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  • so i was mentiong my sister and how i need to ask question about her before, so here i am.

    she's been depressed for a while, didnt go to college for two years, didnt go/ still dosent go and dosent go out much especially alone.

    so i wondering will she go to the college this year and get better, get some friends maybe?:)

    her sign is taurus

    thank you

  • Meandkids...Yours is next.

  • Nency, I have some ahead, will get to it.

  • Thank you Daliolite,take your time i know you're a busy woman

  • Meandkids, You want a new path/victory/new life. The whole situation up until now is surrounded by struggle/seems you have prevailed. You really want this new life path and am wondering what will be (2 of rods) in foundation. Are you by water. You are going your own way--Chariot/2 of rods..Finances can be/has been a struggle. You are looking at the bright side of situation (good.) I'm getting to avoid temptaion in all of this. There's a partnering-up feeling here as well. Perhaps you want a new group of friends. #7 is strong in this reading. Showing acceptance/happier time. You may feel that friends or assoc are distancing. I do see you moving ahead/happier time.


    above--knight of rods


    below--2 of rods

    situation--5 of coins

    past--9 of rods

    challenges--7 of rods

    future--knight of coins


    friends--high priestess


    outcome--3 of cups

  • Meandkids---#7 waiting for what we want and delivery.

  • Thank you Daliolite,

    you are correct in saying I want a change,lately things seem to come to a standstill and I'm not really sure which direction to go in,I do currently live near water and the house I was offered (turned this down as it felt wrong to me,too many alarm bells ringing in my head) was close to the sea. Finances are always going to be a struggle as i live on a low income,a group of friends,interesting you say that as i finally managed to get a girls night out a few weeks back,my social life could definitely do with improving . It's been a bit of a tough year so I'm glad happier times are ahead.

    Thank you for the reading

  • Meandkids, Get a feeling here that you could meet someone thru friends.

  • Sweetoty, Yours is next..

  • Hi Daliolite - I would love a reading on when/what department/type of nursing I should focus my job search on? I recently graduated from nursing school and passed my boards and am searching for that elusive new grad - first nursing job. Any help you can offer me would be amazing!

    Thank you,


  • Librawitch, Your reading is next..

  • Looking forward to it = )

    May not be all good news but I'm open to hear it all. You only live once.

  • Sweetoty, will try and have up tomorrow..

  • Hi Daliolite... can you please do a reading for me. dob 6680 his 4883

  • Slubear..yes will do a reading.

  • Firehorsecrab, Will do a reading for you..

  • Librawitch, There is dysfunction--ok. Somehow your path/moving forward is blocked. You're vulnerable and that's the problem. I'm getting that you're bored and looking to relationships to solve some of your own issues. I'm getting that you're ok as far as finances. Relationships can render a blow--queen of cups-3 of swords. I got the feeling that you want to be in control when you're not, used to being in control. I'm not surprised that you're a Libra because I keep getting 2 sides or two ways to look at this reading. It's like what you would like to see happen vs what is really there. Path is blocked right now. I get communication is blocked as well. It's like you're waiting to see/patiently. The cards are giving a warning that there is dysfuntion here. I do feel that you're learning/in process of realizing this. You may be bringing some of this onto yourself. I think when you get a better path (if you relate) you'll be happier. Maybe you need to find someone who's more in-line w/you.


    above--9 of coins

    present--king of swords


    situation--queen of cups--this is you/nurturing/maternal/emotional

    past--knight of rods--male/news/changing path



    blocks--king of rods

    friends--3 of swords


    outcome--temperance--be your own judge/peace is within you

  • Thank you, Daliolite - I look forward to it! 🙂

  • Fluffyninja, Will do a reading

  • Sweetoty, All I can say is REALLY..WOW. Ok, there are some subtle messages here. I get a strong indication that this is headed down the aisle, so to speak. Like I said, there are messages here that each card carries. I drew 3 aces in this reading in the future positioning. In the present (and future) it's all about path. This is a path that you created. It seems that you are happy w/this path. In past, showing taking opportunity/going with idea/acting on. In your situation, alot of aspirations/taking on too much/perhaps needing to set boundaries. In challenges, focus and detail is lacking--10 rods/3 of rods in challenges. Maybe you're so busy yourself, that it takes away from the focus of this relationship. How is this relationship going to fit in w/everything. I'm getting a new found freedom that you're enjoying. Seems you can't quite pare down. Ask yourself--what's most important in life to me right now. On some level, you're not quite dealing w/everything on your plate. You have a wait and see approach and that's probably why you came for a reading. This guy has some control issues and you have some freedom issues(you need some space to be happy)--2 of cups/hierophant. Instead of letting things just happen, you need to have a clear idea of what you need and communicate what you want--ace of swords in advice. He is presenting as the knight of cups--he is in the outcome. In blocks, you have the ace of cups. I believe love is in the foundation very strong here. You just need to know what you're getting into in the long run. 2 swords (present)/ace of swords (advice)/ace of cups (blocks). There is movement in things to come.


    present--2 of swords

    below--2 of cups

    above--world--has potential to be good relationship

    situation--10 of rods

    past--8 of rods

    challenges--3 of rods

    future--ace of rods

    blocks--ace of cups


    advice--ace of swords

    outcome--knight of cups

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