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  • Was this mine?

  • ReporterCJ, Over your reading I drew the 4 of swords indicating rest, repose or escapism. I'll start with the past (left and move to the right.) You came from a better situation. I have a feeling here that mom or some female figure helped financially and one of your challenges is that they are no longer present in your life. In present there is a sense of urgency (magician.) Next to the magician in your situation postion, shows you being in submission as far as finances. Your reading is calling for bold steps in present. Your reality has already become immediate--9swords paired w/the sun. Your reality is magnified and you're living it. There is some talk about worth here. Either you won't settle for less than what you feel you're worth or your self-worth, or how you view yourself. I'm also getting that whatever caused you to be in your current state isn't totally your fault. More of an indication that you really need to take bold/creative steps to find happiness. There is some hobby that you're interested in that could become profitable. When you make the needed decisions, I feel your situation will change. You need to create your own reality Magician/justice/ace of coins. There's a bright light in friends and assoc. Looks like a partnership, major friendship, emotional bonding. As your outcome, I drew the sun. I see this as a break-thru/new birth. I believe you can shape your destiny w/the right help and decisions. You have to take the right steps. I believe there's someone willing to help--hope this makes sense.



    above--4 of swords--the escapism is not good

    below--5 of rods

    situation--6 of coins

    past--ace of coins

    challenges--queen of coins

    future--9 of swords


    friends--2 of cups

    advice--king of rods


  • Tob2, Yours is next...

  • Hi Dal

    I changed job recently, but I dont want to stay in this job I want to go back to the other I had, my previous supervisors told me that they will open a position for me, Do you see that happening? can you do me a reading relating to work?

    thank you

  • Thank you Daliolite who can this younger person and older person can be? What do you mean " I'm getting that group of friends has what's needed. I'm getting that you don't have this"? This emotional time coming would it be due to the separation of me and my boyfriend?

  • SagittariusGurl, Personalities that appear. One is older than the other. Can you post your reading (cards.) Thanks.

  • MariaPisces, Yes, I'll do a reading.

  • Tob2, I'm getting that a break-up was hard as you were indecisive or didn't really speak-up at times. It wasn't what you needed. I see you as having a struggle/having to prove yourself or ideas. I'm getting that you were also in submission, prob financially. Did someone help out financially. You are struggling w/what will be (7 of cups over reading.) Have a clear idea of what you want in a relationship. Remember, when entering a relationship, the role of the other person. There may be a tendency to fantasize about a relationship and that's where the trouble starts. You really want something to help ease the strain of day to day living. I'm getting young at heart. You may have a problem with mastery over your environment/speaking up. Friends may be able to help regarding this. May be a tendency to get into the wrong type of relationship. I drew the ace of rods next to the king of cups. I feel you are wondering if the last relationship will return. Regardless, the advice here is to create your own path. You will run into the same obstacles with last relationship. He is presented here as distant. The two of you have different personalities is what I'm getting. Don't feel overwhelmed.


    over--7 of cups

    present--6 of cups

    below--6 of rods

    situation--7 of rods

    past--2 of swords

    challenges--6 of coins


    blocks--queen of coins


    advice--ace of rods

    outcome--king of cups

  • here it is

    SagittariusGurl, I think there seems to be a sense of urgency at present. A holding-on pattern is not helping. The past deals w/ a relationship and is bringing it into the present (2cups/magician/emperor.) The emperor is magnified paired w/the 4 of coins. Stubborness on the part of someone. Perhaps both parties involved. Struggle in present that is somehow mitigated w/strength over this reading. Trying to balance. There is a younger person and older person in your reading. The younger being the one who isn't speaking up or presented as not acheiving what they need which is the truth (page of swords is blocked.) I'm getting that group of friends has what's needed. I'm getting that you don't have this. I drew several cups and wands--emotions and creativity. I drew the 2 of rods as outcome that I often draw for someone considering a move or what can/could be. Whatever the situation is I see an emotional time for you coming. I see you ultimately trying to come into your own.




    below--7 of rods


    past--2 of cups

    challenges--4 of coins

    future--5 of rods

    blocks--page of swords

    friends--10 of cups

    advice--5 of cups

    outcome--2 of rods

    #5 is a theme here also.

  • SagittariusGurl, In friends position, a happy relationship--fufillment. I do see a break-up and someone is holding on.

  • Would that break-up be now or maybe later on?

  • Would this break-up be now or maybe later on?

  • Prepare now or look at the things that can/will break your heart. Doesn't show you actually walking away just looking at all that's lost. I'm talking about the 5 of cups.

