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  • Hi Daliolite I do like art but I don't see myself has having a career in creative field. I like more the health and buusiness field.

  • Hi Daliolite, thanks for reading. I know it's been some time, so I'll paste what you wrote here so you'll know what i'm responding to. 🙂

    "Kaymrial, A really hard time right now is what I'm getting. Break-up or personal loss of some kind in situation, could possibly be a passing. Didn't really see this coming. This time will pass. Could be friend/individual who will offer advice. Is there a court case. The card placements indicate something like this. I'm getting to let everything fall into place and draw strength from this experience. Are friends somewhat out of the picture. Truth is in the foundation/a need to get to the truth in present. Holding-on isn't helping the situation. Expect approaching news/possible critique. I do see 2 personalities in things to come. Both are creative types. After this passing bad time, things will look better. I see your future expanding esp career wise. Good possibility for someone to come into your life--which is what you wanted to know. I don't know why these other cards in present are here, could you help explain. "

    To be honest, I'm not sure about a lot of it. For the court case question, the only thing I can think of is that I've been having some difficulty with my student loans.I don't really have a lot of friends, and I've been having a hard time making any at work and not knowing where to go to meet people, so that's all I can think of as the hard time or friends out of the picture thing. I'm not super happy at work, both because I'm not a fan of the way the company does things and because I don't really feel like I'm connecting with my coworkers much. I've been thinking about going to school or trying to find a different job, but that's mostly just thought. Sorry I can't help explain further, but I'm not sure how I can clarify.

  • Daliolite, thank you, again for your time. I'm not sure where the "confrontation" comes in, but it could be my sister in-law, with whom I've had problems with regarding her behavior around my children. (She's 48). My kids, father-in-law, niece, and her are going on a trip together; and I was going to talk to her about a problem she has, since she will be with my children out of our state. (They're visiting great-grandparents) My husband and I have figured that one out without confrontation. Regarding the stuck feeling, that would be from my uncertainty about the future, too much thinking! Time to move forward! My marriage, yes, I love it! It's great to know elsewhere that it comes through too! (My children are not 18, yet, so hopefully they will not be running off and marrying someone. My daughter is very much in love with a young man who is away right now, she gets to see him next month.) You are very talented, many thanks and blessings to you.

  • Flutterby...., Thanks.

  • Kaymrial, I do remember drawing the 3 of swords in your present. This represents loss,sorrow. Because I have little background info I have to throw thoughts out. You also had the justice card close to the present position. Of course, there are all sorts of scenarios.

  • Will be away for couple of days...will be back. Dali-alot!

  • Hi Danceur, Sorry, I didn't pick-up on a love interest in present. However, your friends/assoc position has the Sun card which is a dramatic opening-up in assoc. Seems like you will be moving/expanding in this area. This reading is about change. In your outcome position I'm getting Justice paired with the Ace of Swords. Words are convincing the right people. In present, I drew the Queen of coins. This card, I believe, pertains to you. If not, perhaps a nurturing feminine influence, perhaps mom. In situation, your moving ahead. There are some blocks in this reading. Three of cups is blocked. For some reason, in personal friendships, you're unable to move ahead. Lack of joy. I'm also getting a holding-on in this respect. Holding onto what you have. This holding-on is showing as a block/challenge. Transformation time. Drew Death in future position. Death isn't scary because of ace swords/justice paired in outcome. Just tells me this is a transformative time. Also tells me that there is a decision to be made.


    present--queen of coins



    challenges--4 of coins

    below--8 of rods


    blocks--3 of cups


    advice--ace of swords


  • Hi Daliolite,

    Oh my, there IS a decision to be made. I've got a new job offer. The interview went very well. I was very candid and the interviewer sounded very keen to accommodate me. But some of the things she said have now been retracted. Namely the flexible working hours. I explained that it was crucial to me - work life balance an dall. But she has now replied saying management disagrees. To me, this is a deal breaker.

    Daliolite, this is the only viable alternative out of my present company at present. I'm not sure if I'll get another job anytime soon - if I give up this chance.

    Interviewer made this sound like a wonderful place, but maybe only if you play by the same rules. I sense restrictions and perhaps that I may not fit in, given that I'm free-spirited and very much my own person. Should I wait for a better fit of a job?

    I want the change, the transformation. But I don't want to go from the frying pan into the fire.

  • Daliolite - Help...!

    I want it so much to be the job I've been waiting for. My gut instinct tells me this is the wrong fit and that I won't be happy. It will only work if I didn't already have a life outside of work - which I love and want to continue nurturing.

