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  • Nency, Will try to have reading by Wednesday.

  • Sharon62, I believe the cards are telling me that your husband is a take-charge type person/has position of authority/perhaps his own business. Has responsibility or role to different people/is different things to different people. Also, the situation might have heightened in present. This means there might be more drama that he's dealing with. The reading is showing different people/roles/responsibilites in present. They are all men. A position of stubborness is showing in past. It's being softened in present. Ability to see both sides is in the foundation in present. Is this ex of his considering moving. Perhaps he's trying to keep them situated where they are/financial help. The problem, I feel, is the balance of 2 households. Avoiding temptation shows in past. In future positions, looking at what can break your heart. Someone is trying to avoid the heartbreak that's eminent. Someone will be leaving. I'm getting that you need to set boundaries w/this situation. I think he does as well. I get that he's taken on a lot. He's showing as busy and balancing. I'm getting a feeling that someone is avoiding the obvious that they can't change. 6 of swords--when I draw this someone is moving/taking off/leaving.


    above--king of rods

    present--knight of rods


    situation--king of coins

    past--4 of cups

    challenges--knight of coins

    future--5 of cups

    blocks--3 of swords

    friends--6 of swords

    advice--10 of rods

    outcome--2 of coins

  • Hi daliolite, thank you for the offer... I was wondering what you see for the year ahead for me with my life in general my dob is 9/13/1973..

  • Virgobebe, I'll have one in several days...

  • Dear Daliolite,

    Thank you so much for the reading. I guess my assumptions were correct. There is more going on than I know about.

    What did you mean by setting boundaries? If I tell him he can't go then he'll be mad at me. He tells me that he wants to see his son as much as he can because there might come a time when he can't. What gets me is that before his son got into trouble, they hardly communicated at all. And now it's like they are the best of friends. I guess my husband is feeling a little bit guilty???

    I'm guessing I should find places to go and people to see whenever he decides to go visit instead of just sitting around waiting on him?

    You also mentioned that someone is going to get their heart broken. I'm guessing that will be me huh?

    I guess its imminent that someone will be leaving and I'm wondering if it will be his son. His son is still awaiting trial and we are not sure what is going to happen.

    Should I wait and play the supporting wife and get my heart broken or should I look for a job asap and get out of here as fast as possible? I don't want to leave my home. I've worked so hard making it as beautiful as I can. I've painted and planted gardens and trees. I just don't know what to do. . .

    Please can you give me some advice?



  • How long does he stay when he visits. Do you feel like I got his personality and situation right. I would consult an attorney. From what I gather from you, he's always gone, you don't know what's going on. How long has it been this way. It really depends on how you feel about the situation your in. It seems to me that you're afraid of rocking the boat. I would go over there myself and see. It just sounds strange to me. If you want to stay in your house, I would. I did a reading based on your husband. It does show heartbreak in things to come. What's hard for me is knowing exactly who it's pointing to as heartbreak-- could be the jailing of his son. Shows someone leaving as well. Is his ex moving and what does she do for income as this reading concerns money/finances. What I can do is a reading on just you and what would be best for you--can have up in several days.

  • Dear Daliolite,

    Here's the answer to the questions that you asked above. How long does he stay when he goes? He normally stays about 1 to 2 hours but heres the interesting part he normally leaves here about 8 and returns about 10. I asked him the other day why he doesn't go during the day on the weekends and his reply was that he gets depressed at night and starts to think about his son.

    I don't know about his ex moving. . . he hasn't mentioned anything. I'll have to ask him about that. She is a math teacher and is about 10 years older than him. In fact she was his math teacher in high school before they got married. He is also a math teacher and has been teaching for the past 25 years.

    My husband had to refinance the car to get $9,000 his half of the bail money to get his son out of jail. They also had to come up with $5,000 for the lawyer. This might be why the reading concerns money. If and when his son goes to trial for 3 felony counts there is no telling how much its going to cost. All I know is that there is no other options for my husband as far as getting loans, etc. He's maxed out.

    Can you please do a reading on me in the next few days and let me know what you see. My DOB is 11/26/62.

    Thanks so much for your insight. It is much appreciated.



  • Hi Sharon62, I wouldn't go over there--that's what I'd do. I have a history of confronting situations that prob shouldn't have. An example is when an adult female took my minor child somewhere and my child ended up being gone a couple of days. I kicked her door in looking for him. I was anger-driven. I did get my sons backpack w/books in it back. I did this because it was my son. Your husband might be doing this for the same reason--it's his son. You asked for advice and personally I would handle this situation (with his son) differently than what he did. That's my advice. I'll do a reading in a few days.

