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  • Daliolite,

    The ultra sound today failed because I was in pain. I await my dr's comment. She did say that if the test fails she may do a minor surgery to get to the uterus. This is just something that happened after hurricane Sandy.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thanks for doing a reading for me 🙂

    Owl? Well no one in my immediate family. But my ex's cat had to be put down because it was sick and in pain. Loved the cat too. Heard about it about a week ago. Not sure if that's who your cards are referring to.

    I think with me, the queen of cups is never my mom. Not close to my parents and they aren't the nurturing type. So if ever there's a supportive figure, it's most probably a friend. Am not quite sure whom though, because I've been feeling isolated for more than a month.

    Overall, this makes sense to me. Almost like taking charge of affairs now that the dust is settling after the end of my contract. I have been thinking a lot about my exes (ran into B yesterday), people at work, those who genuinely cared and those who just wanted me out of the way. How to let go, what matters, what doesn't.

    If there's feelings of loss/regret, it's not so much that I regret speaking up (which is the catalyst to losing the job). But rather, that I'm leaving behind people I cared about. And the feeling that something I built up with hard work is going to waste... I did the job well, better than my predecessor I imagine. Even though I'm inclined towards self-doubt, I realise now that I do have certain capabilities. So I'm trying to keep that in mind in my job search.

    And then there's the challenge to get re-employed. And it's taking a long time to recover from this injury I have. In the meantime i can't dance, exercise much etc. Feelings of vulnerability anxiety and loneliness I guess.

    I wouldn't be surprised if I were tossed again into a work environment where I have to conform. Though I hope not. Because then I'd wonder what was the point of this truth-seeking and speaking out, when all it would get me is another similar outcome. Also wonder if this emperor refers to the osteopath I've been seeing - real grumpy old man who's sometimes nice, sometimes not. Kinda an interesting character who's not averse to sharing nuggets about his life. I just listen...lol.

  • Daliolite,

    Yes, I'll check back Thursday. Thank you very much.

  • Hello, Daliolite , I hope it's not late for me to ask you a favor of you could give reading life in general

    And love life. I'm now confused after a having positive spirits and full of enthusiasm in my body and mind it suddenly makes me feel different I know its creepy. Today I'm a bit nervous and can't decide if I need to continue this feelings. I wanted to take a risk and stop dwell on my pas I know its not easy and I don't wanna lose my hope and faithless. My birthday is February 16, 1975 thank you

  • Danceur, If the cat was considered like a family member, yes. Was this B's cat that you're referring to. Glad you can relate to the reading. There are still issues w/you being different or a threat to more established type people. Emperor/knight of wands. Maybe there's a bridge you can build in these relationships perhaps that doesn't appear to be a whistleblower,etc. (lovers)Knowing what to avoid/building bridges. Please tell your friend that the pet came thru. I never know who exactly an owl is trying to tell me about,however, when I see a white owl, usually indicative of a family member. I saw this right before I started your reading at the computer. I have spirit guides of animals come to me as well as people. I've actually seen miracles happen regarding animals moreso than people. This is really cool to me!

  • Annielan, I have a couple ahead of yours, will have one up for you soon.

  • Tellstar, You had a lot of knights in present, this generally means urgency/delivery of news. I think you had 3. Urgency x3. I was thinking that this is something that came about unexpected. So, yes that is the urgency and the hurricane. I'll do a reading soon.

  • It's all good Daloilite , I'm glad hear that you are interest to give me a chance to hear some

    I'm happy to wait when ever your free I'm just here thank you so much and I'm looking forward to hear from you at anytime.. Many thanks

  • Sharon62,

    I'm really feeling the weight of this reading. I'm feeling like you have a lot to deal with. Did he tell you that he'd help you. He's already spent. Lack of news or communication that you need. Your advice is that your alone and it's really up to you to see thru this. Have you recently been making in-roads as to what you want to do. Perhaps taking small steps is the answer here. King of wands is usually indicative to me as being responsible for all aspects of planning. I really don't see him as the one planning here, or helping although he may present this way. I see hopes built up here only to fail. This reading is saying that you are the light of your path. I think it's good that you are making in-roads. You have a right to be more selective. You even have a right to brood some. Learn from this. I can't help but feel he's presenting as something that he isn't. Have some friends been helping. Perhaps they have exposed something in regards to him. I just feel like things have happened/it is what it is.


    above--10 of wands

    present--ace of cups--did he leave you to pick-up the pieces

    below--king of wands

    situation--queen of wands

    past--8 of cups

    challenges--5 of coins

    future--10 of swords

    blocks--knight of swords

    friends--2 of cups


    outcome--4 of cups

  • Dear Daliolite,

    Thanks so much for the reading. As usual you are right on. I do have tremendous weight on my shoulders at this time. I feel as if the levee is going to break soon if I don't step away. I've been doing alot of meditation and trying to look inward for answers and peace. It has helped tremendously.

    On the same note, my ex-husband, who I left 8 years ago has lost the house that I gave him in a foreclosure. At this moment he has moved all of his belongings out and is currently still living there with just a mattress until he is forced out. At the same time, my oldest son and grandchild, are still living there too. I've offered up support for my oldest son and grandchild to come and live under my roof. My oldest son has brought all of his clothes and a few belongings over and comes to eat a hot meal every night but refuses to sleep here. He has become so dependent on his father whom he works with from time to time on odd jobs. I've stated the fact that he needs to find a real job so that he can support himself and his child, but I can't seem to break this dependence on his father.

