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  • Aprilca, The truth appears to be that someone is leaving and it will be good for everyone involved.

  • Hi Daliolite no I am not thinking of moving. I am thinking of leaving this job. I have a bachelors in health education but I am doing my masters in business administration concentration in health care.

  • dfrance, There's a challenge in moving forward or the different location. Like I said, you'd be good as an entrepenuer.

  • Sharon62, My problem is that I can't remember previous readings so maybe it's good that this is a clean-slate reading. That's funny because that's what this reading is indicating.

    Now is the time to take control of your life. This is a new experience for you. A youthful feeling in taking matters into your own hands. It's important that you do this and not be reminescent as others are more wise in the ways of the world. You may not be wise to the ways of the world--queen of cups situation/high priestess blocked.

    Practical solutions to pressing problems. Are you considering accepting something/have you accepted something. The issue is not your fault/gave too much--queen of cups/page of cups paired.

    A tranquil period is turning into confronting the issues that were inevitable. You'll be finding out soon what some people are made of.

    I'm getting a creative time where you can turn talent/hobby into something exciting for yourself. This is all about a new path for you. It's like you don't/haven't wanted to face this. Future looks brighter and more transparent. It'll be because your on your own.

    There is someone (male) who has prevented you from being who you really are. You have not spoken-up, so to speak, in this regard. There will be some resentment over what you have. Do not let this affect you in continuing on.

    There are some important issues here. As long as you stay on your own path, unfettered, you're fine. There's manipulation here, ok. Take the high road/you have already--good.


    over--page of coins

    present--page of cups

    below--5 of wands

    situation--queen of cups

    past--4 of swords



    blocks--high priestess


    advice--ace of wands

    outcome--5 of swords

    #5 appears more than once--power and control issues here.

  • SagittariusGurl, Spirit was all around/over this reading. While doing your reading, I printed something and a hand and wedding ring appeared (printed) over the material I was printing, also there were children that printed below it.

    The cards I drew validated that this is all about a love/relationship. I don't know what to think about all this. I'll try and proceed.

    I'm picking-up that you would try anything to make a relationship work. If you do, this would be something initiated by you. In present, a decision involving a partner. It really can't get much worse, ok. There is a silver-lining if you're going to create a new/different path. If you do want to carry on by yourself, now would be the time. I do see you as wanting to continue this relationship. If you do change, I feel, will be in future. Probably after everything else has expired. This love/relationship makes you feel at peace when it's good. There was a bump in this recently.

    Judgment is blocked--no sense of purpose or obvious direction, even though you'd really like to carry-on w/this person. You're not making good life decisions. What you want isn't happening.

    Life altering decision regarding this person is blocked. Knight of cups situation/judgment blocked. I drew several lower echos of the judgment card--10 of swords & 10 of cups. I don't see you sticking to a different path right now.

    Current trials will pass. You will be the one making things better/making things happen. This message is so strong here--magician in advice paired with 8 of coins. A younger feeling in direction and path/starting over/creating something new/fresh.

    I don't know what's going on. I see you trying to make things happen w/this person. You're being shown as blocked, also. This relationship is trying your concept of relationships in general. There is something about this relationship that makes you feel at peace when it's good.



    present--10 of swords

    below--2 of wands

    situation--knight of cups

    past--ace of cups

    challenges--queen of cups

    future--10 of cups


    friends--page of wands


    outcome--8 of coins

    Real emotional time/a lot of cups, more emotional w/o structure. A lot of work ahead!

  • What does the hand and wedding finger mean? Will I be getting married? Children meaning as more than one. Oh god I have a daughter and really don't want anymore kids.

    You are right I always tried to make everything work in the relationship I was in. I do want to continue the relationship because we have a daughter together and were together for so many years and of course I love him. There was a bump the relationship ended because of a third person.

    I also agree that am not making good life choices and what I want is not happening and I'm starting to think that's never going to happen.

    I'm too stuck in the relationship that I can't move on. The more I want to I just can't.

    I'm so emotional now since the breakup that I don't know if I can take more crying and feeling empty. What do you mean more emotional w/o structure? More work as in job related?

    Thank you daliolite for the reading.

  • Dear Daliolite,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do a reading for me. Your reading was very insightful as there is much going on in my life right now.

    The Tower card showing up as a challenge is so correct. It seems as though everything is falling apart around me and I'm not quite sure which way to run for cover. My husbands son got into trouble with the law and now my husband is spending all of his free time at his exwifes house where he is residing while waiting to be sentenced. My husband made the comment to me several nights ago that I don't want to compete with his ex wife because she is the one that is paying most of the legal bills. I feel that my husband is trying to make up for his past mistakes , the divorce, and might be trying to reconcile to try and save his soul.

