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  • Sosweetme,

    I pulled your cards and will have up soon...

  • Hello Daliolite

    May I please have a reading also?

    I would like to know if there's any

    chance for a relationship between

    "M" and I?

  • Hello Daliolite!

    May I please also have a reading?

    I would like to know if there's any

    possibility for a relationship between

    Mark and I?

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  • Suncappygirl, Yes, will be a few days--ok.

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  • Sosweetme,

    It feels like you needed to move-on before--page of wands in past. A lot of movement in the present. Some friends come and go--that's the challenge here. It's not the end of the world, part of life. I feel like there's several people in this reading. You are still young. I feel like someone has other things in life drawing them in a different direction. I feel like one of the obstacles is that someone distanced. Emperor and HP is telling me that this is a friendship. I'm feeling in present that on some level you're not complete. You need to act on something, perhaps this is the urgency that I feel. Seems like you're waiting to hear from someone. Are some of these people from work/college. Is someone moving. It feels like you may have two choices or did have two choices. Having what you want/want to have it all. Need to scale down. Seems like there's a friend who is more compatible page of wands in past/page of cups in friends. Romantic compatibility in friends. Someone is moving on.


    present--10 of wands

    above--2 of coins

    below--8 of wands


    past--page of wands--you acted on something this is what caused your present dilemma

    challenges--wheel of fortune

    future--king of pentacles


    friends--page of cups

    advice--9 of cups

    outcome--high priestess

  • That's fine with me 🙂

    Thanks a lot Daliolite!!

  • Hi Daliolite!

    How are you? i would like a reading about a new love interest when u have time. I have talked to this guy on and off for quite a few weeks now. He seems to be quite interested in me altho I have been kinda cold to him.. As for now, I just wanted to know if there is any potential for us? Thanks!

  • Aprilca, Will get one up for you soon.

  • Doeyedpisces, yours is coming soon...

  • Thank you so much Daliolite for the reading - it really touched on a lot that I could relate to.

    I am currently in a job that I am VERY unhappy with. I do have a family - 2 boys ages 1 and 4 that I very much want to stay home with while they are young. However, my job is the breadwinner in the family - good pay and benefits and I am struggling to give it up. If I do, we will not be able to make ends meet. There is new management that is forcing full-time hours and won't budge on work schedules, even though its slower than molasses in the office. Not to mention, he now has his daughter working alongside me which I don't trust. The girls in the office who I thought were my friends I no longer trust either - I've been excluded from lunches and I feel like they are talking behind my back. The person who I trusted the most backstabbed me about 2 weeks ago and it has just left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

    The need for medical attention you mentioned most likely is pertaining to my 4 year old son. I have concerns about him possibly being autistic and am in the process of having him evaluated. It has been on my mind a lot lately.

    At this point - I feel stuck. I have been tossing around so much in my mind to try to get things to work. My number one wish is to be able to quit my job and stay at home while the kids are young. However, our budget won't allow it. I've been trying to adjust the budget to see where we can cut back expenses to make it work. I've been thinking about stay at home work and possible part time work. I just haven't found the right thing that I think will work for us.

    You are right, I am hanging onto this job and just feel stuck - I have nowhere to go in it. I feel my family and my happiness is most important right now but I'm afraid to take any steps right now.

    Do the cards give any thoughts on what I need to do?

    Thanks so much for this reading!


    You're trying to hang-onto what you have but it's just not satisfying. Creative struggle coming from the past. I feel like you've been hanging on. Structure and organization in present. Is someone promising something or you feel like if you stick w/the present it'll pay-off in the long run. Money is tight. There's a real conservative feel coming from the present. 10 of cups is challenged. You want what's best for everyone. Do you have a family. I don't know what's going on in your life so I often go out and make reference to what I feel. Seems that someone may need money possibly medical attention--am I correct. Something is not working. Take the first steps, initiative--page of wands in advice. Fearful of economic collapse. I wouldn't tell friends/assoc. Good card placement for things happening when you put your mind to it--magician/page wands/3 of wands. Circle of friends may need to come to an end. Kinda feels like you're thinking about an at home job due to family etc. Let me know if you can relate--



    above--7 of coins

    below--6 of cups

    situation--4 of coins

    past--7 of rods

    challenges--10 of cups

    future--5 of coins


    friends--10 of swords

    advice--page of wands

    outcome--3 of wands

  • Is this thread posting everything? I see a last person posted, but not their post. Hope I didnt miss my reading :(.

  • Check

  • Ok, thx Daliolite~

  • Faye1218, Ok, I'll look back over your reading and draw a three card in a few days. I'm glad you responded. It helps me and the other person because if there's a problem in the interpretation, I can go back and see more clearly.

