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  • Rockofages, What kind of stylist--hair. What exactly isn't working.

  • Daliolite,

    You are quite on the mark with my situation Yes, lots of things going on (my personal hurricane Sandy so to speak).I am getting there in age and thinking of retiring with a wonderful career in full bloom. It keeps me busy and going but I also want to go back to an old activity that I abandoned for practical reasons. I feel in my twilight years I want to connect to it not to prove to the world but to prove to myself. Regarding putting foot down, this is prob a staff that I need to let go. This week is critical to make that step in writing. As y may imagine, letting go of someone is not easy despite the arrogance this person has towards me and around the office. Person tends to dramatize situation of playing victim, a blatant lie that I need to clarify. Regarding love life, this one is a long lost one due to circumstances beyond our control now has resurfaced. But he is in a situation only he could/should decide on. I do not want to influence it (much as I want to) to be fair to both of us. After a long, long surprised reconnection another few years seems just as long to me. I have wised up meaning older more patient settled but the love is there. I know his love is there, too. We are both decent people moving parallel but not crossing each others path, so to speak. What about the 5 of cups coin? I've been reading lots of card readings and amazed at how close they come to reality. I experience universal energy although do not know how to interprete them. Thanks for all of your help. You're quite on the ball with this.

  • Hi daliolite how are you? Hope all is well. Well I came back because I remember that on the last reading you have me you asked if I was going to move? Well tht came to my head I do want to move things here I getting so overwhelming to me with everyone talking about what happened with my relationship and him marrying that other women. See one of his sisters is spreading all kinds if rumors to people that don't even know me and just making me look bad and not her brother for what he did to me. Anyways I wanted to see if you see any move for me this month? And also regarding the chil support case that I filed against him?

    Thank you

    You have a bless day.

  • Watergirl18,

    This situation stems from a loss, an emotional loss. It has brought-up past hurts, everything is being brought to the surface, so to speak. Lack of joy. Possible offer to move somewhere in situation or your just now recovering from the loss. Feeling of being grounded in present. Mulling over something--4 of cups in present. Being a reader yourself, I feel you know what these cards represent. Your being told that things have ended and need to start over on a fresh path. There are several things happening that add to the confusion here. I don't know what these things are. 9 of coins in foundation seems to indicate to me a sense of security that you have that you don't want to lose. You want to fit into the organization or group but you don't see eye to eye, so to speak. There is a call for independence here. There is also a call to fit-in. It seems more comfortable to me to tell you to start a new path (page of wands) instead of trying to fit in. Fool/hierophant paired. I don't like to see the 4 of wands in challenges. Your reading speaks of this pull or tug of war/being conflicted. Accept your own joy instead of having people label you or conforming. Don't let what's happening isolate you. Join the dance. I'm feeling here that you're still pretty much in the moment dealing with issues. Don't know how to interpret the king of swords here as kings usually represent a distancing for me. You represent a younger energy here than some of the other players. That's a hardship as well. I'm interested in the moving aspect in situation. Are you waiting to hear from someone--


    above--page of wands

    present--4 of cups

    below--9 of coins

    situation--6 of swords

    past--5 of cups

    challenges--fool--maybe you feel like you can't relocate


    blocks--4 wands

    friends--3 of coins


    outcome--king of swords

  • SagittariusGurl, Prob have up on mon

  • Ok no problem ill wait

  • Hey Dal - Thanks. Yes, I have been mulling over a possible move and I was waiting to hear from a friend. I did hear from her tonight, and although I thought once I heard from her the path would seem more clear, it is not.

    The question is whether or not I should move. I am not terribly happy or satisfied with my current job, but my friend has divulged that her situation is much the same and the new job would be at her place of employement and in the same position. So it just does not seem wise/logical/whatever to jump out of the frying pan into a possible fire. I realize there are no guarantees in life, but a new path should at least START with hopes of a positive outcome. With what she told me tonight, I would be spending a lot of money to move - and to a place that is very expensive to live - for a job that is no better than the one I have now.

    With regard to the cards, I'm not sure about past hurts or emotional hurts, but the job I have has not lived up to what I expected so that's probably the 5 of Cups. 6 of Swords...the move or thinking about moving. Page of Wands...the potential new job or news of it. 9 of Coins...this to me always represents the fruits of your labor, employment, etc. The Fool as challenges is either taking a leap of faith or being naive - not sure at this point! The 3 of Coins in friends is self-explanatory. 4 of Wands as blocks...leaving my home most likely. The Hierophant in the future...no idea! Death as advice....transformation, leaving the past behind, etc. The King of Swords either represents an aspect of myself or a person - I didn't pull the cards, so once again not sure. You know as well as I that it's not just about card definitions, but the intuitive "hits" that come through when you pull them.

