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  • This place was very healing for her. It's an extremely small country church & it's small for a reason. I think the Pastor is more judgemental than he should be & at times I think it's more about him. The people that go there are true believers & this is what she gets as well plus no one is hitting on her which she gets at the church she attends at school. This place has helped my daughter which is why been so supportive yet stayed close to monitor.

    You put your finger on it, I do feel they have distanced themselves from me. At first I just thought I was being silly but I text the pastor's wife a few times & she didn't respond which is not like her. One of them was significant & she did acknowledge she got it to my daughter by saying she owes me a few responses but has been so busy. My daughter says I'm overthinking things. It just feels weird. Does that make sense?

    Pastor struggles with people who are successful & he struggles about us with this. We are not overt about things at all & we tithe to a church we don't attend & help with their fundraisers. I don't communicate with him much but his wife & I do from time to time. She's very spiritual & a "in God's hands" type of person, she's very calm. So I don't know if she's just limiting her communication with ME or if she really is just overwhelmed; they're raising two of their grandchildren right now (3 & 6).

    Hmmm, did I casue a stir-interesting. The last time I was there on 6/15 he said something I didn't care for some of the things the pastor said during a conversation but I don't attend there so I let it go. We did have a long conversation & I'm not sure how much was honestly repeated. I said absolutely nothing to be ugly but he is very thin skinned. One thing that did happen is we are having our business building blessed & I think he got upset because we didn't ask him. We don't go to that church & our partner's father is a minister & he is blessings the building. I don't know if he wasn't exactly honest about what we spoke about or if they're offended!

    Is this why she's backed off recently? Is she upset with us or is she embarrassed about the whole situation? I think you can tell my husband & I are exactly big fans of this place other than my daughter found sanctuary there. Good Lord :

  • I posted a reply but it didn’t show up. I'll post again but apologize if it's duplicated.

    This was my daughter's sanctuary & Pastor has been her biggest cheerleader & supporter and all the people who attend are true believers in God. This is an extremely small church & it's this way for a reason. I feel the pastor is too judgmental & at times it seems more about him. this is why we've supported; however, we do stay close to monitor. He does struggle with people who are successful but we are not the in your face type & we support this church a great deal even though we don’t attend. I think you can tell my husband & aren’t too crazy about the church but it was a special place for our daughter so we are grateful for this.

    I don’t communicated much with Pastor but his wife & I have communicated on a pretty regular basis. She’s very much a “in God’s hands” type of person, very spiritual & extremely calm. I’ve sent her a few text which she didn’t respond to & my daughter thought I was being silly for reading too much into it. She’s said the wife is very busy & at the time is raising 2 of their grandchildren & it’s not always about me. Good point but it felt weird to me.

    Hmmm did I cause a stir? The last time I was there on 6/15 I think Pastor got upset because we are having our new building blessed & we didn't ask him. He's not our pastor & our partner's dad is a minister & highly involved in helping get things up and running. I didn't care for some of Pastor's comments but I don't attend there so I let them be. We did have a long discussion & I wonder how much was repeated truthfully.

    Another thing is we hired someone from the church 2 years ago & they are now married to their daughter. We’ve had a few conversations & her brother did come up one time but I am careful about what I say because I know everything is repeated so again I wonder what was repeated truthfully.

    I think it’s obvious she is limited contact with me due to the 4 of swords but I wonder why. Is she upset with something I said (or she was told I said) or would she just prefer I stay away. Does she want my daughter to move along? I knew there was something wrong.

    Thanks again for your time. Is there anything I can do for you?

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    I waited over 30 minutes before reposting then as soon as I posted the 2nd time the 1st one showed up.

  • Could it be something my husband said? He & pastor went to a football game & it was a long drive. Pastor later alluded to something about their conversation.

    My husband is very grateful my daughter didn't end up with their son just because of stuff like this!

