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  • Yes, you're right.

    Thank you, Daliolite, for your time and your reading.

  • Hi Dal ,

    The 3 of cups not sure , but everytime i click on this thread i have a cloudy feeling in my head and i ts like i cant focus for some reason my head is aching on one side Dal i will reply to you on the thread i started to you ok . sorry im not sure what energy i am tapping into .

    Love Loap:)

  • For Brightmoonshine, Your reading involves communication and emotional time/break-up that you're having a hard time releasing.

    New journey/beginning needed for you. Drew 2 aces in your reading Ace of Swords and Ace of Coins. Finances dominate in present. Somehow finances are pairing with communication. There's a feeling here that the truth is in the way. Perhaps all has not been revealed. Is the court system involved in this. I think you probably have an independent streak or the situation at present shows you creating your own world. Did a past decision involve your present circumstances. Your vision of how things should be will come into focus. Drew the King of Swords in advice/paired with Ace of Swords in outcome. Commuication/ideas/words. Is someone distancing themselves. You'll have to clarify all these words, communication so I can be a better guide for you--


    above--5 of cups

    present--10 cups

    below--ace of coins

    situation--2 of rods

    past--queen of swords



    blocks--3 of swords


    advice--king of swords

    outcome--ace of swords

    A lot of dominant factors in play in this reading

  • Hi Daliolite! Just wondering am I next in line (hope you take no offense to this-just curious) 🙂 ?

  • hi.I wrote today exam very important and I feel I wrote no good tell me I pass it/?

  • I afraid very much :(in MOnday will new exam second and I afriad too 😞

  • Dear Daliolite,

    Thank you for sharing your gift! I hope your offer is still valid.

    I would like a general reading when you have the time. Any love coming my way, new, old?

    Thank you so much

  • Thank you Daliolite,this is my situation I lost my job back in august, I got interviews but not job, I got a realtor license and that is what I am doing now but I am also looking for a full time job till the market gets better ,I am also an Artist that stop painting about 10 years ago .I have never been money oriented ( my husband is)but now I realized that money is a good tool to have will that help,please

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thank you for the reading, though I am unclear of what it is telling me. I am free of any relationships....broke up with long term bf 14 months ago. It sounds like you are warning me that he might be trying to come back...unsure on this? Is this what the devil card indicates? Was there anything about my financial future or any indication of a move in the cards?

    Thanks again....you are very kind to do these readings.



  • Hi Daliolite:

    If you are still reading I would love to hear what you have to say.

    Thank You

  • Brightmoonshine, Communication is dominant in this reading.

  • For Gemmini,

    The Moon is over this reading. I get the feeling here that you would just like something to happen positive. There is a lot of talk/communication. As far as people around you, there's an older influence/male and a younger influence that I'm picking up as you. The younger is having a hard time expressing their opinion/communicating. The worst is in the past and it's just a matter of recovery. I'm getting that you need to put thought before desire. Develop ideas and carry thru. Don't let everything be talk. In your recent situation there's been a need to get to the facts and carry thru. You really feel like breaking free from the restraints. I'm getting to distant yourself from negative influences-Moon/Magician. You have some good card placements. I feel like all this talk is getting in the way of something. Is there someone who is supportive of you in the present but you feel as though you need to break-free. Your reading is saying put thought before desire. Go with a well-developed plan. Don't try to please so much as work on well-developed plan, if that makes sense. Future looks busy.


    present--king of coins


    below--three of rods

    situation--ace of swords

    past--10 swords

    challenges--nine of cups

    future--7 of swords

    blocks--page of swords


    advice--king of cups

    outcome--10 of rods

  • For Libraluli, Holy Spirit validating relationships. Need for better relationships. I could do one based on finances. Will try to get to that later.

  • Asia 118X, Will do yours next...

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thank you for missing me, i see not important.

    You,ve done others after, so to me that's oh i do the younger ones. shame on you, thought you like practice.

  • By communication do you mean I have to talk to other people, be more open? instead of being shy?

  • Scully21, I didn't pass you. I'm going in line and Asia and others are before you. If you start from the beginning, you'll see what I'm talking about. I'll get to yours...

  • For Asia118X, In present, no longer in victim mode,pursuing ambitions. Still have strong fears regarding circumstances. Afraid of what might be. You're passionate about what you're doing. It's something that's been w/you since childhood. Breaking free from past. Are you going against what others expect to pursue your dreams. Regarding your project--may not move at speed you want it to. Something about it will be critiqued, critical. Something about development of project. Finances could be better, in fact, feel like you're in submission to someone regarding finances. You're advice is to work hard at this, something I'd expect to see with someone starting their own business. Concept or ideas may not be working to suit someone. I'm getting that its still in idea phase. It's a start. At worst, could turn into a hobby. Reading is pointing to creative endeavor that may turn into more people involved than you originally planned.


    over--3 of rods

    present--hangman reversed

    below--9 of swords

    situation--6 of cups

    past--7 of swords

    challenges--knight of rods

    future--10 of swords


    friends--6 of coins

    advice--8 of coins

    outcome--5 of rods

  • Brightmoonshine, Part of success is knowing who you are and what you're talents are.I've been learning this myself. Real estate is what I'd consider a field where you need a lot of communication. Who is the communicator in the family. What does your husband do. Art is something that you may want to develop. Your reading is speaking of communication or the need to get to the heart of the matter, cutting thru the BS, so to speak. King of swords is paired here, that's why I 'm asking about your husband.

  • Brightmoonshine, Can you identify the break-up, loss etc. It's something that you're holding onto for some reason. Have you suffered from harsh words. What are you holding onto that's causing pain.

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