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  • GalaxyWarriors cards--

    past--queen of rods


    present--7 of swords


    challenges--knight of cups



    friends--eight of rods

    advice--10 of coins

    outcome--queen of swords

  • StandingTall, I have 3 people in your present. I have an emotional type feminine influence over this reading (older), a younger influence in present, and a male influence in your foundation(older type influence.) There is a young influence in this reading that I believe is you. Friends/assoc are young also. This reading also looks like a love reading. You started a venture/something on your own in your past which led to a split/breaking away. There seems to be a dependence on others probably more so than what you'd like to believe. Creative challenges in future/struggles. Communication is one of your blocks--Ace of swords is blocked. In fact, in your advice position it's showing you as seeking the truth or a need to get to the truth. There's an indication for love or getting at least to a place of satisfaction. I would like for you to explain these 3 influences in the present. Maybe I could help more. I get a feeling from this reading that there is so much more in life for you to learn.


    present--page of rods

    over--queen of cups

    below--king of coins

    situation--5 swords

    past--8 of coins

    challenges--9 of coins

    future--nine of rods

    blocks--ace of swords

    friends--6 of cups

    advice--page of swords

    outcome--2 of cups

  • Flutterbyerabbit, Your's is next...Are you still onboard

  • MAN!!!!! Are you good 🙂 🙂

    Here is my story: I fell in love with an older man by the name of Gary. This Evil Vindictive Woman by the name of (T) broke us apart. For some reason, he allowed it to happen!!

    From what I understand, she is holding a "Trump Card" over his head. Gary is afraid of something. I AM hoping that the truth will come out about this situation AND soon. Gary is the president of the company that I use to work for. (T)- the Evil Vindictive woman is the Program Director of Gary's comapny.

    Could you tell me what will be the outcome of this "Trump Card" that she is holding over his head. Will i find out soon? Will I have to move in order to get this Woman out of my life for good?

    April 21, 1973

  • Hi Daliolite,

    would you be kind to do a reading for me on my love life. What is there for me? I am ready to get into a serious relationship but im finding it a bit difficult in meeting new people especially with my job that require a lot of traveling. I would love to have an insight of what is there for me.


    DOB just in case sept 12 1985

  • StandingTall, Whenever I draw a king card, it is usually someone who is distancing themselves. Cards have different meanings to different readers. Another tarot reader may tell you that it's someone who has money. Regardless, to me it's someone who is detaching. You will have further struggles if that is your question. The two of cups in outcome is telling me that this was a love reading--not so much a reconciliation. This man is not communicating. The best you can do is distancing. Why do you have to move. Right now, for whatever reason, she is over this reading. Be yourself. You're pictured as the page of swords and rods. That's how I would want to be pictured in a reading. Also, to have the page of rods in present is embarking on something new.

  • Cellisi, I have some ahead of yours, will be happy to do one for you.

  • Oh okay...what you have said is VERY thought provoking! One LAST set of question please.

    Is the reason as to why he has refused to communicate with me have something to do with the fact that he is afraid that I will find out WHAT the "Trump Card " is about that (T) is holding over Gary's head?

    Also...does this "Trump Card" have something to do about Race?

    The reason as to why I ask is because a Psychic told me last year that I would find out something about him that would "Hurt me a bit".

    Since I am a Woman of color, and he is White; Race- Gary doing something bad to someone of color- would be the only thing that would hurt me.

    Your insight please. 🙂

  • Hey thank you so much for taking your time I the reading. I really appreciate for what you did. Thank you very much and I hope in the future u can give me a new reading...

  • Good morning! I am still here! Thank you

  • StandingTall, I would have to do a reading on him. I can do one but don't know if it'll address that answer you're seeking. You're being shown as a truth-seeker. Sometimes things happen and it's better to let it be. I will do a reading later if that's what you want. Take away what you learned from this scenario. Read between the lines.