  • Doeyeyedpisces,

    The center or present is looking at material aspects/money/job. This relationship centered or started around a group, poss work or school or people that you grew-up with. There are a lot of emotions running in this reading. Total lack of swords--talk/ideas. It's like emotions and acting-on emotions. It doesn't surprise me that you are a water sign and he's Cancer correct--another water sign. Were you possibly born around the cusp of Aquarius/Pisces--I'm looking at the Star in future position. I'm getting a feeling here that he moved away from or went somewhere or totally abandoned something. With you, it's more about belonging/fufillment. Are you wondering when you're truly going to find fulfillment--2cups/star/3 wands/3 of cups. Amongst all the emotion is the HP in situation. This is totally against your nature. You're feeling aone. I'm feeling that your friend was in someway against the odds or challenged and moved-on. Family might have played into this scenario. I'm getting as a group it was better than a couple. There is some difference between the two of you. It's almost like you're wishing for the way it was at one point. He may, in some way, be a younger-type personality than you. I feel like he may have more growing and you have a lot of giving. I'll wait for your input--


    present--ace of pentacles

    above--8 of cups

    below-- 3 of coins

    situation--high priestess

    past--5 of rods

    challenges--2 of cups


    blocks--3 of wands

    friends--9 of wands

    advice--page of cups

    outcome--3 of cups

  • You are very good. My birthday is Feb 20th (so yea, near the cusp). He is a Cancer. And here is the long story.

    Here is the history

    We met at work in Jan of 1997. We both seemed very familiar to each other. He was in a relationship and I was married (for about four years at the time). He used to flirt with me, come on to me and was very clingy. By April I had serious feelings for him. He was very persistent. Then by December of that year I told him that I had feelings for him and he said that he was devoted to his girlfriend. Bought a ring and then got engaged by Feb. I quit my job in Feb – I couldn’t handle it all. So I ran. He was married in September of 1998. The week of his wedding I had a dream that we were in a boat and he fell out and I didn’t even try to save him. I called him the next day and he said “Wow, so weird that you’re calling – I am getting married this week, I wonder if it is a sign”…

    We kept in touch a little bit through the years.

    In 2007, his brother died by suicide. I read about it and reached out. We started emailing back and forth every couple of weeks. In Oct of 2008, I joined FB and we became friends and started to chat everyday . At first it was an hour a day, then it was hours…everyday, until April of 2010 when my husband confronted him.

    In March of 2009 his son was attacked by two dogs and was in serious condition. He seemed to reach out to me even more during that time and even after that. Most of our chat times were initiated by him and it was for upwards of 6 hours. Had I not loved him, I wouldn’t have spent that much of my time.

    So, 2 months after my husband confronted him, we started talking again (initiated by me) but it was never the same. He wasn’t sweet to me like he was…and by August of 2010 he deleted me and blocked me. I tried to reconnect, apologize for my heart…everything…but he ignored me. Never said goodbye

    It has been 3 years. I have seen him twice in person in the three years. The first time I saw him April 2012, I said hi, he gave me a dirty look and turned away. It was a quick interaction. Then I saw him again May 18, 2013 at a function that I was on the committee for. This time I was there in the same room with him for a couple of hours. He wouldn't even look at me. When I stood at the front of the room to help with the live auctions, he actually turned his chair around to face his table and not look where everyone else was looking. He was like a stranger and that moment broke me because it was as if I dreamed him completely. - So you are accurate in saying that I feel all alone, even though I am married to a nice man, I felt like Mike was my soulmate. And now he doesn't even have the aura of who he used to be. He looked miserable.

    That's why I wanted the reading to tell me how he really felt about me. Oh and he is two years older than me but he has never lived on his own, he went from his house to marriage at 32 years old. Whereas, I was on my own from the age of 18. I am more of the type who had to be mature quickly in life, where he didn't. (so good call on that too)

  • I did some sort of cord cutting thing in my mind last night. It has helped some. (It is the 3rd time I did it.) I was pretty much over all of this until I saw him again a few months ago. Dalolite, it was like looking at stranger. Which freaked me out. Made me mourn him all over again.

    Thanks again for your reading. I appreciate your time and care in doing these readings.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    i changed my mind. As for now, can you please do an update reading for me and my guy friend M? The one I talked about in the previous reading u did for me. You were right - 2 of swords, waiting to see... nothing has happened. we havent talked for more than 1 month since the last argument.. wanted to know if things will change for better in the near future. as always, anything u pick up please 😉 thanks!

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