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  • StandingTall- I'm on pgs30-31, I believe you're on page 33.

  • DDTT, Finding your own way to success. Crossroads/it's up to you at this point. What will help is your personal touch--what makes you different. Perhaps it means being yourself. Getting all you can out of your efforts. Are you by water, by chance. I have 2 male influences in present. Seems like you have invested a lot of hope in them/something. Maybe you see them as an answer. Your challenge seems to be a love interest. Considering/thinking marriage. In your blocks position something needs to be said. Something's not totally forthright. Ace of swords in blocks. Blocked communication. Some of this is unavoidable as something is going to be shaken-up. Perhaps a reality check is needed. Clearer path. I almost get a feeling that your fearful to be on your own when indeed it may help. I also get that you're in a learning process. Maybe immature in love. In advice, judgment is needed. Career is over this reading but majority of reading deals with this love interest. Seems your at a crossroads career wise.


    over--7 of coins

    present--King of rods

    below--knight of cups

    situation--3 of rods


    challenges--2 of cups

    future--4 of rods

    blocks--ace of swords



    outcome--4 of cups

  • GalaxyWarriors--You're next hope you're still on-board.

  • Thank you so much Daliolite. Do you have a conclusion from this? This all sounds much like the present--- the knight of cups is in the future though--- could it be my ex coming back? The King of Sword could also be my husband--- Could you give me some interpretation of this? Is there any advice for me?

    I really appreciate it.

  • QuestforLight, That's the problem w/some of my readings as they tend to state the obvious. Knight of cups is an indication of love forthcoming. It's a warning also not to rush into things. I see you having struggles in things to come over choices. Hierophant above your reading telling me a need for greater good/conformity. A see a happier time when you accept this. More like a group of friends welcoming you. A feel like your falling into heartache by overlooking why or the reasons why this happens--if that makes sense to you. I think there's a potential for struggles w/all 3 of these.

  • Quest for lite, If you need clarification later will be happy to do another reading down the line.

  • Yes I'm still on the board lol

    Yes September 4,1991

    And August 11,1994

    A love reading and also if is ok a general reading

    Thank you for doing all these readings 😄

  • Dear Daliolite,

    Thank you so much for your explanations. I still do not understand what it all means and would appreciate anther reading down the line for some clarification—- The thing is that I am still in love with my ex, I would like to find a way to break away from my husband and I am not attracted to the third man in the story, so the forthcoming love does not seem likely to be him and it certainly is not my husband--- it could only be my ex or someone new which is not impossible but optimistic--- we are all well over fifty!

    You are very kind and I appreciate your time and efforts.



  • Thank you for the reading,

    No I wont be moving by water. The city ill be moving to ( yay! ) is about 20 minutes away from the ocean. I'm very curious of why you ask, why that came up... I'm happy with the reading. I definitely needed to hear it all especially " patients is virtue" all makes great sence to me.



  • Sweetoty, 20 minutes away is by the ocean in my book. 2 of your cards picture water. I wouldn't mind moving myself as I have lived here 13yrs. Everything is right as far as my house. I would just be spending money, I feel, if I moved. I sometimes think it would be good--I don't know. A lot of your reading is doing what's best for you and being true to yourself.

  • Moving to this particular city is where my heart has been leading me to since I was a teenager. Everything that makes me happy to be around is all in this city. I love the beach but dislike the morning ocean gloom. This city is just over Santa Monica mountains, so its near the ocean but far enough. It's somewhat city like, but not to large. I lovethe culture diversity and the the way I feel when I'm in this city. Best of all my son feels the same way I do. Im definitely scared that i can't afford to live in a confertable apartment or be able to take my son out to enjoy what this city has to offer but something withing me is very stubborn and keeps telling me that my son and i will be just fine. And like you said, I need to balance my money. Gods speed with me. I have to do this ! With fear we build courage.

    Blessing. I hope you're enjoying this Sunday evening happy and in peace.


  • hello Daliolite

    Thanks for the reading. Spot on!!! Im blown away once again 😉 Yes, i live close to the ocean. And i do have this love interest challenge. having communication prob with my bf... Thanks for the reading. much appreciated!

  • Sweetoty, The place you're moving to really sounds nice. You'll be in my thoughts--glad you spend time w/your son. Yes, relaxing today--thanks.

  • GalaxyWarriors, There are people in your reading possibly 4-5. Above your reading is the Hermit that, I believe, is a need to get off to yourself to see what you really want. Solitude. There are different roads I see here. There's a conservative influence paired with a carefree influence. I believe your mom or family influence would like to see you take a more conservative approach. In your outcome, direct communication needed for a clearer path. I don't think anything will be resolved w/o it. Positive things are in store for you. I get a feeling that someone doesn't appreciate you. I need you to explain some of these personalities as there are several. There are 3 women here. One possibly you. There is a love interest that's showing as a challenge for you. This love interest will take off (want you to know this). Also a careree spirit.

  • I don't go by dob, just personalities. Your personality would help as well, if you want a better reading.

  • Lol:) I'm a guy and I have been with this girl for the past 3 month from jan to march.

    So I try to fix the problem behind it but is a big headed and stuff. Well she's more of a I care, I do care to I don't care at all. She's really nice but very sneaky, she tends to cry behind doors

    I'm more of a relaxed person, one who has fun but at the same time tries to balance my life...

    The other two girl is probably her cousins and they try or trying for me not to have contact with her in any sorta way.. As of now I keep praying and hoping for the girl to come back...

    My dad is out of the country so my mom is trying to do the best she can to help me and my sister..

  • When you mean take off is that, the person is going to be in a relationship ?

  • Hello Daliolite,

    I have been stalking this thread for awhile and decided to find out what the cards have to say for someone smack dab in the middle of transformation and change. I've been feeling strong vibrations in the area of finances.

    My last recent spread was:

    Ethics- Four of Swords

    Lesson- The Devil

    Situation- Queen of Wands

    Self- Queen of Coins

    Challenges/Opportunities- Queen of Swords

    Developments- Six of Cups

    Long Term- The Fool

    Advice- The Lovers

    Allies- Wheel of Fortune

    Issues- Five of Wands

    I am very interested to hear what you think.

    Blue skies,


  • Wildylnan--I'll do a reading, have some ahead of you. The way I draw is different. That's not to say it's better. When I do a reading, you can compare it to your situation is the best way that I can go about it. Sometimes cards re-occur.

  • GalaxyWarriors, The cards do show her as being sneaky, perhaps taking off. I think you have the ability to balance what's going on (strength) in your foundation. Is there an outspoken female amongst you. If there is, she has influence. Otherwise, you're being cautioned to make a mature choice here. You're being shown as your own obstacle here, I believe. Perhaps wanting romance to happen too fast. Because there are so many people here, I'm having difficulty explaining myself. You're being told here that you'll have an abundance and happiness. It probably won't be w/this person in question. You have the fool in the future position paired with the Hermit above this reading. The fool is someone embarking on a new journey or a different path. Whether or not it's you or someone else, you'll make a different path. Are you considering different career paths. The plans you had are in the past. Some female lacking influence, expression. Blocked. Your friends position is also hard to read as it all seems up in the air. In your advice---go w/what's stable ok. When you said mom was helping that makes sense with this reading. Find someone that makes you happy.

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