  • Pinkrose08, Creative solutions/new path/new project over this reading. I often draw the 2 of rods for people considering a move. Also points to querent considering what could be. 6 of swords in present shows you moving on. I drew a lot of swords in your reading that indicates words/communication. There are harsh words here. There is also some loss showing as the 3 of swords in blocks. This is an obstacle for you. Moving on from a bad time in past position. Calling for a decision in your situation. In the present, really indicative of a move. Drew the lovers in challenges. Romantic/personal perhaps inable to move on on some level. There is a holding on pattern in the future position. This is a hard decision for you to make. Whatever decision it is here for you to make, it's a situation that you can walk away from. Look at your role in this even if you feel that you're the victim. I'm getting that nothing will change as long as you stay the victim. There is a struggle here. I'm getting a failure to speak-up. Things haven't been put into place as far as a move, it's in the talking stage.


    over--2 of rods

    present--6 of swords

    below--queen of cups--emotional time for you,showing you as emotional


    past--10 of swords


    future--4 of coins

    blocks--3 of swords--you may be emotionally attached to something that prevents moving on

    friends--6 of rods

    advice--7 of rods

    outcome--8 of swords

    Because I know nothing of what you really need answered I don't really know what cards are suggesting to the right of your reading. Cards may be indicating that you don't want to leave friends behind 3 of swords/6 of rods paired. Could also be indicative of struggle w/ friends 3 of swords/6 of rods/7 of rods.

  • Thanks Dal for the reading.

    Yes i have been contemplating on whether to move on. i have been holding back due to many things as stated in the reading..

    i am unhappy in the current situation to a certain extent. but i am happy with having my dear friends around me too. i am stuck.

    should i work through the current situation or make a move out of here?

  • Pinrose08, Because you have the 4 of coins towards the right have feeling you'll stay status quo until something major happens. Your past is showing a need for re-birth. Maybe something will change for the positive in regards to friends as this seems to be the bright spot in this reading. I can't make a decision for you and don't want to make a decision for you. That's not the intent of my readings. My readings clear and verify things happening in present. The present shapes the future. I believe we can plan for the future but not predict the future. I heard that if you travel faster than the speed of light, time actually goes back into the past. That's very telling. Anyway, continue to make plans. Stick to your hopes and dreams. That's really what the 2 of rods points to. And it's also above your reading. Also, your the one calling the shots to your happiness, no one else. I hope you can relate to this. Also, my sister has a saying, I know my own hell, if I change or move elsewhere it's another hell I know nothing about. It's really a matter of looking forward/change/risk taking.

  • Pretty good. I actually have no Mother or father. I rented a room from a male and his son invited me to stay at his place, it is payed for by the state. He has the 'gf' that is a bit histrionic and in and out of trouble in jail now. I have been paying about 40 a week and clean, cook, prep lunches, care for dog etc. His name is Aj. Yes, I did land a job as pastry and Garde Mange last week:). Yes soemthing did happen to me back in March, I have a civil suit with a college now. (college admin female dating male student who 'desired' me, she falsified documents and created phony legal papers and sent it to me in the mail along with him getting involved, I got suspended from school and falsley charged with harassment, yeah) That took a big toll and put me homeless for a while. Things are much better, I decided to rewire my though patterns and act accordingly. I am unsure of the bond with a male/female..Aj has the 'gf'. It could be my healing teachder Beth. I am now living in the same town as her. Thank you very much for your time. Divine Abundance and balance.

  • ReporterCJ, Thank you. Glad things are better.

  • Thanks Dal. Appreciate your help for giving me a reading. Have a good day

  • Mariapisces, Your reading speaks mainly of current situation. Was going to ask if a love interest played into changing jobs. You're being shown as young possibly immature/naieve. You were wishing things would work out. I feel there's no blame for why you changed jobs although may be frowned upon by someone in the previous job. You have an ally with the woman at the previous job as she's being shown as the queen of cups. You're shown as the page of cups. This is an emotional time as I drew more cups than other cards. 2 of cups in situation showing an emotional pairing, that's why I was wondering about a love interest at this job or perhaps currently. The fool in the past is showing you walking away from previous job. News is blocked in your challenges. You may not hear news regarding the job move as quickly as you'd like. Like I said, there's someone in previous organization that is critiquing your behaviour. Perhaps it's in the current job. You feel you're in limbo. Definate shake-up in advice that's imminent. Don't know what's happening but this was bound to happen. Maybe there's a lesson somewhere in here. I do see an ally w/the woman you spoke of if she can manuever you back in. She has to work within the system. I do see a happier time ahead with the Page of cups as outcome.


    over--6 of cups

    present--ace of swords--this is you clarifying what you want

    below--5 of coins--good opportunity that you didn't realize before

    situation--2 of cups--good placement for returning/love interest


    challenges--knight of swords

    future--hanged man


    friends--queen of cups


    outcome--page of cups

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