    I haven't worked in a few years because I haven't had to - my husband has been supporting me. I'm thinking this must be the male that you referred to as you said he has prevented me from being the true person that I was meant to be.

    When we first married 8 years ago I truly believed that this love was strong and would never end. But now I'm not feeling as loved and cherished as I once was and have been wondering if I should try to find work outside the home so that I can support myself if he indeed is plotting to reconcile with his ex wife.

    Daliolite, I know that its dangerous to not protect your heart when it comes to loving someone, but how are you to truly love unless you put everything into a relationship?

    Can you please tell me what type of employment should I look for ? What type of new beginning or ventures are in store for me? I've been married for most of my life (2 marriages) and have never really been alone in the world. I think thats what I'm most afraid of.

    Any additional advice that you could give me would be most appreciated.



  • Sharon62, I'll respond Tues morn

  • SagittariusGurl, I think I've done previous readings that indicated this was not a good relationship. I don't know exactly what the hand, wedding ring w/children below mean. It kinda freaked me out but I know how spirit operates. After my sister passed (about 11/2 ago, it kept (the printer) turning on w/o the computer on. Perhaps it's spirit letting me know of your intense feelings. I feel when you DECIDE to make the right choice here things will improve. Don't lookl to other people to MAKE you happy. Be happy. Enjoy your own time and company. Your daughter needs someone that's capable of love, as you are. She needs someone that's happy as well. Also, give yourself credit for being right and true. I feel the biggest lessons in life are to do what makes us happy and what we are called to do--our natural abilities. Now comes the time when you look at yourself and say, what do I want to do, what makes ME happy and make a life of doing that.

  • Sharon62, I read your post last night. I was thinking about your situation based on what I feel, or how I look at things. Marriage has never really appealed to me. I'm quite happy as I am--single. It takes all my time doing my own ADL's (activities of daily living.) lol. When I really sit down and think about what I need, it's different than what I've had as far as relationships. I would feel a certain amount of pressure if I came home and had a husband waiting for me, so to speak. Most of the time, when I come home, I'm tired and don't feel like engaging. What I've always wanted is to be able to be me w/o trying to make someone happy. I think happiness should already be present. So, what makes you happy. He obviously is not. He's trampling over your feelings like you do not exist. Your reading indicates that you're not speaking up. Have you mentioned to him your feelings. Are you afraid to. Perhaps it's hard for him as well to speak-up. He knows of the challenges you face. I do see someone leaving. I do not like to give advice regarding marriages. I don't like to encourage break-ups. You're encouraged to take a bold new path/a different one. This will be a new experience worth taking, I believe. Take some steps now.

  • Yes daliolite you have. I also think is not a good relationship but is just that I was so used to being with him for so long. Weird but you know about spirits more than me. I just don't want to freak out I have said I'm never going to get married and don't want more children. I think there isn't such thing as people making other people happy. WE decide if we want to be happy or miserable. I agree my daughter needs someone to love her not only me or my family I say maybe a father figure since he's never around since we split up and even when we were together. I don't know if you can tell me if you see something about a job?

    Thank you daliolite

  • checking

  • SagittariusGirl, I'll try one based on path it'll be after I do a couple others.

  • Buzzingpalms, Yours is next, prob tomorrow morn.

  • okay, I just appreciate the giving of your time... Things are coming along rapidly. so thankful that i am no longer stagnant!

  • Ok that's fine.

  • Dear Daliolite,

    Thanks so much for your insight. I have been seriously thinking about pursuing a different path and taking baby steps towards that goal. I appreciate you taking time to answer my questions and offering your wisdom about happiness.

    Again, thank you for the reading and blessings to you.


  • Buzzingpalms, You're being shown creatively. I'm feeling that something from past is carrying over into present. Your family figures into this predominately in present. Are you living w/them or will you be living with them. More than anthing else, they have been a support for you (emotionally.) This is an emotional time for you. Emotionally, things are looking better. You are really being urged to carry-thru on your plans/ideas. You're being shown as the queen of wands--creative. Did you have to leave something--showing ending to something that I'm picking-up as a path. On some level you don't know where this new path will lead. You have several options. There are several cards here that might indicate someone coming into your life. Death in friends and assoc--need to ask if a relationship ended. Was there a reason other than sleeping that you felt about your parents. A new path that you haven't started yet but in the works. The old-way had to be changed. I'm also picking-up on manipulation perhaps. Turn the page and continue on.


    past--6 of cups

    situation--king of cups

    present--queen of wands


    below--queen of cups


    future--knight of coins

    blocks--sun--who is preventing you from doing what you want


    advice--8 of wands

    outcome--ace of cups

  • Buzzingpalms, I'm trying my auto-writing skills, does the letter e mean anything to you.

  • Tellstar, I'll do yours tomorrow.

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