  • HopefulLeo, You have a tendency to hang-onto this girl. I'm getting the three of swords in situation which is a very hurtful thing in the present to have. The situation in present (and past) is about this fact. You have a positive reading in regards to getting on w/things and a happier time for you. You may not know how to approach or communicate in an effective way, moreso for yourself than the other person. You may feel awkward on some level and this is a hardship for you. You're being shown as the page of cups which is a youthful love. You really have an ability to meet other girls once you get more confidence/belief. You're being cautioned to be frugal w/finances. You're being shown as somewhat carefree and I think this attitude is worth hanging onto. Don't hang onto other's opinions. Perhaps you've had a few disappointments. Don't hang-onto these. I think you're in victime mode when you really don't have to be.


    present--4 of cups


    situation--3 of swords

    past--7 of swords

    below--6 of rods

    challenges--knight of swords

    future--page of cups

    blocks--2 of rods

    friends--8 of swords

    advice--2 of cups

    outcome--4 of coins

  • Tks, so is it a good idea to remains friends?

    We have't talk or meet for almost 3 wks, I was avoiding all common friends get together for the last 2 weekends.

    I don't want to lie, I still have feelings for her and being in the same place with her and knowing that we will never be, is aching me.

  • HopefulLeo, Don't hang onto what is hurtful. You'll have happiness in things to come.

  • i just wanted to add, that cause of many reasons it's better for me to stay in my hometown(family) , but there is little chance im gonna stay here, my dad is gonna ask if there anything to do, even though i think he isnt gonna succeed, cause you need to have some special papers and wait some time and idk.

    so i dont know how im gonna form question, like: Will i maybe stay here and if i dont stay, how will all work out there for me, and how my family will work out here without me?

  • Tks Daliolite, you are right, even tho I'm a Leo, I don't really know how to communicate to people at a deeper level.

    Except my parents and the girl I like, I don't really care/ pay much attention about how other thinks about me, maybe that's how you pickup a carefree attiude.

    Dating her did made me spend more than my usual monthly budget.

    I've been trying to not feel disappointed at her, but I have to face the fact that the person she is now dating very often had been taking her to 4 stars restaurants, private clubs and golf course. (from her FB post).

    All I can provide her is my love and loyalty.

    Can't blame anyone who want to have a better life.

    I don't and can't say this in front of our friends, I don't want any drama.

    Nice to be able "to say it out loud" somewhere.

    Thanks for listening 😃

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Having read some of your previous threads I know you are very talented in the work you do and thank you for sharing this gift with us.

    just wondering if you have chance to answer a couple of questions for me

    I recently turned down a house move as I felt the proprty was not right for me,was this the right choice to make and aprox how long will I need to wait before being offered the right property for my family.

    Thank you


  • Daliolite, great read...

    I'm getting being in submission w/money. Finances/career center stage in present.

    =He works in Finance, as a personal banker.

    Issues in past possibly childhood/hurtful.

    =I think he has fear of abandonment issues, his mom passed when he was a teen.

    There are 3 people in reading. I do see a male in future who will be distancing.

    =Not really sure who this could be or what it means, to be honest.

    Someone in friends/assoc moving, an end to something.

    =This was so on point, my best friend of over 14years, our friendship is now over.

    Are you and this guy associated w/some group.

    = No, we are not a part of any group together.

    I get that someone will change course. It's almost like someone is trying to convince someone to go along and they don't want to. Swords (words, communication) & coins (finances, career) are dominant. Something not adding up in long run, if you can relate.

    =My gut is telling me that he is really not into a relationship like he made me think he was. I think I may move on soon if he doesn't show that he is looking for more than just a fling.

    Thanks so much Daliolite!

  • Librawitch, Thanks for the reply, don't recall your cards. Was wondering why I said group/which card I drew. Glad you could relate.

  • Daliolite, here are the cards you drew...

    present--6 of coins

    above--page of coins


    situation--10 of coins

    past--8 of swords

    challenges--hanged man

    future--king of cups


    friends--6 of swords

    advice--page of rods--new path, direction possibly

    outcome--5 swords

    Thanks again.

  • Nency, The reading is not real clear-cut. Temperance is over the reading speaking of fairness and seeing both sides. There's a need to clarify the issues in the present. It's hard to clarify the issues when the path is blocked--king of rod's is blocked. Happiness w/family being close to family is important here. Loss of hope/worried in present. The challenge is moving away or being apart. Clarity is needed in present. I think something positive will happen as far as path/a positive--6 of rods in future position. I see you as being w/family. At first, I got the feeling that someone was trying to control the situation, perhaps you. I see you on this journey w/family. Either way showing a more subdued approach to the present dilemma. A feeling to go along until there's a clearer picture of path. I believe there's a father figure that's blocked. There's a strong sense of family here also. Showing a happier time. Maybe too much drama in present. Story really hasn't unfolded here. There will be a need to branch-out on your own, maybe not now.


    present--ace of swords


    below--9 of swords

    situation--ace of cups--emotional time for you

    past--10 of cups

    challenges--6 of swords

    future--6 of rods

    blocks--king of rods

    friends--4 of swords

    advice--2 of swords

    outcome--7 of rods

  • Librawitch, I was going to ask if you're still with this person.

  • Daliolite,

    Yes, I am still "with" this person, but its weighing heavy on me that I'm just being used. I am really torn as to how to even react to him now. I dont know if I am overreacting or not, its only been like 3 weeks.

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