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  • Irishelf, I'm gonna go w/what the card positions say. There is a lot of talk in present. Someone is blind as to what's happening. One of your challenges is not to be a victim in this scenario. At the same time, there's a need to get off to your own. I drew the Hermit in near future position. You're being critiqued and may be looked at as a leisurely person. A decision needs to be made. I believe this uncle cares for you. A door might be open w/him if you can come up with a definite game plan. There's a positioning in friends and assoc that can really help. I think there's a much happier time coming. You'll have to speak articulately and know what you want. Acknowledge that you'll give them space and do it. He may actually help some with a move. Let him know that you appreciate him.

  • Ah yeah, well my uncle just informed me that his new girlfriend does not want me here so he is throwing me out. He just said that I have till Monday or Tuesday to get all my stuff and be out. So now I am calling anyone I can think of for help. I have no idea as to what to do or where I will go. I think he is trying to force me to go back to my ex and an abusive situation. My Mother does get some home aids but I have been the only one there for her to sit with her at the hospital and be with her when she was in and out of the hospital for open heart surgery, then again when she was on life support for 4 days, and tnen again for a 3 day stay for a pacemaker/defibralater. Now I don't know where I will go and will have no vehicle.

  • Good morning, I hope this offer is still open...

    Can I get a reading on my love life (lots going on). And or my plan to move out of the county in one month.

    I thank you ahead of time = )

  • Hi Daliolite, I hope your well. it has been a while..Things dont change much on my side.. I am still looking for the job. still dating the same guy.. still the boss friend trying to help me with the job hunt. May I have an update reading from you please? About my job hunt and love life in general please. Thanks! xx

  • Thanks Daliolite that's comforting. Why did this message come now?

    Blessed Be

  • Amused59, Right about the time I started your reading I saw an owl which is my symbol for a passing. Because it's here I know it pertains to someone on this thread. That might be hard to understand. How it pertains to you now. I don't know. The only thing I know is that it is. Also, on the outcome of your reading is very interesting to me and again, I believe, a validation. I drew the 4 of swords as your outcome. I don't know how familiar you are w/tarot but you can look it up yourself. I'll try and post a picture ok. How was your relationship. I also got a validation last night after I posted the question on who it was. I had to get that out there because I kept seeing it.

  • Amused, I'll try and post it..

  • Freedom...An angel I drew (part of anyway)

  • Irishelf, Don't give up!

  • Thanks Daliolite,

    I don't usually go down without a fight. lol I know that I just need a little time to figure things out. I just hope that my uncle will see this too. Maybe it was a good thing that he took off for the weekend. I am a Scorpio...I may be slow to anger....but he doesn't want to push me there. lol

  • But I was wondering.......I have always had a bit of a special gift..........I can pick up messeges from the dearly departed...Is this where my opportunity lies as a new career? I have been thinking about this for awhile now. It seemed as though many people here have been a bit afraid or skeptical about this. I know that I have been astonishingly quick and accurate on what I can get from a simple object from a deceased loved one.Sometimes I have been pulled to a headstone and later have the messege ready for someone that I would meet later. I can't seem to do this for immediate family, but for people I do not know. i also own a deck of beautiful Russian Tarot cards, but I still haven't had much luck learning how to read them yet, even though I have had them for several years now. Or is it now time to pick them up again and realy start practicing with them?

  • Thank you for your lovely offer, are you still doing readings for others?

    If so I'm wondering is it possible in your own time of course to see if you are able to pick up anything for me please.

    I would like to know will I get work in the field I'd like soon?

    Will I be moving house any time soon?

    and will i meet 'The One' anytime soon?