  • Hey Daliolite 🙂

    I remember a reading I asked for you to do for me. I asked about if the busboy I went out with sincere about his feelings for me. You gave me a reading that addressed a few situations that did not involve him so I got a little confused. I gotten other readings from others that says he has interested but I was a little alarmed when you said that you picked up on 2 men and said something about a controlling energy. I am not sure if you were talking about the busboy I am interested in or not.

    Were you talking about him being controlling?

    Here is the reading you did for me:Monday, October 8, 2012 8:49 PDT


    Asia118x, I drew alot of coins. Over this reading is the knight of coins. Usually when I draw this for people it's a rather heavy financial card meaning finances could be better. This reading is validating that you're spread thin. You want to create happiness in everyone around you 10cups/10 coins/10 wands. You might be quite alot to different people as well. I believe you are a traditional thinker and family thinker--true and dedicated. Holding-on in situation. Perhaps holding onto what you have for fear of losing and not having enough. The future holds hard work to hang onto your dream/to get to your dream. There are at least 2 male figures here, possibly 3. I think this guy may distance and you may even be afraid of this also. I'm picking up a controlling energy/person here. When I draw some of these combinations, a person will distance and then the question is more of what's up w/this person. In friends and assoc., a creative path. I do see you as making your own path and some friend helping. When I say path I mean career goal. Remember, some of the battles we get into are not ours--they're other peoples's. You need to see this so it doesn't affect you--if you can relate. Follow thru on your plans.



    over--knight of coins

    below--10 of coins

    situation--4 of coins

    past--10 of cups

    challenges--8 of coins

    future--10 of wands

    blocks--king of swords

    friends--ace of wands

    advice--hanged man


    There may be a tendency to want things now. Wanting things to happen now.

    I do want to know that I appreciate any and all of the readings you have given me. I was just a little confused on this one 🙂

  • Asia118x, Are you currently dating this guy. What are you confused about. This is a general reading. It's not all about this guy.

  • Kookish, How often does your daughter go to this church. I guess I'm confused over her involvement w/the church. Are you afraid she's going to get more involved. I don't know why you really feel like you should monitor this place. I'm Catholic and most protestant religions make me uncomfortable anyway. Sounds like you're involved somewhat and not getting the feedback that you'd like. You feel uncomfortable. I feel uncomfortable w/some people from the church I attend. I think some are goofy and I don't get involved with them. I'm involved in going to church but not on a social level. This is the reason why a lot of people don't go to church. Perhaps you should attend and take it all in sometime. I just don't know enough about situation and would have to do a reading if you really feel funny about this place. Do you consider them a cult. I mean, do they make your daughter adhere to certain standards that make you uncomfortable.

  • Daliolite, My daughter comes home often & she attends church almost every time she's home. She bakes for everyone at Christmas & for their birthdays & makes back-to-school gift bags for the kids. I have felt this place like extended family which has kept my daughter in their prayers, it's very special. However, it's also toughsince this place judges so strongly & openly. I wouldn't use the word cultish but there are numerous people who have left because they have been openly critized for not following doctrine. My daughter is a kinder person than this & knows God is the only one who can judge us.

    We've attended numerous times & my husband struggles with it a great deal, I'm more open because my daughter healed there. We basically pay attention because it's just an odd situation, we have a spiritual daughter who doesn't judge yet she attends a church that judges openly. We've always wondered if she stayed there due to her friend who took her there but who knows.

    The 4 of swords tells me they are pulling away by limiting communication. I wish I knew why, like who was it that felt this needed to be done & why but honestly it really doesn't matter. This is me clinging to the situation versus just letting it go.

    I should just be grateful my daughter had someone she could talk to when she needed them & she found a sanctuary. This is where I'm being a worrier when I should have faith. There is nothing I can do to protect my daughter from getting her feelings hurt & need to have faith she knows what she's doing.

    Thank you so much for your time. Blessings from Texas 🙂

  • Kookish, If I can help again, let me know.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I don't think it has anything to do with government or them doing anything shady. Maybe it's just my time to go. I think I really do bring value even if I'm not 'subservient' - it's just that they do not appreciate what they have, in me.