  • Flutterbyerabbit, This reading seems to be addressing a business etc. Are the kids included in this business in some way. The Wheel of Fortune is over this reading and it shows the fixed signs in the corners of the card. One of your kids is a fixed sign. Is there high hopes regarding this business or something you've just been thinking about doing. There are a lot of swords indicating talk. Sometimes it's hard to get an idea going when it's just talk/criticism. There is some fear attached to this idea. Do you have all and nothing to lose at the same time. In past, showing moving from something or some place and arriving here. I get the impression that there is some sort of predicament in present. Also, get feeling that someone is helping in some way. The fool is blocked meaning the feeling here is not carefree. I'm getting someone who is helping may have a wait and see approach. Whatever happens, I'm getting that you'll arrive where you need to be. Like I said, there is fear attached to this reading. I guess it's your circumstance in present. This is what the cards are addressing. I'll try and help if you have questions.


    past--6 of swords

    situation--6 of rods

    over--wheel of fortune

    below--page of coins

    challenges--8 of swords

    future--4 of rods


    friends--high priestess

    advice--9 of coins

    outcome--9 of swords

  • Hi Daliolite,

    no problem I know you are getting a lot of requests. I will check back later

    thank you

  • Yes, I would love for you to do a reading on him He is a Cancer June 30, 1950.

    When you have time please 🙂

  • Thank You, Daliolite! Well, let's see the fear is of coming from my husband and I setting our own course in business. He would like to be able to break free from his family's business if the need should ever arise, or if he chooses to. His father is very manipulative at times and keeps dangling the family business as carrot at the end of the stick. (Just don't know how long or short the stick is, hehe) As for our children if they want to be involved they can be, but not required to. When it comes to business being carefree is hard to come by. My mom might be the one helping, she is always encouraging to proceed forward with gaining the knowledge to be able to do this as well as financially. She's awesome! I am hoping that since most of this past year has been about talking some action will come about, I am wondering where I fit into the picture. My husband and I are a great team together when we remember that both of us have limited experience in the business we are about to make; and that it can be fun. On the home front I was just wondering how all four of us were doing in general. Thank you for your time and effort, many blessings to you!

  • Flutterbyerabbit, Yes, your mom is appearing as the 9 of coins in advice. She's right, you know, have to believe in yourself. I'm also getting a wait and see approach from someone. Female influence in your friends/assoc position. This could be saying to avoid confrontation, if you relate to that advice. At this point, I do see it as mostly talk. Maybe if your in-laws know you're talking about your own venture it may tip the boat, so to speak.

    There is the hanged man in present. There is some dilemma at present. Not sure what it is. Does someone feel stuck. 4 of rods in future. You will continue w/your husband is what I'm getting. 4 of rods is a marriage, card of celebration etc. You need to develop your ideas if you're going anywhere. I'm sorry that I didn't pick-up anything in regards to family unless it could be a marriage w/one of your kids. Let me know.

  • CanIhaveatarotreading, I get that you're feeling pressure. There are two people in past and present that have helped you. I'm getting that you're looking to them but there are 2 other figures that you are/will be coming into play. These people are older probably parent figures (past). In things to come I see two other figures, like I said, who are associates, friends or perhaps teachers. You're being shown as a creative type/pursued a very creative field. If you didn't, you really got into the wrong field!! Challenge at present is things are out of your control, basically. I also got a feeling that talents may be overstated. Tendency here to be stabbed in back. Maybe you're being very heavily critiqued. Creative solutions needed. Again, I'm feeling pressure from these people in your past. There is a window in your friends/assoc positions. Perhaps a friend can put you in contact w/someone that will benefit you greatly. Working together is blocked. I get that you'll meet someone/people who will really put you on the right track so don't give up hope.



    above--page of rods

    below--4 of rods

    situation--queen of coins

    past--king of cups


    future--10 of swords

    blocks--3 of coins

    friends--9 of cups

    advice--knight of rods

    outcome--queen of rods

  • Hi Daliotte thanks for the reading I have a few questions is health administration the right career for me and what do you mean by talents overstated? Also is there anything relating to love? Thanks again

  • CanIhaveatarot...., Do you see yourself as a creative type person.

  • CanIhaveatarot..., Don't see administration as your forte, according to this reading.

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