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  • PinkRose08, Yes, will get to it.

  • CreatuveAries18, Lots of people in your reading. Lots of activity, ideas in present. Is it all going to fall into place. Affirmation to follow your ideas/dreams. Doing things your way. Indication of words in past that lead to present meaning seeking the truth/the right way. I drew the 2 of rods in present that means following you path. I draw this card a lot on those who are thinking about a move/change in location. I get that you want a better environment. I'm getting completion. There are money issues in present. You're in submission in regards to money. I'm getting control issues. I don't know if the cards are you gaining control or you're being controlled. I'll need more clarification on this. Strong indication of meeting someone (love interest) in friends position. You have a younger influence in your reading that I understand is your kids and an older influence that I can read several ways. Like I said, there are a lot of people/personalities in your reading. Will need clarification on the older/in control influence in your life.


    present--2 of rods

    over--8 of rods

    below--queen of rods

    situation--6 of coins

    past--page of swords


    future--9 of coins

    blocks--page of coins

    friends--knight of cups



  • MariaPisces, I'll start your reading next and try and answer your questions. I can only reveal what the cards point to. As far as your gift, sometimes it's hard to develop a spiritual gift. I think you should always listen to intuition. Make a mental note of what you sense and see what happens. A lot of my spiritual gift involves the ability to sense a person's passing beforehand and also after. It can be worrisome as to who it is. I look at different things such as backdrop in the signs as they appear. Sometimes it's just the knowing and not the accurate explanation of events--if you can relate to that. I don't think we're meant to know everything, just the signs.

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  • Alenabrz, Yes, I'll do a reading. It's taking about 8-10 days because I normally get to about 1 a day. Sometimes 2.

  • Daliolite, Thank you for taking the time to do this! Yes there are a lot activities going on presently. We dont live in the best environment, and I am currently remodeling our home to make it pleasing for my children. I keep them active outside of our home because of the neighborhood that we live. I am an artist, and an Art teacher (finally & just completed my first year. I am still in school to be certified-one more year!) I have many many ideas and like a true Aries, I can never seem to complete or follow through. I am gaining control of my life. Financially, we are okay-August will be a tough month for us. We have moved a lot and I don't want to move again. My children need stability. I have strong instincts, but I tend to ignore the whispers, the knowing, the stomach aches. Im trying to gain control of my instincts and really listen to what the universe is teaching me. AND my controller (my mother and sometimes my sister) conteract my thoughts and I end up second guessing myself. I have one friend in town and she can have negative energy so I tend to stay away. I am having a hard time connecting with people, I get the impression that Im "weird" to them. lol! I can be an extreme introvert, I have to make myself talk. Sorry this is so long! Thank you again! Im going to look up the cards that you pulled. I will follow through with my ideas!!

  • I hope this (love interest) isn't through my friend here, maybe on facebook? I have alot of friends there.lol

  • CreatuveAries18, Rods in your reading (wands) represent creative energy/ideas. 2 of rods always seems to indicate moving--so you have moved alot. Also, your dreams. I am an artist as well. I posted part of a picture I drew earlier in the posts. Dealing with a creative mind is quite different than a more structured mind. We are spatial learners and usually right brained thinkers. We have a tendency to change a lot but at the same time be structered. I read that creative people can be hermits or extroverts. Anyway, enjoy the fact that you're creative.

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  • Thank you, Daliolite! (after Dali? the artist?he's one of my favorites) I saw "the Angel", that's great!do you get visions/inspirations from our readings? I like to draw/paint the human form realistically, also.I have been a hermit all summer since my kids have been staying with their father. I force myself to get out, but I dont socialize that much. I wish I could find an artsy/the deep thinkerscrowd. Yes, I've moved a LOT! I am pretty sure that the number of times I've moved exceeds my age and Im 41. I don't want to move and I hope we dont have to. Your reading was reassuring!

  • Creatuve, There are several ways to interpret your reading. I believe your gaining control. You had a very good reading--no negative cards. No, don't know who Dali is. I like to draw, like to do sketches of people like at the fair. Not caractures.

  • MariaPisces, This reading is mainly concerning you. I'm getting couple different feelings when I read your cards. Have you hung-out w/maybe the wrong crowd or people who were different than you. Are you searching for a different way. I get that others are leaving or you're trying to break-free in your friends position. I'm getting that you're introverted. Emotional desire is blinding you from your talents and what you do have. It's almost like you have a failure to recognize that you're talented. Be yourself--wisdom and inner strength needed (Queen of rods and Strength.) Magician and Moon--Talents are blocked. You can't move forward because you don't trust those around you. Fool in challenges. There is a good pairing in your future position w/Fool and Knight of Coins. Powerful help financially/perhaps work etc. You have a good aspect in situation w/the queen of rods. Creative influence. You're shown in present as busy and juggling things. I believe w/the right help (influence) you'll realize that you're a good worker, business person, creative person. Are you close to your mom. Tendency to get overloaded.


    present--2 of coins

    over--4 of cups


    situation--queen of rods



    future--knight of coins


    friends--7 of swords


    outcome--10 of rods

  • Chytra, This reading involves a decision in present. Want to know if you're making the right decision. I feel like your on the fence regarding something. I'm getting different sides Lovers/2 of swords/justice. Wait and see attitude, perhaps passive/aggressive in dealing with issues. Feminine influence somewhat blocked in money/career. Advice here is to move forward here. Not moving forward by holding on. Something creative going on that's in the idea phase. Maybe that's where the decision needs to be made. Hangman in friends. Something is stalled in friends/assoc. Need to create situation where everyone works together. Do you have some idea/creative pursuit that you want to expand on. Get feeling that something is in the works perhaps career wise. Will need more info from you.


    past--9 of rods



    below--10 of rods

    challenges--queen of coins

    future--nine of coins

    blocks--4 of coins



    outcome--5 rods

    May have to leave someone behind until they join you.

  • hi daliolite...career wise i want to try out singing , acting and modelling ..i get asked by a number of people like friends to pursue it but i know its gonna take some time and a lot of effort and a lot of luck as well..i have been practicing positive thinking and law of attraction and things are changing for the better..i am currently stuck because it will take me a year before i can travel abroad and pursue my grad degree and career choices,parents would probably oppose my career choice but i have decided to go ahead and pursue it,i am just not sure though if i will be successful or not .....friends on the other hand ,i am a friendly person and get on well with a lot of people but the people i really connect with are few and rare...i am focusing more on my career and studies so i am not really focused on love right now

  • Hey Daliolite - I'm leaving for a while...just wanted to say hello/goodbye 🙂 Hope to connect with you later. Just feeling like it's time for a bit of a sabbatical.

  • Watergirl, Let me hear from you ok...You know you're my mentor.

  • Hello everyone.

    Daliolite, I would really like a reading when you have the time for it. I have been pretty much single for the past three years and dispair of ever finding the right person for me. I would like to know if there is a man for me that I will have a long term relationship with.

    Thanks so much.

  • Wildylnan, Wanted to ask a couple questions before I start your reading. Is there a present love interest in your life. In your first reading, quite a few queen cards--is there a friend that's encouraging you into this field. I'm also picking up on a loss that was painful and could be affecting the present.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Would you do another reading for me and see if it is clearer this time?

    Thank you!

  • For reference, your last reading starts on page 37.

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