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  • okay, but besides its an entry level job, what kind of company will it be? any information in the cards regarding the company??

    also, the "boss-friend" as i mentioned earlier, last time i told you about trying to get into the company where hes working at, but somehow it kinda fell through... no openings these days. so i feel my chance with that company is slim to none. he contacted me today saying he has connections with other companies which i m quite interested and he said he can check if they hire.. so my question is.. do you see if this guy can help me make it this time??

    thanks Daliolite!

  • DDTT, No, I can't tell you for sure.

  • DDTT, I do feel like he's trying to work with you in this regard--ok.

  • ok, thats good enough to know. i trust your "feel". i went through our thread last night, and was pretty amazed by what u told me back then. most of them came true more or les.

    its time to fight for what i want. glad the cards provided me with positive feedback. much needed.

    thanks Daliolite. really appreciate your reading. i will probably come back to you sometime later 😉 thank you!

  • Daliolite you are awesome!!

    You definitely have a gift and I pray that you continue to grow and expand in it!!

    Thank you again for 'spot on' insights; I do believe that I a heading in the direction of work in or through a spiritual institution of some kind.

    You are so right I am very emotional about my interest as they are truly the "Desires" of my Heart and I believe that desire of this nature (from the Heart) come from God/Spirit/Universe!! These are what we must pursue in our lives to be fulfilled/happy and healthy!

    FROM Daliolite:

    "....... In your friends/allies position shows this celebration/wedding. So, this wedding theme is actually your interest. A good step for you is talking about it. Your quite emotional about your interests....."

    You have me THOROUGHLY intrigued by the above statement you've made in the last post, lol! Please elaborate, what does this MEAN Daliolite??!!!! Deep down in my heart I do hope that marriage will occur again in my future; particularly with this long lost/re-connected love (King of Rods) 🙂 His b/d is July 8, 54. Do you see anything in this regard or is there some other meaning in this celebration/wedding theme you mention???

    I was diagnosed a few months back too with adult onset of ADD, lol!!! However, honestly I think it is mostly due to stress and all of the challenges I've had going on as of late. And I am for creative-brained. I do not have any close personal friends that share my interest, that I am aware of unfortunately.

    You changed occupations at 52, that is encouraging to me to hear as I am 48 and anticipating the same thing; as I have vacillated with it for years and should have done it sooner 😞 Are you happy? Has it panned out for you? Do you regret the decision/outcome?

    Thank you so much for your gift Daliolite!!


  • Hey Daliolite-Long time no see or hear! Im planning on shooting a feature film with my t2i with a co worker at work-I have a great feeling about and thinking ahead in the post process as in terms of marketing, distribution etc. So Im hoping to go big with it while working on smaller projects to get my name out there. I whats the best way I can make this feature film a sucess and do you see me being a success in the film industry in the near future?

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Can I get a reading too? Just anything the cards pick up on or want to tell me.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Asia 118X and Danceur, Yes, after the few others first.

  • LOAP, I need clarification from you before I can continue w/ your reading. I got a visual concerning you yesterday and cards (actually one card) is confirming this today. Was there a passing or death around you, possibly an illness. Is the illness something that might carry over again. I'm sorry if I sound vague. I will continue other readings until I hear from you. I don't want to proceed until I hear from you--thanks!

  • Hi Daliolite

    Can I have a reading too, regarding love present and future? And if possible if I will stay permantely working were Iam now?

    Thank you much.

  • Hi Daliolite, I am quite curious to know if this boss friend can actually find me connection with other companies.? i know you told me that he does wanna work with me.. but will it come out good this time? what you think? can u please do a reading regarding this? maybe?? i know your busy... please let me know. thanks 😉

  • Hi Dal ,

    The only illness recently was my Uncle who had shingles and my other Uncle passed away in february from a brain tumer could that be it ?

  • Loap, Possibly, I drew cards for you yesterday and will post your reading tomorrow. Thanks for replying.

  • For EIAI, You have good card placements. Did see a few obstacles. Below (foundation) of your reading is Justice. As I was reading, get the feeling you need to make a decision in present. Are you in litigation. You're wondering what the outcome will be. You really don't feel you're in control (two of rods in blocks.) There is a strong male presence in past position. Need harmony moving forward/a better time when responsibilites didn't weigh you down. You want to develop yourself. Peace is within you. I'm getting to weigh both sides of situation. I feel like at present you're taking a break from situation. I see you coming out of this ok. Friends will be a source of help. There are two male influences in this reading. One more in past/leading up to the present (decision.) I feel like there's a decision here to be made. You'll have to look at yourself and there's more development (financial) to be made. Finances figure into this reading. Get the feeling that you want to branch-out in present.


    present--10 coins

    above--4 of swords



    challenges--6 of cups


    blocks--2 of rods


    advice--queen of coins

    outcome--king of cups

    There's a pairing queen and king in things to come

  • Hello Daliolite,

    Thank you so much for the reading.

