I do feel betrayed.

    I have no choice but to control my emotions, although they're ready to blast my head off. because there will be repercussions if there is an official rift between us. Sigh i don't know how long I can keep this up.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I think you might have missed me. I see that you have a lot of demand, so whenever you can. I would like a general reading and to know if there is still a chance of love out there for me.

    Thank you

  • You are right and I plan on doing it and let destiny take place lol

  • Hello Daliolite

    Can you tell me anything about my love life? My birth date is 13.01.89 - will I find anyone in the near future?

    Thank you

  • Thank you for your reading. Have a question in regards to the reading. My understanding is that it is not in the cards for me to ever be with him again? I feel as if half of me is missing and has since we have been apart. What is there in form of a career for me or any other changes that may be around the corner for me? These are other questions I have if you would have the time I would certainly appreciate it. Thank you again for the reading

  • Ssselma, I'd be happy to do a career reading. Sometimes though when doing another reading it turns out the same or similar. Would you remind in a few days as I'd like to give it a little time in between. I know how you're feeling and I'm not good w/breakups either.

  • Dear Daaliolite:

    I do not know where you are with the readings and was wondering if you are getting close to doing mine? No hurry, no rush, I am just excited since yesterday was my birthday.

    Thank you so much.

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