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  • Asia118X, I think the reading is relating how scared you are regarding him walking away. Like I mentioned, I feel you need to adopt the attitude of that ad that says---and I'm worth it. You could ask him if he's still on and leave it at that. Sometimes I think guys still like the first move. Maybe his reaction revolves around his ego. Either way, you're ok. It sounds like you really like him or wouldn't be so concerned.

  • Asia118X, Yes, I think he'd like to go out. He might have a big ego and thought you snubbed him. You need to develop more positive outlook. Like the ad says--and I'm worth it.

  • Librawitch, The two of you have shared interests/same cause in present. Higher/greater good in foundation of reading. I'm getting being in submission w/money. Finances/career center stage in present. Be realistic w/ money. Issues in past possibly childhood/hurtful. There are 3 people in reading. I do see a male in future who will be distancing. Avoid confrontation/let it be. Someone in friends/assoc moving, an end to something. Page of rods/5 of swords paired. I see you breaking free from a group. Are you and this guy associated w/some group. I get that someone will change course. It's almost like someone is trying to convince someone to go along and they don't want to. Swords (words, communication) & coins (finances, career) are dominant. Something not adding up in long run, if you can relate.


    present--6 of coins

    above--page of coins


    situation--10 of coins

    past--8 of swords

    challenges--hanged man

    future--king of cups


    friends--6 of swords

    advice--page of rods--new path, direction possibly

    outcome--5 swords

  • Hi Daliolite. You helped me before a few weeks ago, so I'm back. I have a few different questions/situations. If you are able to check any of them, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

    My ex is pressuring me hard to settle out of court. Our court date is in less than a month and I feel like I need more time to think things over. Your last reading said that things can be favorable in court depending on how I use my abilities. I don't know if it's best to settle quickly before our court date, go to court and request a continuance, or go to court and let the judge decide. I'm also confused about why he wants to settle all of a sudden - he's the one who initiated the stuff, and he's the one who always appeals everything and brags that he'll for sure get what he wants in the end. I'm wondering if maybe he's scared that something unfavorable about him will come out in court. I don't feel that he wants to settle just for the sake of being amicable.

    Also, I did find a new home. It's in a nice new city (nothing too far away, just a new place) where I've always wanted to live, and I'm signing the lease next week. My career suddenly exploded this month, and I can easily make $10,000+ each month for the rest of the year. I had plenty of work before, but now I have project after project lined up, and all of my pitches/proposals are being approved. I have never seen anything like this! I'm self-employed. Should I expect my career to remain this successful for awhile, or should I try to do as much work as I can now in case next year hits a rough patch?

    Also, do you see me staying in the city where I'm moving? Although it's only 30 minutes from where I live now, my ex (the one I'm going through court with) and I are supposed to be working on things. He refuses to move there in the future, even though it's a better area than we currently live in and has wonderful schools. I feel like if he's serious about getting back together, I will have to give up my home out there and move back here to live with him. I don't think he'll move out there or meet somewhere in the middle.

    Sorry this is so long.

  • Geminichick, Will do a reading prob by mon

  • Thanks, Daliolite. Take your time. I appreciate it.

  • Thanks Daliolite, I appreciate your time and the reading. Many belssings

  • Thank you so much Daliolite. I tried to approach him yesterday and I ended up feeling pretty rejected and really didn't do much. Its just me taking things to heart (I am not angry with him). I just try my best not to critique and bully myself over failures. You really hit it about my uneasiness in the first reading. He seems to have a big ego because ever since that day I told him maybe next time he has been kind of different towards me in a distant cool but friendly way. He openly flirts and have fun with others while not really paying attention to me at the most random times. I really hate dating so bad to be honest with you-I hate going through this but hopefully I will be fine. Im not used to being liked I am use to being the one to be rejected or thought less of than another person and to tell you the truth it hurts like hell. I just gave up on the situation-if he liked me, he would deal with me a little more. I am going to get over because it is not his fault, I just hate myself sometimes and feel I will always be alone and never have anyone. I have never been on a date and really got hurt pretty bad in my only relationship. I tried to actually hangout with guy's I liked but either they liked someone else or never approach me. When I approach them, I got a weird response like with the "busboy" today. I am really upset right now and just venting-my emotions run rampant even when it doesn't show.

    What is wrong with me Daliolite-why exactly do I feel this way?

  • Asia118X, I understand, I don't like the dating scene either. I went on the internet recently and looked up groups that meet. Could be anything you're interested in. I was interested in medium groups that meet. There were about 10 groups but all are too far for me. I live in a rural area. go to your address bar and type in whatever interests you and where they meet (YOUR CITY). This is a casual way to meet people without all the tension of a date. I think you feel at ease being yourself. I think you'll be most comfortable meeting someone and hanging-out first. I'll get the name of the website that I joined maybe there's one in your area. I was surprised at all the groups there are--food, artists, animal etc.

