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  • Alenabrz, I'll need a few things cleared-up to make more sense of your reading. In the past, making sense of your situation. Following a better path. In your situation, I'm getting a love interest. I'm not sure whether it's actually a person or this pursuit of your studies. Maybe you can't move ahead w/your love interest because your time in consumed w/your studies--Hermit/knight of cups. I'll need clarification on this. I'm getting that there is going to be an eminent break-up/shake-up in friends/assoc. You have a challenge w/the Queen of swords. Your work is going to be critiqued by a feminine influence-or-you may have lack of knowledge or lack of maturity in regards to the work you're doing. I see you getting over a few hurdles. You're being told to deal truthfully and w/courage. Your also being told to follow your dreams. I see success in things to come. I see your education lifting you to a higher level (yes.) I see you as a novice in all of this and not to let what anyone says hold you down. This is especially true in regards to this shake-up that's occuring.



    above--3 of coins--are you working in a group (working together)

    below--5 of coins--departure--loss I'm feeling

    situation--knight of cups


    challenges--queen of swords

    future--page of swords

    blocks--8 of swords




  • Thank You very much Daliolite 🙂 You are right, he IS very childish.

  • StandingTall, You're welcome. If you need any insights later I'll try and help. Like to call it insight instead of advice.

  • Thanks, I will be asking about the month of August later ;when you are not busy with the rest of these lovely people. I am bracing myself, for I think that it WILL be an emotional Rollercoaster in August regarding him. I DO NOT know What to expect...but I am expecting a lot of Drama 😞

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  • hi daliolite

    if it's okay to ask for another insight , i would like to have an insight into another matter than has me curious and anxious at the same time. i have been told that i will be dealing with some legal issue in life going forward, actually by the end of this year. i am also told that a major event is going to happen during the same time in my life. now i am not sure if these two matters are linked to each other or not . i would really appreciate if you could do a reading for me and tell what kind of legal issue i would be dealing with in life in future ? and what will this major event in my life in future be all about ? i'll provide you with proper feedback . thanking you in advance for your help and kindness.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thanks for the reading. You are right, I am wanting to have a relationship right now and kind of have someone I am attracted to but this person is currently not emotionally available.(he recently just get back to his ex).

    You draw 3 of rods and you said travelling involved. You are right I am a flight attendant so I do travel a lot.

    Thanks for the reading.

  • Cellisi, I had a few questions in your reading. Can you answer those.

  • Josephina01, You have very good card placements regarding your question on love. You might be too serious in your search for love or an inability to move forward. I'm showing a break-up. Showing your at a personal crossroads. I think love will come. You'll have some struggles inherent to all of us but the indication is you'll find happiness. A change is coming about. Because I don't know your situation all I can do is state a change will be imminent. It really doesn't affect the overall reading. A lot of your worry is self-inflicted. Be positive. You might be overly emotional at times. Your being shown as the Queen of cups.


    present--4 of swords

    over--2 of coins

    situation--queen of cups

    past--king of coins


    below--4 of cups--be careful what you wish for

    future--10 of cups

    blocks--9 of swords


    advice--7 coins

    outcome--4 of rods

    You might have to change something about the people you assoc with.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Sorry I think I am not reading your "reading" clearly can you clearify the questions?



  • Cellisi, Wondering if you came from religious family/background. Past calling for conformity to higher purpose etc. There is a strong indication of a loss--friends/assoc, can you relate to this. I'm just trying to make sense of what I drew. Feed back helps me as a reader, might help you as well.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    was wondering if you could help me with a Tarot interpretation.

    I was asking the Tarot if it would appropriate for me to talk to a friend from a person I'm interested in to mediate in the situation and I got the following cards:

    Love & Me: Ace of Wands

    Situation: The World

    Challenges: Six of Wands

    Background: The Tower

    Recent Past: The Fool

    Higher Power: Ten of Swords

    Near Future: King of Swords

    Issues: Queen of Wands

    The Loved One: The Chariot

    Love Advice: Death

    Long Term Potential: Knight of Swords

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I dont have any regilious background nor my family does. But every time I go back home I usually will go to a buddhist temple for sure. And as for loss, there was this colleague I used to work with just past away recently (like last week) so maybe this is what it is relating too?


  • Cellisi, Yes, in your friends/assoc position shows a loss.

  • Cellisi, Hierophant in past. Conformity--higher meaning/good in your life.

  • Jaimenrique, My positions aren't quite like yours. I can tell you something of what I'm getting. First of all, need to know if you're male or female. I need to know who the cards are pointing to. I'm not clear if there was an argument or you're unsure of yourself. I get that you really like this person. I feel like you'll go this route. There is just soooo much communication here. I would feel a lot better if I did a reading that way, I feel I could explain it better.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Will you think of me? 🙂

  • Alright.

    Well, I'm a gay man. Obviously, I'm interested in another guy, and we really had it going for a while, but one day all of a sudden he stopped talking to me and would not reply to any of my messages.

    So, my guides tell me that I should wait for him to contact me, and Tarot for a while was telling me that there was a period for me of taking time for myself (Four of Swords, came out repeatedly). However, in the last three weeks or so, there was a shift in the energy of the cards, and they started to tell me that I needed to gather information, but at the same time remain silent (Page of Swords was the card that started to come up repeatedly pointing to this), but at the same time they were pointing me that it was time to get into action. (Three of Wands was popping up repeatedly here.)

    So, it felt kind of contradictory to me that I would get that I cannot participate directly, but that I needed to act. So, the only way I thought I could do that is if I talked to someone else other than him. That's when I asked Tarot if I could use his friend, Marion (girl), to help with the situation, and got the cards that I showed you. The name of the guy is Nico, and mine is Jaime.

    I appreciate your insight.

  • Jaimenrique, This website is slow this am so don't know if this will post. Anyway, Page of swords is you seeking the truth. You are the one being shown as the truthful one here. 3 of wands represents what could be. I often draw this when one is moving to search for a better environment/place to live. Travel. Are you by the water by chance. Are you younger than this other person. This other person is distancing themself. On some level this person hasn't been truthful w/you. Whenever I draw a king a person is distancing/detaching. Ace of wands meaning starting anew/doing what makes you happy/your interests. I believe that you're the creative one here. You're connecting on some level with the queen of wands which is probably representing the friend whose a mediator. The energy/personality of the other guy isn't the same. This person isn't going to reveal all his cards, if you can relate to that. There are things he hasn't told you and isn't going to. There is a definate change brought on by him. I'll do a reading have some ahead of yours.

  • Hey Dalia, pull for me see what you get and how is it going? All is well here, being and living and growing! NAMASTE!

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