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  • Thank you Daliolite

    In no way you are negative. What kind of challenges are they? and What do you mean by " Your situation calls for a need to conform?" I want a wedding also even though I say I will never marry I think I have lost hope on that matter.I have gone through a lot that makes me not want to be marry. I also want a happy family with a lot of love and here I don't see that. They are things that hold me back.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Your reading does make a lot of sense, but I am a bit confused....what does the Hang Man reversed mean?

    Something did "come to light" - my ex's double life was exposed which blew up my entire existence...but, yes, it had to transpire because we were very stuck in all his lies. I lost him...I feel we were from a past connection, I feel I was here to help him with his lessons....he failed miserably! I now have to completely reorganize my entire life....I moved to CA solely for him. I was doing fine until a year later (4 months ago) I lost my wonderful job also!! Now, I am on the fence weather to stay here and wait and see if my mom gets her place sold and gets moved here (she wants to move to this area) or move back to my town in Illinois where my kids and grandkids are....would they be the younger influence? I am planning a move out of my house I can no longer afford to live with a friend until I can make some decisions. Do you see anything about my mother getting moved here? Any clarifications now will be very welcome!!

    I am also ready to move on love life wise....I am pretty sure Bill and I are completely over...he is so stuck in his own fear and has completely shut down. Do you see anyone else coming in at all?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


  • Hey, I would like a reading. I would like to know about my relationship life and love life...

    My birthday is sep4 ,1991

    If u need the people in involve are

    August 11,1994

    And June 3,1992

  • Libraluli, I think your mom will help regardless. In your advice, avoid selfish reasons. Things happen for a reason. I was wondering what the younger influence was. Yes, your family is very much in-line with what this reading is saying. What is the lack of co-operation. Could also mean to venture out and do something on your own. Don't waste your time and effort on things that won't work. I get the feeling here that your efforts are put in the wrong places/people. Hangedman rev--you're no longer hanged, no longer victim of circumstance. I think you have some skill that you could use--entrepeneur. Your mom is shown in outcome here.

  • Daliolite, My mom will move here regardless of if I am here or not, that is the reason I would hesitate to go back home....she is elderly and ill and should be near family. The only way I think she could be of any help is with money??

    I don't know what the lack of cooperation would be, except with Bill, the ex. He pretty much abandoned me and was supposed to help monetarily to get me back home, but didn't.?

    I actually have given some thought to starting a business, but have been waiting to see if I am even going to stay around this area. As you can see, I am pretty stuck. It is pretty interesting that the cards are showing my mom though.....

  • Changes5, My computer was down for a while. Ok, this break-up seems inevitable. I drew the Tower in your outcome position. There are way too many people in this reading. Is that why you're confused as to who's telling the truth. There are 5 people here in the mix. You are one of them and you are going thru a transitioning period. So, one of these personallities could be you feeling as though you put way too much into this relationship-- to having creative ideas on how to get out. Queen of cups paired with queen of rods in situation and present. Mom is over this reading or some family relative w/financial help. There is also a strong pairing in the present w/the queen of rods and the king of rods. The King of rods is in your foundation. There are several ways I can interpret this. I'm getting an older influence. Is bf/husband a manipulator. And, do you know the minor. There's actually a 6th person in friends, assoc. So, I need that answered. Who has common interests/ personalities/assoc. in your present. In future or things to come, the Emperor is blocked. The Emperor is paired w/the lovers. He can't exert his influence--can you relate to this. If you can answer the question that you know this minor/or he met thru friends there's a possibility that it is true, however, there's not a young influence in this reading. There's not a lot of talk (swords) in this reading. Was this relationship common knowledge. It almost seems like after the fact. Is there even a court date or hearing. In your advice position, you can only win with a move. Seems a break-up is inevitable. There are 3 dual cards here. I see the Queen and King of rods in present as a possible couple, the lovers in friends and assoc., and the Tower. I might be able to help more w/feedback.

  • Changes--Could be minor's parents in this mix. A lot of older personalities.

  • Daliolite Hello 🙂

    My concern is in regard to the next three months or so. I was told by a psychic that i might have to relocate due to an advisary (long story). I was wondering if you see me relocating and if yes in how many months? April 21,1973

    Thanks in Advance!

  • DarknessAngel, The feeling that I'm getting with your reading is to keep your dreams alive. There is going to be a major change. Don't be blind/speak up. I'm getting something that you're working on but just can't see thru it. Could this be a financial reading as well. I drew the ace of coins in present. You'll have to clarify. I also see a celebration/wedding in regards to this. It's as though part of your life is ending. Your reading is telling me that things will return to normal. Let everything run it's course. Careful w/finances and feeling that things will run their course. You asked for a love reading--there's something going on in present that you'll have to clarify. Is there a wedding coming up.

  • Hi, Daliolite,

    Thank you for taking time to do a reading for me. Wow, that's quite a number of things you picked up. Is the major change related to my dreams? And the don't be blind/speak up part...not sure where that comes in? Yes, finances could be related to dreams. What do you mean by part of my life is ending? No, no wedding coming up.

  • DarknessAngel, Maybe you could relate what the project/dream is that I'm picking-up on because it seems to be related.

  • Hey Daliolite may I have a reading plz?

  • Hi, Daliolite,

    The project/dream is sort of just that, lol. I am trying to start a business selling jewelry that I make. I just got my seller's permit 3 weeks ago, but haven't done any craft shows yet. Am selling a little bit here and there.

    For my relationship, do you need our birthdays?

  • There are alot of rods in your reading--creativity. Death in future position. Ending of something as you know it. Probably somewhat inevitable. The cards really didn't point to a love reading as such--just this creative project. Your positions are very favorable in present. There's a stalemate somewhat in things to come. Here are your cards:

    Present--Ace of coins

    above--4 of rods

    below--6 of rods

    situation--8 of coins

    past--9 of rods

    challenges--2 of swords--are you being criticised by anyone



    friends--7 of rods

    advice--4 of coins

    outcome--4 of swords

  • DA, What seems to be the concern w/relationship.

  • Are u talking about me? Sorry

  • DA, I'm getting maybe a creative personality vs. practical. Is that correct. Rods and coins.

  • Galaxywarriers--I have a few ahead of yours. I'm more than happy to look at your reading when I can get to it.

  • Is okay take ur time sorry. Im not really familiar with the website.

  • Doree--If you're still w/us, you're next.

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