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  • I'm taking readings at this time for whatever concerns you...

  • Thank you Daliolite god bless you

  • SagittariusGurl, Let me know how things turn out for you.

  • Hi Daliolite, can you please do a reading for me? I saw that you are doing them for whatever concerns people. I'm very concerned about three things - I'm not sure if they can be combined into one reading? If not, please pick whichever one appeals to you.

    Okay, my ex and I are living separately but working on our relationship. Our apartment was sent for eviction earlier this year - he moved out in the middle of the lease and refused to pay his share of rent, and he stopped paying rent more than 6 months before he moved out. This left me in quite a bind financially, but I paid to stop the eviction, kept my apartment, and thought all was well. What I didn't realize is that an eviction ruins your credit for 10 years, even if you pay it in full like I did. I was not able to renew my lease, and I'm having a VERY difficult time finding a new place. I'm currently staying in a small house with my ex (not the ex I lived with, a different one), his mom, his grandma, and my 3 children. It has been terrible, and I am extremely stressed. I want to leave so badly, but every single rental I apply for is not willing to take somebody who has been evicted. The few places that will take me all have long waiting lists or want huge deposits...I'm talking thousands of dollars. When will I find a new home, and where should I look? Am I missing something?

    Two other issues: When will my ex and I get back together? We have been working on things for 5 months and he keeps saying that we will for sure get back together - basically, it's not "if", it's "when". Also, we have an upcoming court date for child support and custody. We have been going through court for various things for almost a year now, and I am wondering how the upcoming court dates will go. He has not been a good father since we broke up and currently only sees the children a few hours a week (his choice). He doesn't even show up for most of the scheduled visitations that the court already awarded him. I'm embarrassed to admit that I miss him and want to fix things, because he really is being a jerk lately. He makes more money than me, but says he will get 50% custody and end up paying $0 a month. I don't see how that is possible since he voluntarily skips most of his current visits with the kids and is always out with friends instead. His family has a lot of money, and they keep appealing everything. The people I live with (like I said, it's very stressful here) follow me around all day and tell me that they know he'll get everything he wants in court just because he has money. I don't think they are right, but I am starting to get pretty worried about it since I have to hear them say it every day.

    Sorry, this got really long. Thanks for any insight you can give me on any of that stuff.

  • Hi Dal

    Your reading makes a lot of sense, yes there is a woman Trish, shes the one they are waiting for to do my paper work so they can open a permanent position for me, they want me back. I also think that this will take probably a month to be solved, this things take a lot of time and I recently spoke with her about it, she asked me “ if we open a vacancy for you will you come back? I said Yes.”

    Maybe you see a love interest because I just love this job or because Im going thru sum hard times too regarding love, but this doesn’t have anything to do with the job.

    Naïve & immature??? because I do not wish to believe that the job will be mine, Im keeping my hopes low. The reason I had to change jobs was because I was replacing a guy that was on sick leave for 3 years and he finally came back so I had to go.

    Im very stressed with the job Im doing now, I feel that they hate me because Im a good worker and I do not take bullshit from any one, I don’t allow them to play me like a toy.They abused of their power, they are always threatening the employees.

    I feel lost, hopeless and tired. Maybe by knowing the situation better you can tell me more about this, Will Trish be able to open the position? Can you tell me if the critics come from my current job? Will I have problems with my current supervisors?

    Thank you Dal once again

  • Hi Daliolite,

    What do you see happening within the next few months? Will my finances improve? I'm concerned because things don't seem to be getting any better in that area. Thanks!

  • Thanks Daliolite:)

    I too cannot remember which King card you used to draw for B. I suppose the King of Rods is my boss. But can it be a lady, or can it refer to me? Just thinking out loud. For sure, I'm affected by both the boss and B, even if it's only indirectly (with B).

    They're retracted the additional job idea for now. I'm relieved - cos I realise I don't believe in the project at all, because there is a lack of resources to achieve the kind of quality that will be expected. But at the same time, it's making me nervous. I wondering if my job is in jeopardy - if they might hire an extra person, remove part of my job scope and force me into this other role at a later stage? Any thoughts?

