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  • Yeah Dal. I can relate most of it.

    I am playing it safe like you said.

    We are different, or i should say his personality is difficult to communicate.

    few months back i did received a reading from you and you picked up the emotional breakup as well. if it's the same as last time, it should be him i feel.

  • Pinkrose08, Perhaps he's not being forthright w/you meaning his direction. Is there something w/career regarding him that's taking him in a certain direction.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I was wondering if you could do a reading for me - Elaine DOB 01/18/1983.

    Thank you so much.


  • ok,. thank you :). i would like to say, that as i said, i dont have any friends there and i wondering will i get any friend/s there. that would be my main question

    and that there's that one guy, to whom i feel kind weird connected, and im also wondering will i get to know him actually

  • Eilyk18, Yes, have a couple ahead of yours.

  • Hi Nency,

    I'm getting a feeling here that you don't feel complete w/o love or close relationships. I think your busy on your path (studying) and that is one block as far as romance. You have 2 kings in present. These are probably parental or authority figures in present. You have struggled/worked hard to get where you are. There may be an indication here to leave behind something. Something that is not working. I believe you are wondering if you're even going to stay there--still. In friends and assoc, it's hard to establish friends when you don't know if you'll stay, also seems as though friends may be moving. They are there to learn as well. There is a refusal on your part to accept things as is. You're not happy--you're off on your own. Perhaps when you abandon that thinking, things will get better. Your reading is all about path. I believe there is someone, perhaps older, that can help you. Perhaps this is a teacher or some mentor at school. In outcome, I drew the 4 of wands-- that's a strong indicator of a celebration, happy time, romance. Things come in due time.


    over--4 of cups

    present--king of coins

    below--ace of wands

    situation--king of wands

    past--8 of coins

    challenges--hanged man

    future--8 of cups


    friends--2 of wands

    advice--8 of swords

    outcome--4 of wands

    I see you as a shy person. This situation that you're in is making you more so. You're also creative/smart.

  • first thank you 🙂

    yes, im occupied with study, but i do feel alone here, without anyone. yes, i dont know will i stay here and study, cause it's hard for me, like everything not just studying, living here on my own, im just really unhappy, and i really have to work hard to get low results in exams. Im worried about everything, i just want to feel normal. i hope it's gonna get better.

    i have one more question, i need to have surgery in december, and i was thinking coming home and doing that at homwtown hospital, but then i would have to miss college, and i cant miss it too much, and im not sure what's better to do. do it in my hometown hospital or here where im studying?

  • Nency, I would talk w/the doctor and offer ideas w/him/her--ok. If I remember right, you had a choice to go to a distant college or one closer to your home--is that correct. Right now, you're at the distant one because It's better--correct. You really have to do what makes you comfortable and happy. If you're unhappy--that's your answer. I went to college 1,100 miles from home. I was miserable because I really wasn't in an occupation/career suited to my real talents and interests. Maybe you can relate. If you're unhappy nothing is really gonna work. In your reading, who are the two male influences in present.

  • Morning Daliolite, may I please request a reading regarding future and primarily my career. Birthdate 24 November 59. If you require any more info please ask. Thanking you in anticipation.

  • No worries Daliolite, whenever you have time!

  • Hi! I saw your post on my thread so here I am, thanks for offering I really need it 🙂

    So, what am I looking for, is it a person or a thing or? When will I find it? Anything you can tell about what I am searching for is apperciated.

    can I also throw this in? My career as a makeup artist, will it go the way I want it? And of course, will Bill and me become a couple with a great relationship? I am so tired of being single...

  • "Pinkrose08, Perhaps he's not being forthright w/you meaning his direction. Is there something w/career regarding him that's taking him in a certain direction."

    yes dal. he just had a promotion. he really want to give me up due to this? we went though a lot to get together and I feel upset that it's not going anywhere. is he still dealing with the emotional breakup? i always thought it's referring to his previously r/s, but currently he is still with her. he loves her more?

  • well i should stay for two more days(but im travellin in two hours) to see what doctor would say, i mean they are both for laprocsopic surgery, i just need to decide where's better for me. i still wanna try on this college, and i dont wanna miss it, cause if i do, it's probably gonna be harder. and if i do it in hometown, i will have to travel, with injury of operation and maybe it's gonna hurt.

    so right now im more for operation there, when i was in college town h. they said, well do it here, and when im here they say do it here. i guess it's upon me to choose

    perks of being in my hometown, i have some family to help but idk. And i was also wandering who are those males influences, maybe is one my dad, but i dont know who is other one.

  • im first years of college, and i should be on third one. so i really wanna try, even tho i feel often sad. i will see if it's gonna get better. cause if pass all exames this college year, i can move to my hometown to study, but it's so hard.

  • Pinkrose08, It would help if you would post your reading for me.

  • Yummybrummy, Yes

  • Rockofages, Yes

  • PinkRose08,

    I don't know why I'm picking-up an emotional break-up from the past. I'm picking-up that you're playing it safe and don't really want to rock the boat prob in fear that this relationship will end. A sense of urgency in present. Almost like you want to know if this is "the one." I think this sense of urgency will be your guide--get to the truth, don't be afraid to rock the boat. Page of swords in challenges. I think this may represent you. Your quest for the truth. I'm getting not to be a victim of your own circumstances. Don't stagnate, move on. This relationship may have reached it's plateau meaning it needs a different direction. You 2 may have different personalities or ideas on things. He'll take a different direction/something different. A lot of emotion in past and leading up to present. This will turn into words and a new path. Cups (emotions) in present, followed by words and then path. I don't see things merging together.



    present--ace of cups

    below--10 of coins

    situation--2 of cups

    past--8 of cups

    challenges--page of swords

    future--10 of swords

    blocks--9 of cups--may be blinded by emotion, desires

    friends--knight of wands

    advice--ace of wands

    outcome--8 of swords

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