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  • Dear Daliolite,

    Do you have the time to do another reading for me? There is so much happening in my life right now and I feel that your insight would be of much assistance.

    Thanks so much,


  • Hi Danceur, You're being shown as the page of swords. Speaking up/truth seeker. You're being shown next to the knight of coins. I'm guessing this is the male influence from work. You're concerned about stabililty, conservative approach but there's a definate feeling here of branching-out and doing something different. The devil is in the challenges position. Probably because of the relationships you're dealing with in present. Paired w/2 swords there's an indication of a flaw in your personality that makes you retreat. Two of swords to the right also indicates that control is in your hands. It's almost like you have an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other saying, no you can't--if you can relate--star/devil paired. There's a possibility in friends/assoc that someone is moving. Could also relate to a new path/responsibility. Something concrete happening besides just talk. This could be the project or extra work, also. I seem to draw the hierophant for you alot. I see this as wisdom beyond what's on the surface. I also see you working for the greater good in your approach or try and adopt this approach star/hierophant. Ace of cups/hierophant I see you as searching for ultimate good, happiness. This pairing for me has spiritual as well as religious meaning. I think you really are looking beyond to real spiritual happiness. This is what will carry you thru to real happiness, might be some sacrifice along the way.


    above--10 of coins



    situation--knight of coins

    past--page of swords


    future--2 of swords

    blocks--9 of coins

    friends--2 of rods

    advice--ace of cups


  • Sharon62, Yes. I have one or two ahead. Will get to it.

  • Dear Daliolite,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to do a reading for me. I look forward to hearing what guidance you can give me.



  • Nency, For such a short question, the cards have several messages. For me, it's kinda like putting a puzzle together. One of my questions for you--is the other school somehow larger or better for what you're studying. Also, showing that either you've moved or considering a move. Something may be by water--3 of rods in past position. Your reading shows movement in present. You're able to make something happen. I feel like emotionally you're being held back and can't seem to move forward because of this. Is there someone holding you back. Maybe you're waiting on the go ahead or word from the other college. I drew the knight of rods in challenges. This could be a male influence or possibly failure of hearing information, news. Maybe you're not taking what's being offered. There is a struggle to the right of reading that w/o info can't really clarify. I show you in a stalemate as outcome. Whatever is in the planning stages may get stalemated. Emotionally you're blocked and that seems to be where the problem is, if you can relate. Above your reading is the chariot. Chariot to me shows movement.




    below--king of rods


    past--3 of rods

    challenges--knight of rods

    future--7 of rods

    blocks--10 of cups

    friends--9 of rods

    advice--4 of cups

    outcome--8 of swords

  • Actuallyi have more questions, if you dont mind. Jeah, college im in is by the sea, and it seems better than other one. But cause of my girlfriend and family and some health issues i wanted to move to nearer college. So i was struggling where should i go. But few days ago, i decided ok not 100 sure, that i should stay in this college.

    But my father told me, that he is not sure will he pay for renting apartment there, so i dont even now will i go to the college.

    So can you see, will go to college? will i overcome that block, and will my father pay me for college.

    and im really scared of being alone in new town, and everything.

    thanks a lot

  • Nency, If I'm understanding you right, you're presently in a college away from your home and gf? Is that right..

  • yes 🙂 this is my first year there, it-'s starting in october, and im still thinking about changing to one that is closer.

    but now i dont even know will i go to the college

  • Nency, I posted another question. Guess it didn't go thru. Does your father want you to stay at that college because it's better. What's the reason he doesn't want you to change.

  • no, he dosent want me to go to that college,im in now. because of money, he want me to stay in my hometown, and try study something else, and i dont want that.

  • Nency, Will look at another reading probably. Not sure on several things.

  • Nency, As I was doing your reading something kept telling me to try it for a year. Maybe this is how you can approach it. Cards are very favorable in regard to the present college. Also, points in present to something that you might be able to work out on your own. There are two male influences here. You are being challenged. There is going to be a struggle in things to come. I'll try another reading prob by Mon.

