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  • Danceur, Yes, that's the feeling I get from the hierophant. Maybe in your case it points to the overall structure improving. Can you post your reading for me as far as P. I'll see if there's any mention of him, otherwise, will do another reading and maybe he'll show up.

  • Hello Daliolite :)))

    I know may have a few readings or so ahead of me but I was wondering if you could give a general reading on this guy I have a little crush on at my job. I think he likes me as well but I want to know how I go about it as I go with the flow. I recently lost his number (feel bad about it) but I will ask him for it again and possibly ask him out. He has asked me out before but I had to turn him down but said we could go somewhere else another time.

    Is it best that I ask him out this Saturday or Sunday when we work together?

    Or will he have lost interest by then-(I didn't get the chance to call him being that his number is gone)?

  • Hi Sharon62, I did a reading for you prior just can't remember what it was regarding. So, I'm starting over. I'm getting that this situation involves a guy 3 of coins/king of cups. The guy distanced for some reason. Also, This whole scenario involves breaking away and self-improvement. You've also had to stick to your guns, so to speak. I'm also getting something w/friends and assoc--a celebration something really good happening prob in present. I'm getting that you're not receiving the news you want. Drew a couple #7--pursuing a goal, following a dream. It's just not coming quickly enough for you. The cards indicate a better time indeed or something happening favorably. In advice is the 3 of coins--working together. 9 of cups appearing as outcome is often times to be careful what you wish for. I'm getting that things are moving the way you'd like them to. Will need more info to clarify but reading looks favorable. Might have to lower expectations or wait further, if you can relate.



    present--4 of rods

    below--king of cups

    situation--5 of swords

    past--7 of coins

    challenges--knight of cups

    future--sun--good placement

    blocks--7 of swords

    friends--6 of wands

    advice--3 of coins

    outcome--9 of cups

  • Hi Daliolite,

    This is the reading you did:

    Hi Danceur, You're being shown as the page of swords. Speaking up/truth seeker. You're being shown next to the knight of coins. I'm guessing this is the male influence from work. You're concerned about stabililty, conservative approach but there's a definate feeling here of branching-out and doing something different.
    The devil is in the challenges position. Probably because of the relationships you're dealing with in present. Paired w/2 swords there's an indication of a flaw in your personality that makes you retreat. Two of swords to the right also indicates that control is in your hands. It's almost like you have an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other saying, no you can't--if you can relate--star/devil paired.
    There's a possibility in friends/assoc that someone is moving. Could also relate to a new path/responsibility. Something concrete happening besides just talk. This could be the project or extra work, also.
    I seem to draw the hierophant for you alot. I see this as wisdom beyond what's on the surface. I also see you working for the greater good in your approach or try and adopt this approach star/hierophant. Ace of cups/hierophant I see you as searching for ultimate good, happiness. This pairing for me has spiritual as well as religious meaning. I think you really are looking beyond to real spiritual happiness. This is what will carry you thru to real happiness, might be some sacrifice along the way.
    above--10 of coins
    situation--knight of coins
    past--page of swords
    future--2 of swords
    blocks--9 of coins
    friends--2 of rods
    advice--ace of cups

  • Danceur, No talk of this guy will try a reading on this. Can't really promise he'll be there. This last reading is speaking of your job.

  • Dear Daliolite,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to do a reading for me. You asked that I provide more info. My husband has put distance between us because his son got into some trouble with the law back in July and he has dedicated all of his time and effort to try to help him not have to go to prison. He spends everyday over at his ex-wifes house with her and his kids. I feel that this unfair to me but at the same time I completely understand but feel that it's unfortunate because it is definitely putting a strain on our marriage. I spend most of my time alone. When you said that I might have to lower my expectations or wait a little longer what were you referring to?

  • Sharon62, Do you have feelings that he's back in a relationship w/her. 4 of rods represents marriage. He is in your reading. There's also several cards pointing to breaking away. Let me know what you specifically want to know. I may have to do a reading on him to get more clarity.

  • Livingadream, Lovers is over your reading. This can represent a partnership perhaps a decision. Finances are in the present. Juggling finances. Are you going to travel some to see a doctor--2 of coins/3 of rods paired. I'm getting an alternative also. Have you been looking at alternative remedies. I'm getting that you're the one taking care of things or have always taken care of things and somehow you can't anymore. Your focus is going to be on this health issue for awhile. Dr is showing as knight of rods. I'm feeling that he'll help although you may feel he's different in some way. I'm really getting that you want to partner-up with the right person that's going to give you answers that you need lovers/king of rods. You have been steadfast in dealing w/this problem. I see you as breaking away from something in past 5 wands (past)/5 swords (future). Maybe something didn't work for you in past so you're consulting someone else. Is someone helping as far as finances. I see you as queen of cups. You're blocked because nothing has seemed to pan-out for you. Queen of coins is in your reading as well showing as some financial help.


    present--2 of coins


    below--queen of coins

    situation--wheel of fortune

    past--5 of rods

    challenges--nine of rods

    future--3 of rods

    blocks--queen of cups

    friends--7 of coins

    advice--5 of swords

    outcome--knight of rods

  • Hi Daliolite,

    No worries - don't want to trouble you for another reading since P and I are only acquaintances and there haven't been many interactions. It seems correct that he wouldn't show up in the reading.