    Thank you! Hope you are doing well 🙂

  • Watergirl, Wow, pretty good. The cards were pretty much on. King of Swords could represent an ending to news (the job.) Sorta the conclusion. King cards always represent a distancing or ending when I draw them. I see the hierophant as the same. Hierophant has structure--fool is free. The end of that idea.

    I'm fine. Working and maintaining. I'm going to be remodeling my house. Sometime in future would like to venture out and do something different as far as career (again.)

    Fool is prob you wanting to branch out only to find out it's the same structure. I picked up a lot of dismay/disillusion regarding your reading. I didn't really understand why there seemed to be 2 opposites, now I do. What you wanted vs what is.

  • Daliolite, so you mean I should be a hairstylist instead? Help me please, I need to find my path

  • Hi Rockofages, I can try to help. I was wondering what kind of stylist you are. Also, specific problems that you have run into as far as your career. Try to be specific. Try to explain to me what's going on. I'll try to help. Thanks.

  • SagittariusGurl,

    I need to ask about your father. I believe you may be carrying issues regarding him into your life. There is a need to hold-onto probably due to a fear of losing. The advice here is the help of your mom. You can probably benefit from her help. 2 of wands in situation. You are certainly thinking about moving as you could get away from the turmoil/struggle in present. 2 of wands in situation can also be this path that's not working. This path w/BF did not work and he's closed off. This is the real challenge here--king of swords in challenges. You feel like the victim here enclosed by all the negative words--8 of swords. Eight of swords can indicate being a victim of your own choosing. You're in defense mode in present. It's all about this relationship--still. Struggling to create a path. I can't comment on a different life path because it's still all about him. I'm getting a strong message here that it's over. Do you have similar friends with him or are you getting info about him thru the friends. Let your mom help you and start working on the rest of your life. Don't be seduced by the thought of love. You need to make decisions regarding relationships is what I'm getting.


    present--5 of swords

    above--7 of wands--hard to start over when your in conflict

    below--8 of swords

    situation--2 wands

    past--4 of coins

    challenges--king of swords


    blocks--knight of cups

    friends--2 of cups

    advice--queen of coins


  • checking

  • Hi Daliolite,

    May I have a reading?

    I've just finished serving out notice at the job with the contract that was terminated.

    So I'm wondering what now.

  • My father well he passed away well more like he got killed 20 years ago so growing up I don't have a father figure till I was like 10 that we got our step dad which he is great treated me and my sister as his. My mom she's the best always been there for us and does everything she can for us to be good. To him I don't is just hard that he did what he did to me free everything I did for him but oh well I believe in karma. I want to move but really deep in me I know I won't do it am to attach to my mom and sister to actually leave them behind. Yes almost all of my friends are friends with him so sometimes when we meet up they start talking about him and why's been said about him at work in regards to his marriage. Something I will have I have to deal with even though his friends are getting apart from him since they found out he was cheatin on me.

  • Danceur, Yes, tomorrow.

  • Dear Daliolite,

    Do you have time to do a reading for me? I'd like to know what the near future holds for me.

    My DOB is 11/26/62.

    Thanks so much,


  • Hi Danceur,

    When I started this reading saw my symbol for a passing. Wanted to ask if there was a passing, is your dad ok. I don't know if this is for you or someone I know--ok. Also, some indication in the cards, as well.

    Over this reading I'm getting lovers. I'm getting that this is regarding all areas of your life. Acceptance or knowledge of how things really are after the romance fades. Decision needed perhaps regarding relationships or a specific relationship/all things that bind. You're being shown as a truth-seeker (I already knew this lol.) You articulated your position on things. Nothing wrong with that. The cards are saying that was fine. However, you already knew this wasn't the job for you. This present situation was perhaps comfortable but should have been building a different bridge before now. I know how hard that is w/the economy etc. I'm not passing judgement just relaying what is said here. Don't be a victim of your own truth or feel bad. I have the emperor in future position. Could be person as well as the possibility that you'll have to conform again. Queen of cups in friends/assoc--a nurturing influence. Something w/mom and dad??---As far as career, I'm getting to follow thru. You are in control and planning. A plan of action/creative. Could be doing something different, more in-line w/who you are. Chariot/king of wands I see as expansive/expanding.



    present--nine of cups

    below--ace of swords

    situation--page of swords

    past--8 of wands

    challenges--8 of swords--words seem to be issue in present


    blocks--5 of cups

    friends--queen of cups--mom is supportive?


    outcome--king of wands

  • Hi Sharon62, Yes, prob by tomorrow, hope you're doing ok.

  • Daliolite,

    Any further comment to my situation. BTW, I have a health situation and at this time being checked by my obgyn. Anything you could say. I'll tests done today. Thanks

  • Tellstar. I'd like to do a reading. This health concern is it something that just appeared or have you dealt w/it previous. Can have one up prob by thurs am--is this soon enough.

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