  • actually i wanted to go there for a year, and then come back into my hometown to finish it. but will see. i really want this to work out, but im struggling with fear and will my dad accept it. if my sister decideds that she is gonna go home, then he will probably pay for a rent.

    but it's all so confusing, and i have like month till colege starts.

    thank you so much, it means a lot 🙂

  • Hi if you are still doing readings... that would be great , if not i understand to

    if yes, health problem.. i am hoping my appt with doctor in October will go well. I am very depressed about my situation..

    thanks in advance

  • Livingadream, Yes, I'm taking readings and will be happy to give you a reading. I think I have one or two ahead of yours..

  • Nency, Everything seemed status quo until I drew the outcome card which is the 4 of rods. I'll go ahead and try to explain what I drew. In present a decision needs to be made/will be made. Important decision showing. This is a very important decision for you--Judgement/temperance/wheel of fortune. I have drawn a lot of wands for you. You're blazing a path of your own. You're not all talk, you're a person of action--ace of rods/page of rods. The page of cups is in challenges. I don't know if this is a person in your life or representing this struggle of yours over what you want or love to do. There's a struggle here over what you want and the more conservative or play it safe type scenario page of cups/10 of coins paired. This is really showing as a block for you. As you're wanting to branch-out, you can't because you're in submission financially to your father 6 of coins situation/fool blocked. I drew the 4 of cups in advice AGAIN! This card, I feel, is more emotional than financial. I believe it would have more impact here if it were the 4 of coins. I feel that it may come as a surprise that you get to go to that college. Because I drew so many rods pertaining to you, wands or rods showing as outcome is a good sign, I feel. I don't like to predict the future but feel something positive will happen that you didn't expect. I have to ask if someone is talking marriage. You've had several cards indicating this. Follow your own dreams because I see you as having a very strong inclination towards this path that you've started.




    below--page of rods

    situation--6 of coins

    past-- ace of rods

    challenges--page of cups

    future--10 of coins


    friends--wheel of fortune

    advice--4 of cups

    outcome--4 of rods

  • Sharon62, Will start yours next..

  • Thank you Daliolite! Look forward to the reading. Many blessings!

  • Im really scared, of living alone in town, where i dont know anybody and dont where anything is and new people.and i dont wanna be so far away of my girlfriend.

    And that college was suprise, i didnt plan going there at all, i was just lets apply to this if nothing else works and i got in. So is like big decision for me.

    and emotinal problems is biggest than financial, cause if my sister moves back home, guess he can pay rent at least now.

    I guess i should try, make a decision and go. Hopefully it's gonna turn fine.And marriage, hm im in relationship now, its really strong, i hope nothing changes cause of distance, we dont plan wedding anytime soon.

    im really thankful, it encouraged me to go. 🙂

    i have some question about my sister, i will ask you after you answer some people, if u dont mind. she is really depressd and dont know what to do.i will ask u later.

    thank you so much 🙂

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thanks for the reading. It’s definitely where my head/heart is at – finding my way, speaking the truth, fighting for what I feel is right. And I can really relate to feeling two opposite things at once (devil on one shoulder, angel on the other). About a lot of things. Work, B…

    I often feel alone in this. Trusting what I feel and knowing that it is at odds with the world around me/conventional wisdom.

    I need to ask you something. There’s this guy P from my dance class. There’s seems to be a mutual liking and a natural attraction. Can you tell if he is involved with someone else, or anything else I should know?

    With regards to someone moving – yes a friend whom I’ve been hanging out with is going home to her home country, for a vacation. Also, the role that was retracted has gone to 2 of my colleagues to handle. But I will be having extra work (new responsibilities) anyway over the next few months.

    I am indeed searching for inner peace and happiness, a quiet strength that will carry me forward through the frustration I feel. Can the hierophant ever refer to the establishment – instead of a religious/spiritual overtone? If so, how does it change the reading?

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