    I'm seeing the shades of who I am and I want to explore it. I want a job that will engage me and my personality, not just the intellectual and analytical parts of my brain but the creative side of me as well. I'm willing to wait to find an appropriate job - I just hope I'm not making a huge mistake by walking away from this offer.

    Any advice please?

  • Danceur, I can't make a decision. I think what happened is the woman is willing to work w/you but upper management didn't like the idea. You might be stuck again. This might be the indication of the 4 of coins in challenges. Coins meaning material/money. This job might be inflexible. The 4 of coins is a stubborn/holding on card. Well, your words speak wisdom. Most jobs, I've found, want you to work w/them, not vice versa. I drew the tower over the queen of coins so it was inevitable that this idea was nixed. I do see this woman as a nurturing influence but she is a company woman--you know. I don't want to be a decision maker here. I would go w/your impression/gut feeling. I wouldn't appear weak, make a decision and stick with it.

  • Daliolite, I do not mean to drain you but I was thinking about what you told me in the past Three days; in regard to my Ex-boyfriend Gary.

    You mentioned in the reading that his "Trump Card" situation had something to do with: a mistake, Immaturity, and deceit. I got to thinking (due to the fact that there is A LOT of deceit going on amongs the employees) This Mistake, is it a Mistake that HE made or an employee made? And, did he use deceit to cover it up?

    Also, there is an employee by the name of (M) her birthday is July 27, 1974 is she involved? Somehow, I think that all roads lead to her.

    Please give me insight on this matter.

  • Standingtall, Would you paste my 1st reading so I can see what I wrote. I have some other readings ahead of this one. I'll do a reading on him so that you'll have some insight. Understand that I don't answer yes and no questions and what's revealed has no bearing on what we may think is important.

  • CreatuveAries, I'll start your reading next...

  • I just realized that Irishelf is no longer giving readings; therefore I was wondering if you could give me insight on the companies mistake.

    I will post what you said in a minute.

    Dear Standing Tall,

    I was trying to see what that might be. The cards are a bit confusing here. It may be that I am just getting a bit tired. But what I can see, is that it is possible that an error was made either by accident or by deciet. Either way, a bad judgement call was made.This accident may have cost the company a loss. Or it may cause him a considerable material losss. This may be the reason for his indicisiveness. It may cause him a bit of trouble should he try to get out of this now. This may also be why I also saw a bit of immaturity in this situation. It takes a pretty big man to sometimes own a mistake.

    I will try to look into this a bit more after I get a little rest.

  • StandingTall, I remember drawing the queen of cups over your present situation. The woman that you were referring to the broke-up your relationship is coming thru as a prior love interest of his. How involved they were don't know. Wanted to mention that I see her as more emotional than anything. Did you all have words. I can't remember your cards off hand.

  • Here is the first reading you gave me 🙂

    StandingTall, I have 3 people in your present. I have an emotional type feminine influence over this reading (older), a younger influence in present, and a male influence in your foundation(older type influence.) There is a young influence in this reading that I believe is you. Friends/assoc are young also. This reading also looks like a love reading. You started a venture/something on your own in your past which led to a split/breaking away. There seems to be a dependence on others probably more so than what you'd like to believe. Creative challenges in future/struggles. Communication is one of your blocks--Ace of swords is blocked. In fact, in your advice position it's showing you as seeking the truth or a need to get to the truth. There's an indication for love or getting at least to a place of satisfaction. I would like for you to explain these 3 influences in the present. Maybe I could help more. I get a feeling from this reading that there is so much more in life for you to learn.


    present--page of rods

    over--queen of cups

    below--king of coins

    situation--5 swords

    past--8 of coins

    challenges--9 of coins

    future--nine of rods

    blocks--ace of swords

    friends--6 of cups

    advice--page of swords

    outcome--2 of cups

  • Iknow that he told me that they were good friends years ago (he told me that they did not have SEX) Now he has realized that I was correct in the fact that this woman was nothing but trouble. He is embarressed to tell me that I was right all along!!!!!

  • Have you spoken w/him recently. I never mentioned a trump card. I think you said another reader mentioned a trump card. This woman he was involved with (and I think he's probably sugar coating it so as not to hurt you) really is interested in him for the money. I think on some level she was threatened by you probably because of your age--is she older. Don't really care to get involved with his office politics as my readings pertain to what's best for the person I'm reading for. I'm not a psychic FBI service.

  • Yes, she is 43 -44 and she only has a 9th Grade Education. Iam now 39 and I have way more education than (T). I think that by me being a Woman of Color; she felt like a loser because of this.

    (She is White).

  • Daliolite

    can i please have a updated love reading on my relationship with my love interest again? had one a few weeks back. im willing to wait as i know you have been pretty packed. 🙂

    Thank you so much.

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