    Decision? I think I've been putting off working on my application for an audition. Things have been getting busy for me with University. At first I really wanted to pursue a music or singing career, but now I am doubting. I don't know whether at this point it would be good for me since I may never really make it.

    I am struggling financially. I don't have much money to my name. I depend on and live with my parents. It is frustrating since I can't do much that I want. I really want to move out, move on, grow, and become independent, but jobs have been hard for me to come by. Even the most lowly of stores that I have applied to do not give me a call back. Then again, I have stopped searching for jobs recently, so maybe i should try and get myself to apply again.

    Can't imagine who this male figure can be. My only prominent male figure is my dad as he has much influence over me, but he's the most helpful.

    Is there anything further on this male from my past? As in, will he be one of the obstacles I should watch for?

    Thank you Daliolite, for your reading.

    Hugs and Love to you.

  • EIAI, Your dad is in this reading as a stable influence. He's the one from past but is present in your reading. You have 3 #4 cards: Emperor, 4 of swords and temperance. All of these are stable cards. King of Cups in outcome, when I read cards usually means someone that is distant in emotions. The queen of coins could be your mother's presence but can also mean that you'll succeed in your endeavors. I think you'll be fine, no red flags. In challenges, 6 of cups. I think you want to be independent but it's not the time for it. Can you elaborate on parent's personalities. I think it'd help explain the cards better.

  • Hi LOAP, Haven't spoke w/you in a while. I was thinking last night how you connected w/my sister. Spirit was validating your passing. Since I saw two owls I believe it is your two uncles.

    You have good card placements. In the present, it is about finances. Shows in past a "creative" movement. I'm getting a group of friends who support the idea or may be involved in this home business. Can you clarify the 3 of cups in situation. In your blocks, struggling with the creative concept or hanging on against the odds. I get a male influence who is supportive. Ideas, words, news coming in your friends position, again another male influence here. There's a block with the 2 of pents, hard balancing money in this endeavor. I'm getting this idea or concept could be a make or break. I'm also getting that it's just an idea at present. Your challenge may be that you have too many ideas. May be tendency to get in over your head. I don't see a lot of red flags. Death/10 coins can mean death of poverty, I read. I was looking at this reading as you starting your own business but as I try to interpret this reading it appears that your searching for a line of work. It appears friends or allies can help--can you relate to this.


    present--10 of coins


    below--9 of coins

    situation 3 of cups

    past--ace of rods

    challenges--9 of rods

    future--king of rods

    blocks--2 of coins

    friends--knight of swords

    advice--queen of coins


  • For AriesLost, Right before this reading got a validation from Holy Spirit. This reading is all about a love relationship. Over the reading I get a feeling that you feel in control by other people. I draw this card a lot when people feel submissive and not in control, esp financially. In the present there's a bigger need to get in contact w/your emotions, how do you feel about the relationship. Is it truly what you want. I feel a need to tell you that you may be criticised in some way over how you're handling things. There are good pairings and cards in friends and assoc. position. Theme is working towards common goals. Working together. I feel a change is imminent in love relationship and you're having a hard time accepting this. Also, don't use this relationship to define yourself. There are at least 2 males influences in this reading. There is so much emotion at present. I feel a need for clarification w/ the reading so I can be a better guide. It's indicating to move ahead by your own development.


    present--queen of cups

    over--6 of coins

    below--knight of cups


    past--knight of swords

    challenges--2 of cups

    future--king of cups


    friends--3 of coins

    advice--2 of rods

    outcome--7 of rods

  • For Sagittarius Gurl, Going it alone. There's a theme here w/the #9. The Hermit, 9 of cups and 9 of coins. Need absolutes and evaluation. Evaluating if it's time to move-on. Being in charge and going it alone. There's a relationship problem. You'll have to work thru to get to where you need to be with this. There are 3 male influences here. May get news that you don't want to hear. I'm getting to face the truth and move on. What you're waiting for or wondering will become more clear. There's a clear message here for self-evaluation. Seems to be moving from a time of reflection/introspection to confrontation etc. You'll have to respond as I get news coming.



    present--queen of cups

    below--ace of swords

    situation--9 of cups

    past--2 of rods

    challenges--5 of coins

    future--knight of rods

    blocks--king of cups

    friends--9 of coins

    advice--7 of swords

    outcome--knight of swords

    Hi daliolite well i have thought about just moving on and not being stuck in a relatioship that maybe is not getting anywhere since we don't have much communication. Am always alone just with my daughter i don't know if you mean that kind of alone. As to the 3 male influences i really have no idea. There's alot of thing i want to know but get scare to actually listen to them as i think they will hurt me will this be ralationship wise? or other kind of news? i have my moments where am calm and try to reflect on other things but once am fed up i blow up and confront whatever issue am having I hae said I need to control that at times cause I speak without thinking.

  • SagitariusGurl, I'll respond later, need to go back look at reading w/questions you have.

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