    I only see him in dance class and not every week. And it was only last weekend that we got to talking a bit. I do feel a vibe, and it feels mutual. He seems to like me (although it may not be in a romantic sense, don't really know). Let's see how it goes for the time being. If we get into more interactions, then maybe, I'll approach you again for a reading.

    Thanks Daliolite!

  • Danceur, You're quite welcome. Good luck, be careful.

  • Hey Daliolite I don't mean to be rude or pushy or anything but is my reading next?

  • Daliolite,

    Yes, I take care of most of everything for my family as far as getting things done. My husband was working fulltime as well as a fulltime student, I help my parents as they help me with the kids while I am at work and husband at school. This medical condition is new - although what you probably see is that i had been seeing various doctors for another health concern and no one was able to diagnose me with anything! This went on for at least three years! I am recently loosing my hair and am so afraid that i will have no remedies. I know that I have been anemic for years and don't eat red meat - i may be starting menopause and that might have something to do with it but i will have to wait. I am deathly afraid that the doctor will tell me that there is nothing that they can do for me. I have been taking vitamins and have seen a slight improvement and i know that my job is extremely stressful and that could have somehting to do with it too.

    I am thinking of going to school and perhaps leaving my current job, because i dont feel the same passion I felt at one time.

    Finances are ok but could always sbe better. I am trying to get my parents in a better financial position as i am focusing on them and ignoring mine at this time. All and all I feel my plate is over flowing with work and no rewards! 😞

    You are right I am feeling blocked - nothing seems to be working out for me! Do you feel a sense of something good coming my way?

    Thanks for your reading I so appreciate you taking the time to do a reading for me!

  • Livingadream, King of rods could very well be a new path/putting ideas in motion. 7 of coins in friends and assoc means you're at a crossroads careerwise. Plan of action needed or you'll pursue. I was inclined to think of this card as rep the dr. Could be pointing to a need to change careers, as well. I also see this card as some sort of change coming. Thyroid trouble will cause hair to fall out as well. Have you checked your thyroid levels.

  • Asia118X, Will start yours next

  • Daliolite, could you please read me after Asia118X of course. So here is the issue, I am excited for this first date I am going on Saturday. Hoping me and this guy click as much as we both think we do. I am just curious if I am just setting myself up for dissappointment or if there is a reason behind this excitement. Thank you much, love and light.

  • Daliolite,

    My current doctor has tested the thyroid levels and reports that they are fine. So I am really scared that there is no hope for me. The wheel of fortune is a great card to get in a reading. Do you see this as a positive for my medical matter or career move? Sorry, to bother you (only if you have time to recall the reading) I appreciate everything you did already. Many blessings!

  • Livingadream, I think in many ways this reading is trying to tell you to branch out on your own. I see the wheel as staying the course/life's ups and downs. There is mention of you being at a crossroads. This card is landing in friends/assoc position. Yes, I do see this as a career reading more than anything else. Putting ideas in motion. Maybe this current job is too much stress.

  • AsiaII8x, Are you wondering if you should speak-up and let this person know you like him/ are somehow afraid/ staying the course to see what happens/ you don't know him that well. In the present, I'm getting a sense of uneasiness if you approach him. Pentacles regarding him meaning finances, money, career etc. I'm getting that you have a real fondness for him but there's some mystery here. Are you wondering if he has a gf possibly wife. As the reading progresses to the right the feeling of uneasiness gets worse (9 of swords in blocks.) Have you been hurt before. As I look over your reading, I can interpret this several ways. It might be a good idea to do a reading on him. I'm getting that either you're afraid he'll walk away or he's actually considering moving. Empress in advice paired with 10 of coins. You deserve the best so don't settle for less. Let that be your motto. Another interpretation for this pairing is that he has someone else he's involved with. Like I said, not really comfortable with this reading. Would have to do one regarding him.


    present--knight of pentacles

    above--5 of rods

    below--7 of cups

    situation--4 of swords


    challenges--page of swords


    blocks--9 of swords

    friends--6 of swords


    outcome--10 of pentacles

  • Librawitch, Yes, I'll do a reading prob by tomorrow.

  • Thanks Daliolite-there is alot of uneasiness regarding him-Im just not just sure how he feels about me. He doesn't have a girlfriend to my knowledge but he is very flirtatious with other girls at my job but does seem to have respect for me. He seems very nice and has asked me out before (not sure if he wants to date and see how this goes) I am just scared to get my feelings crushed. I have been hurt pretty bad before and I am not used to getting alot of attention from guys so when I like one back I like to be sure that they like me back. I try my best not to be to agressive and direct and tend to give off mixed signals at times. I had to decline his request to hang out with me during a family gathering but offered we can go elsewhere when we get to know each other more. The next day he seemed to have alot on his mind and didnt approach me as much as I would like. I want to ask him out but I am really scared.

    I was just wondering if he would like to date me or not (He is a Sag born December 3rd)?

    Does he want us to be just friends or get to know each other more as in dating (not to heavy on relationship yet)?

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