    I feel that this situation is taking a toll on my health and am seriously wondering if I did the right thing by offering him a room to stay in. The longer this goes on, him not looking for a job, the angrier I get and I'm at my wits end.

    I'm thinking it might be a good idea to tell him that I can longer help him if he won't help himself.

    Help!! I would appreciate any insight that you could give me at this time.



  • Sharon62, I was thinking the reading was about your current husband. This is all about the path that you want to take because looks as though your in charge here. You really shouldn't have all the responsibility and like I said, it's ok to be selective. What you'll tolerate isn't this--4 of cups in outcome. Wanting something different. This sounds like what I've been thru with my mom. It's good to provide a place but the writing is on the wall. I think that he should be grateful for your help. I think he should be working w/you. I don't think the child should have to learn HIS lessons. This cycle of holding-onto a foreclosure is coming to completion--might want to tell your son this upfront. Might want to set some boundaries. 10 of wands is all about the need to lighten the load, setting boundaries with people. It's always a lot harder w/a child involved. When it starts affecting your health, time to do something. If someone is a good reader, it's hard NOT to feel the weight of this on you.

  • checking

  • Daliolite, may I too please ask for a reading?

    I feel rather down, maybe its all in my imagination due to previous disappointments.

    Could I please have a relationship and finances reading? We both are in unstable job situations and our finances are rather shaky. I'm so afraid that this could have a negative influence on us. Any advise from the tarot?

    My birthday 4 may 1962

    His 10 august 1962

    Thanks in advance

    Love and light

  • Taureengirl, I've got a couple ahead, will try to have one up soon. I do 11-card celtic cross. Just about everything is touched on.

  • Tellstar,

    In present, your reading is addressing the hurricane. I'm getting a lot of young/youthful energy/youthful sentiment here like the hurricane brought this out. Did you grow up in this area, have you lost keep sakes etc. There is a ton of emotions here as well. The World card in present is usually an event that a lot of people know about/news that has spread-out. I see you flooded w/emotion--Star/page of cups/10 of cups in challenges/6 of cups in future position. It's almost like you're sifting thru water. There is also a feeling like everyone (community) is working together/working to rebuild--four of wands in friends/assoc. I feel the rebuilding will be a happy time. You may not even feel like this(happy) in present. It'll come in time. This has taken the focus off what you were dealing with at work, however, that is still being brought up in things to come. I see you helping others in some way. I know you have a health concern, helping others is being shown. With everything else that's happening this work situation is still being shown. You will break-away from this. You will take a more positive stance--page of swords in advice. Do you feel insecure when expressing yourself. I'm feeling like you don't want to appear immature or petty--is that right. A decision being made that will have impact--justice in outcome. A lot of this deals with doing the right thing. You carry a lot of emotions with you. Perhaps moreso now that all this other stuff has occured. I almost feel like this person threatens you. Your reading is saying to be a truth-seeker, ok. Overall, a positive reading with the worse in past and some in present.


    over--page of cups



    situation--7 of swords

    past--8 of swords

    challenges--10 of cups--you'll regain

    future--6 of cups

    blocks--page of wands

    friends--4 of wands

    advice--page of swords


  • Annielan, Yours is tomorrow prob.

  • Dear Daliolite,

    I am very thankful for your input. My current husband is still dealing with his son's predicament and he's supposed to go before a judge on December 7th to be formally charged with 3 felony assaults. I've got the feeling that once this happens things will settle down a bit. I did tell him the other night that I don't mind him spending time with his son, but that he's also needed here at our home and that I was tired of being alone. I also told him that he would lose me if he didn't spend more time here at home. I figure if you don't say anything then it's no ones fault but yours.

    As far as my son and grandchild, I'm trying to remain optimistic and we are going to begin the process of looking for a job online and sending resumes. I'm going to stay on him and he

    knows that this is only temporary and that I'm not gonna help him if he doesn't make any effort to

    change his situation. I won't put up with it.

    With this being said, my husband is helping his son and I'm attempting to help mine. I know in my heart that this will soon pass and am trying to remain optimistic about everything. It's just that some days are harder than others and sometimes I have to take a break from it all. That's where the meditation and prayer plays a part in helping me to cope. It has helped me tremendously.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do readings for me. I'll probably be writing in a couple of weeks if you don't mind.

    Again, thank you for your kind words.



  • Justice and mercy:

    The word mercy literally means "sorrowful at heart". But mercy is something more than compassion, or heartfelt sorrow at another's misfortune. Compassion empathizes with the sufferer. But mercy goes further; it removes suffering. A merciful person shares in another's misfortune and suffering as if it were his or her own. And such a person will do everything in his or her power to dispel that misery. Mercy is also connected with justice.

  • Thank you Daliolite, I'm more than happy to wait my turn.

  • Daliolite,

    How true, there's so much emotions going on with me. I submitted a termination recommendation and as expected a rebuttal was submitted and a meeting requested. The person of interest lied in writing and continues to harass me. That is threat you mentioned on here. I am relieved to know that justice will prevail. There will probably be more emotional events from this person. It is hard to think of that person with a beautiful face could lie and manipulate and arm twist people to be o her side. But the last two days were also emotional for me for the passing of a special, highly talented human being. Unlike the first this person is simply ethical, well intentioned and extremely intelligent and all his life shared his gift with the world.

    I will continue my comment tonight when I will have more time to digest you reading.

    Thank you, meanwhile. You are talented as well!

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