    I brought something to their attention yesterday. It's a matter of paying for something we don't need. I don't know why we did it in the past, so I presented the facts to my team leader. Told her I think we don't need it anymore but it's up to her. In typical fashion, she asks me to just continue with it. Afraid to rock the boat I guess. Or just not interested to do things differently.

    The only time they do, is when something huge happens and the boss comes down on us to make changes. I mean, why wait till such a time? We aren't perfect and there is 'historical mess' in this company. We're not responsible for that, and most times, we find out by accident that something has been done incorrectly.. What's wrong with fixing a little at a time, as and when we find it, and within our means?

    Have a couple of weeks to go, but my work here is done. I just hope I can find a better job.

  • Aprilca, I asked for guidance again. Don't know the specifics of the relationship but will try to communicate some of the themes here. Because I do general readings, it's hard to know some of the personalities. Truth-seeking is over this reading. The truth is going to set someone free, literally. A lot of words in present. Seems to involve more words than path/direction/course. Someone has a blindfold on/woman. Can walk away from this. I drew some of the same cards as the previous reading. What happened in past has carried over/not much improvement. A blocked path will clear-up. Victory over something. It's almost like he could not make you happy and you felt like a victime in all of this. You're being shown as the Empress. Perhaps you have high expectations that he can't fufill on some level. The devil appeared in friends/assoc. So, is he drinking to get you off his mind LOL. Somewhere in this mix there's dysfunction. Perhaps him, you (combination) friends. Maybe he needs a time-out. He's being shown in the past as knight of cups. I almost get the feeling here that you want to be on top of all of this. There's some combinations here that indicate a be careful what you wish for.


    over--page of swords

    present--5 of swords

    below--8 of swords

    situation--knight of cups

    past--9 of swords

    challenges--page of wands

    future--six of wands

    blocks--knight of coins


    advice--9 of cups


  • Checking..

  • Danceur, Procedure/way things are handled. You know, I get this same scenario at my job. I've been there (still am). Usually works better just saying yes and continuing. Causes a lot less pain in long run. I guess to them it's not your job to say anything. A lot of this is the way they viewed you not so much who's right.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Think you're right. I'm not meant to initiate things, at least not in this fashion. But I also can't sit by and do nothing. I didn't ask to notice issues, I just do. I guess to them, I was just supposed to do as I was told. I'm not antagonistic but I can't be a Yes man, it just isn't me. Therein lies the mismatch.

    Well I'm sorry to hear you go through this as well. I hope you are faring so much better than me. Maybe my personality is flawed, I'm just too idealistic for my own good.

  • Danceur, This was a mismatch for you. You have always been shown as a truth-seeker and creative. You've had to fufill this role as a meditative/silent type. Anyway, sometimes there's not much you can do.

  • Guess so, Daliolite.

    Thanks so much for your reading and for your help 🙂

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Can I please request a reading from you.

    My question is - what would be the likely outcome if i move out of the country in the near future?

    Thank you.


  • Hi again - thanks for the reading regarding my bf. spot on. I pretty much agree everything u said about him and me. Did u mean a woman (probably its me) is blindfolded? I don't know abt the devil thing.. Hmm maybe hes talking to other girls? What u think? Is there any deception going on here?

  • Hi Daliolite, I am starting into the workforce this is one of my first jobs and yes I thought it was going to be a job that I would enjoy and would be the first step to my career but it wasn't. I am know applying to other location and hoping that I will find a job that will allow me to grow professionally but also as a person. I want a job were I will be happy. Daliolite what do you mean by a a block in your path/ideas moving forward what type of block could it be? Do you see me finding this type of job that I will be happy soon?

  • dfrance, Did someone move or are you thinking about moving. Might be this other location that you're refering to--that's what I mean by challenge moving forward. I'm picking-up some sort of loss in past. Did it involve a friend perhaps. I think you're more inclined to be entrepenuerial than working for someone else. What field are you in.

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