    Also I guess I keep circling back to opportunities for love - if you see any for me?

  • MariaPisces, Thanks for the added info as it adds some insights. I drew the 6 of cups over this reading. I believe w/this card over the reading it's relating to happier times. It's pointing to happier times with the previous job. I read it before as immaturity etc. I'm sorry that theres so much drama at your current job. In your advice position I drew the tower. This signals imminent change brought on sometimes outside our scope of control. What kinda worried me was the hierophant being blocked. There might be some delay like you said in opening a position. Some may not consider it for the overall good for the company. One thing in your favor is that you're trained, you wouldn't be coming in as new. I feel like Trish will go to bat for you. I would probably have to do another reading as far as a clearer explanation of current job. I'll get to one for you as I'm also unclear where the shake-up is going to be. Because the hierophant is blocked (overall good), it'll take a shake-up to get you back on track. We'll see, I'll do another one, will take a few days. As far as people causing you grief, put up a wall where it can't affect you and ask Archangel Michael to protect and restore you.

  • GeminiChick, I hope you saved receipts of paying for apartment (or can get them.) Anything that was past due. Keep a record also of what he didn't help with if he was also on the lease. Apply for legal aid now. I'll do a reading.

  • GeminiChick, There are a couple messages here in your reading. You are being shown as the page of rods. This is a new time/beginning in your life. In present, loss/moving away. Things are not all in his favor but he'll try and manipulate you to acheive what he wants. This man has mother issues. He is used to being taken care of and that's one reason why you can't move ahead. In the future position there's a message to not respond to provocations. Cool emotions are needed. There is likely to be an overflow of emotions/manipulative individual. I also feel like there's differences in basic personalities between you and him. One problem here is that you have young tendencies. This time is crucial for you because things can go in your favor depending on how you use YOUR abilites. I feel like the courts will be on your side if your able to distance yourself and deal with the issues--4 of swords/high priestess/judgment paired. Judgement is in the friends/assoc position which is a very good placement for you. I'm getting that your in submission at present and looking to a future w/him. Message here to be careful what you wish for--4 rods/6 of coins paired. You will remain in submission esp. financially. You have a young/wishful thinking that isn't jiving w/the matters at hand. I would plan on staying where you are until you can get back on your feet. Let his family deal with his financial issues.


    over--page of rods--you have control even though you may not realize

    present--8 of cups

    below--king of coins

    situation--queen of coins

    past--4 of swords

    challenges--2 of cups

    future--high priestess



    advice--6 of coins--better choices, look at the reality of the situation

    outcome--4 of rods

  • I sure will hope they turn out good but only time will tell.

  • Thanks, Daliolite. That was very helpful - and incredibly accurate. I laughed when I read the part about him having mother issues, because you have no idea! She's actually part of the reason that we broke up. They are unusually close to the point where she treats him like her husband or something. She would call at least 10 times a day and send 50+ daily text messages to him...plus talk to him on Facebook and email him...while we lived together, and he would go over to her house almost every day. She was incredibly angry that we lived together and would still try to do his laundry and get him to eat dinner there each night. Keep in mind we have children together and were actually very happy at one point in time, so her behavior was just bizarre. He keeps asking me for money, but I refuse now, so his parents are paying all of his debts - and there are a lot of them. I found the part about remaining in submission financially interesting because my biggest fear is that we will get back together and I'll end up broke again. I am self-employed and my business is doing incredibly well right now, so I can get out of this hole easily if I don't have to take care of him financially anymore. I always joke that my career is the only thing I do right in life. The rest made sense, too. Thanks again!

  • Geminichick, Your reading was pretty straightforward.