  • Thank you Daliolite 🙂 I really do appreciate it. I was mostly venting and think I will feel better. I'll just focus on elsewhere to be honest with you. I am very straightforward and direct about dating and don't have time for games. Either you like me or you don't lol-plain and simple. I take one knowing its ok yeah I will be crushed but mixed signals irritate me. I don't have time for egos (Im am not bashing him at all I am speaking in general) or the dating games so to speak. I just wish dating can be more simple. I'll be looking forward to hearing more about that website. Thanks Daliolite 🙂

  • GeminiChick, Sorry, and don't remember the last reading I did for you. Are you considering getting back together w/him and going to court, at the same time. Was wondering if I was understanding this right. I'll do a reading prob by tomorrow. I appreciate the info as it'll help. What are the points in divorcing was it affair, kids, property etc.

  • GeminiChick, You're reading is all about turning-down what your husband has offered--4 cups/king pents paired. 4 of cups in future/outcome position is about turning down what's being offered/selective standards/growing wise, not to bother with. Giving something up to find peace is what you're inclined to do because you're considering a reconciliation w/him is what I'm getting. The message here is not to go-along. You're being cautioned here w/what side of the fence you're really on. Page of swords is over your reading--sticking to the truth. You're integrity is on the line. You need a fresh and demanding approach to your life. 5 of swords/temperance/page of swords--take your cause slow & steady. No consequences for looking out for yourself. Drawing a line needed in present. Bottling feelings to win the approval of someone. 5 of cups in past--reading is validating that this situation arises from an emotional break-up. 5 of cups/fool (situation) strong indication to start a new journey. 5 of cups/emperor blocked/5 of swords shows him not succeeding in getting away w/not paying. Putting thought before desire--9 of cups is blocked, also be careful what you wish for. Your reading is one of the most straight forward ones I've ever done.


    present--4 of rods

    above--page of swords

    below--5 of swords


    past--5 of cups


    future--6 of swords

    blocks--9 of cups


    advice--king of pents

    outcome--4 of cups

  • Dear Daliolite,

    You did a reading for me about a week ago and I was wondering if you could elaborate on it. I copied and pasted it below for you to read. Also, can you do a reading on my husband ?? His DOB is 01/19/1965. I'm wondering if he is trying to break away from our marriage. Thanks so much for taking the time to do readings for me. It is much appreciated and any insight would be helpful.

    Hi Sharon62, I did a reading for you prior just can't remember what it was regarding. So, I'm starting over. I'm getting that this situation involves a guy 3 of coins/king of cups. The guy distanced for some reason. Also, This whole scenario involves breaking away and self-improvement. You've also had to stick to your guns, so to speak. I'm also getting something w/friends and assoc--a celebration something really good happening prob in present. I'm getting that you're not receiving the news you want. Drew a couple #7--pursuing a goal, following a dream. It's just not coming quickly enough for you. The cards indicate a better time indeed or something happening favorably. In advice is the 3 of coins--working together. 9 of cups appearing as outcome is often times to be careful what you wish for. I'm getting that things are moving the way you'd like them to. Will need more info to clarify but reading looks favorable. Might have to lower expectations or wait further, if you can relate.



    present--4 of rods

    below--king of cups

    situation--5 of swords

    past--7 of coins

    challenges--knight of cups

    future--sun--good placement

    blocks--7 of swords

    friends--6 of wands

    advice--3 of coins

    outcome--9 of cups

    Thanks so much.



  • Sharon62, Can you tell me if something has changed before I start. I'll prob get to a reading by tomorrow.

  • Dear Daliolite,

    Yes, he's spending alot of time away. He even fell asleep on the couch and didn't come up to bed like he normally does. When I ask him if everythings ok he says yes and tells me that he loves me but I'm spending most of my time alone and am wondering whats really going on. . . Can you please do a reading on him and let me know what you see?

    Thanks so much for taking the time. Your insight is much appreciated.


  • Hi Sharon62, Will have your reading by mon...

  • Dear Daliolite,

    Thanks so much.



  • Hi Daliolite,

    Can you do a reading for me and this girl, her birthday is 1/25/78, mine is 8/2/76.

    We stop seeing each other, but she like to remain friends.

    I still like her, but she is seeing a few others now and doesn't want a relationship.

    Should I just remain friends with her?

    Is there a future between us beyond friendship?

    Do you see any other girls in my near future?


  • HopefulLeo, will try and have a reading by tues..

  • hey daliolite it's me again. lately i've been feeling so upset about everything espeacially about my college thing. i have to move in 2 weeks, and i didnt find apartment yet, and dont know anybody there. and im really scared how will all turn out, im scared i will do bad at college, not find any friends, that my realtionship will be ruined cause of distance, and dont know what will be with my family while im gone,

    im wouldnt bother u again, but right now, i feel like im gonna throw up from anxiety, and i dont what to do.

    i feel like giving up.

    can you please tell how will moving in another town and college work out? is there anything positive


    my sign is virgo

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