    Thank you

    Crystal d.o.b= 23/11/77

  • hi daliolite

    its my current bf who hurt me in the past so much so that it changed me altogether as a person . i have grown to be more individualistic and independent in thoughts and actions. he is older than me (5 yrs) and very individualistic and goal oriented in life. our goals and desires from life are totally opposite , still we are willing to make this relationship work despite of the fact that we were on the verge of breaking it off not very long ago.

    you have mentioned death in your other post and i would like to mention that i had witnessed a death in the family almost a year ago. it was a woman who was directly related to my current bf. she had a very negative influence on my relationship with my bf and was the major reason for the rift between us.

    me and him are still recovering from the past hurts and it seems it will take us a lot of time to get back to where we started as a couple (if it ever happens in future ,that is).

    the other man in my life currently is my father with whom i have always had personality conflicts. he is very short tempered and aggressivein his approach to everything, especially relationships/.i dont know which man in my life you are picking up but my current bf resembles my father in many ways , especially the way they have treated me in the past.

    i am especially keen to know about this future person and his intentions towards me , because i dont want to indulge in this kind of odd relationship and get hurt again .... i am extremely hurt and disappointed in relationships , especially the ones we usually depend on the most in life :(( ... i am very sorry if i sound like ranting :((

  • Hiighpriestess, When you first posted, it seemed that you were looking for someone. I don't see a future person in reading. I drew the King of Coins in your situation. I believe this is your current bf as it's in-line with what you describe. Next to the King of Coins I drew the Emperor in your present position. I see this being your father. I drew Justice in your challenges postion. Next to Justice was the 8 of cups in the future which is an emotional break-up. It's in-line with what you have described. Whatever someone else read for you is a separate reading. I don't compare notes unless it's someone here that I know as a good reader.

  • HighPriestess, Would like to know who this person that died was and story of her death.

  • Hi daliolite,this reading seems to resonate well . They indeed are my bf and father respectively. But I keep feeling that someone is about to enter my life and I have been told of the same recently . But the feeling was there already before anyone mentioned this future person and that too quite strong. So I was curious to know about him and the relationship with him. That's okay if you didn't pick up that person in the reading. The woman who died was mother of my current bf. she didn't like the fact that my bf liked me and my family. She never liked me and my family. Infact she found me and them a constant threat to her position in the family. She thought that I was influencing her son in a bad way and feeding him against her. Unfortunately it brought great misery to our relationship . But she was ailing for many years and was bed ridden and one day she passed away after she was done creating havoc in my life. It happened A year ago , we were on the verge of breaking up when things suddenly took a different turn and our life was changed to be better. It actually happened because of my bf's change of mind that happened in a flash one day . But I tend to depend less on relationships now due to what happened in my life. That's why I am curious to know about this future person and relationship with him.

  • Hiighpriestess, I've noticed that when a person is in bad health it can affect their personality. I've known several cases of this. Bear this in mind, ill health affects all parts of the body including the mind.

  • Yes that's true I totally totally understand that part and infact I was keeping that margin intact in my relationship with her. However I can't seem to get this feeling off of my chest that she almost ruined my relationship with my partner and put my parents in a very bad spot in front of my bf. he cursed them and called names picking up fights with me over them every now and then for years and it became worse just before she died. All what happened shook me to my roots . Honestly I don't have I'll feeling against her or anyone for that matter. It's just I feel totally disconnected from my surroundings especially the important people in my life. It's very odd and it feels to me that I am just dragging my life along with a significant loneliness that seems to be there 24/7 no matter if I am with 10 people around me or just with my bf. It's a very odd feeling you know. I don't even know if it will ever go away with time or not .... !!

  • LibraLuli, You have the ability to balance and bring harmony to difficult situations, it's in your foundation (strength.) Something came to light (sun) that is affecting your current situation (ace of swords.) Could be difficult words but it's something that had to transpire is what I'm getting. In present, you're juggling ideas, money etc. This is a busy time. Challenge is lack of opportunity 3 of coins in challenges paired with Ace of swords. I feel that you want to branch out on your own. Maybe there wasn't enough co-operation. Hang man reversed in future. No longer in present situation. Situation reversing is what I'm getting. I'm getting to learn from situation and get away. Strong possibility for a move. It's in the talking phase. Something is holding you back. I have creativity blocked--possible young influence in things to come. There is a need to get at the truth in your friends position. Is the hometown you're thinking about close to your mom because she's showing up in your outcome as the queen of coins.


    present--2 of coins

    above--7 of coins


    situation--ace of swords


    challenges--3 of coins

    future--hangman rev

    blocks--page of rods

    friends--page of swords

    advice--5 of swords

    outcome--queen of coins

  • Libraluli--I also get a young feeling in this reading. Could be younger influence coming into your life. Can you relate.

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