  • MariaPisces, Actually your reading is speaking of both these jobs. Pointing out how to survive both, I guess. Drew some of the same cards as previous reading, also. You're being cautioned to avoid conflict. Some things you can't change. Things are getting to the point where I feel you want to pick-up and walk away--fool in situation. In the past position I'm getting a male who is distancing emotionally. I'm getting a woman in the present position that you're having conflict with. You're being cautioned to avoid confrontation. You intend to leave this situation. Don't tell anyone at this job. Queen of cups from previous reading (Trish) is a challenge now. You're in this reading as well being shown as page of cups. I'm showing you as having to defend yourself. Page of cups/7 rods paired. This defending/defense mechanism isn't working. There is also a message here to thank Trish. I guess the challenge here is why Trish is stalled. I do see a happier time and emotional fufillment. Being confrontational or defensive will not help, in fact, will worsen current situation. Also, if you talk w/Trish might want to thank her.


    over--hanged man



    past--king of cups


    challenges--queen of cups

    future--page of cups--I'm also getting an indication here w/page and fool that you're considering looking for something else if you don't hear something soon

    blocks--7 of rods

    friends--9 of coins

    advice--10 cups--yes, to job

    outcome--high priestess

  • Mh83, I'll start yours next.

  • hey, can i get reading ? mine question is should i stay in this college or try to get into another one?:)

    my sign is virgo

  • Dal

    Once again you are so right, yes I have been caution to avoid conflict, sum times I just want to leave everything, this two jobs are so different from one another, one is heaven the other is hell, dont get me wrong, I like to do what I do in this current job, its the persons, my supervisors that drive me crazy, I feel that they consider me as a threath to them that they envy me, im very temperamental, I hate when people abuse their power to get what they want and they do that, I met my manager its a female too, I must tell that I didnt get a good vibe from her.

    My current female supervisor is always creating conflits with me, giving me orders after orders and she does that because she knows I do it, I complaint when the things she ask are so ridiculous but I do it anyway. i feel so frustade so tight up, for you to have an idea if I need to go to the bathroom I have to ask for permission.

    The other job I was doing is the love of my life, I was "My boss" of course I had to request permission for certain things and inform my bosses but I was the one who managed my day of work, no one would tell me what to do and one more important thing they asked politely for sum they didnt demand.

    Im not telling anyone about the position they are trying to open, coz I know that it could backfire and create envy, and envy its a b.

    Trish was on leave, i think she started this week, but I cant see her now I have to travel to another country. yes I was thinking in thanking her, but didnt have the chance.thanks for the advice.

    About the male is he a collegue, a boss in my previous work?

    But I think u are referring to a guy that I have fallen in love with, while working in my previous job.

    His gone, his so far away from me now, I do not see him anymore, but I still care for him, yesterday he wrote to me he told me that he have a girl, but that he still wants me. i dont know what to do or think, i dont need any more madness in my life right now.

    Can u give me a reading about that? what he wants and feels about me?

    Sorry Dal for being a nag, but everytime I put cards for myself gives a me a reading that I do not want to believe, its hard to read for our selves.

    thank u once again u have been awesome.

    God bless.

  • Mh83, You have a lot happening here. Emotional time for you, eight of cups above this reading. I feel like you're victimized in some way, a need to speak-up on your part. There are dysfunctional relationships in your reading. A shake-up happening in friends/assoc. Are you considering leaving a relationship. I see you as having reached some sort of emotional plateau. I also see you as carrying a load. Something is in the talking stages and hasn't been put into motion. This reading seems to be more cautionary than anything. Possibility of 2 people here in your reading. Male influences. See you taking on a load. I'll need more clarification from you. Almost like your leaving a relationship or a need to get away from a negative influence before you can rebuild, if you can relate. See this as a transitionary time for you. Negative behavior on part of someone just not sure who.


    over--8 of cups

    present--5 of swords

    situation--10 of coins

    past--queen of swords

    challenges--8 of swords

    future--ace of cups



    advice--knight of rods

    outcome--10 of rods

  • Danceur, Yours is next..Will get to it soon.

  • Wow! Thanks for the reading, Daliolite. It's given me a lot to think about. Are the male influences negative? I wasn't really sure about that. As far as carrying a load, it could be in reference to extra coursework that I've decided to take on this fall. There are some dysfunctional relationships in my life right now, unfortunately. I've been trying to work on that.

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