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  • I start Spratbrat next, Standingtall you're after spratbrat. Sorry that I'm behind. I'll try and post tonite.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I am hoping you can give me a reading on my family about the decisions that I am making for my children. They are away for another month and soon we start back to school. I am currently in school for another year while working in that profession and very busy as a single (no love-intamacy life) parent. I want to prepare mentally before they come back in a month.

    My Birthday (4-18-71), my son (2-15-01), twin daughters (8-15-02)

    THank you!

  • Spratbrat, Issues from past that are probably carried over into present. Don't be a victim. Your idenity is creative/creative project. Also get the impression here that you're trying to get out of bad situation. Also, get the impression that you haven't been quite successful in getting away (7 of swords is blocked.) You may not have all the control you want or need. May not feel inspired to do what you want or need to do. Financial help is over your reading. Is someone helping out financially in present. Battle in things to come that won't overtake you. There's a chance for working together/gaining experience on some project etc. I have to warn you that your assoc are really a bad influence with you suffering the consequences here. Bad influence in your friends/assoc position that will hurt financially. Get feeling someone close to you. You have the 4 of swords in the challenges position. Maybe you're not speaking up for some reason. Perhaps afraid to rock the boat. I think you've made strides but until you cut the bad influences, you're in for a struggle.


    present--10 of rods

    over--ace of coins


    situation--ace of rods

    past--8 of swords

    challenges--4 of swords

    future--3 of coins

    blocks--7 of swords


    advice--5 of coins

    outcome--9 of rods

  • Thank you.. I thought that was the way things were going with a certain person.

  • Daliolite,

    Thank you for letting me know and take your time, it is very kind of you do these readings. Have a wonderful day.

  • QuestforLight, I get a feeling here that you walked up on a bad situation/loss in present. Unexpected loss. There's also a feeling here that you're being criticised for something. Something needs to be said that wasn't said (king of swords is blocked.) There's an indication that something happened that you didn't bargain for/unique type personality in past. In your foundation there is a withdrawing/emotional refusal. This is probably pertaining to you. Maybe not totally accepting of what happened or your part. Could be your coping mechanism. Since I don't know what happened, I can only guess. The whole structure of things needs to conform to the greater good. I drew the Hierophant above this reading. A wanting and need to belong. Because of the card pairing 3 of swords/hierophant this reading--your looking for significant meaning. You do have/will have strong bonds w/some people. Knight of cups in your future. Strong possibility for love. Don't give blind obedience to people, follow strict philosophy. Be careful who you follow. Some friends will be dropping away. Not getting creative inspiration. Will need to info to make sense of this reading. There are 2 possibly three people in this reading.

  • Quest, Your cards--

    present--3 of swords


    below--4 of cups

    situation--8 of cups


    challenges--knight of rods

    future--knight of cups--don't be seduced by a feeling that you need someone

    blocks--king of swords

    friends--7 of swords

    advice--3 of cups

    outcome--7 of rods

  • Daliolite, Thank you I really appreciate it.

  • Me-and-kids, Who is the person in the past. Probably male/stable is what the cards are showing. There is truth seeking/justice in the present. Saying what needs to be said. Doing the honorable thing/clarification needed. There is really a need to make a fresh start in present is what I'm getting. A lot of words in present. Did someone say something or do you feel like you have to prove yourself. Do you feel like your in submission to someone or something. Breaking from a group that would be the best thing to do. Are you turning the page on some group or friends.

    Dreams are worth pursuing. I see dreams/love coming to fruition. 10 of cups in advice position. A wonderful card to draw. You'll have to work at success but feel it will come thru your own efforts. You are on the right path, just some obstacles that I feel you'll overcome.


    above--page of swords

    present--ace of swords

    below--10 of coins


    past--knight of coins

    challenges--9 of swords

    future--6 of coins


    friends--7 of swords

    advice--10 of cups

    outcome--7 of coins

  • Hi Daliolite

    So many things have changed in my life recently since you did a reading for me (page 11) some of the news I was expecting already came others didn't or are still making no sense to me. So I come to you one more time if you don't mind, I was told that I need to talk with my spirit guides to learn how to listen to them because they want to talk with me (it's something that have to do with my past, I use to hear them all the time, and I do feel them).Will I be capable to do it? Can I trust this gift that Im not sure what is for?

    Another question if you don't mind: Will I have a response from a person that I still care and I want us to be friends (not lovers)?

    And Im so sorry for your lost, it's not easy but Im glad that you are getting back on your feet.

    Blessings Maria

  • Sweetoty, I have the knight of cups in the present position which indicates a love interest. Do you have a current love interest. I need this answered but can go ahead with the reading on the move. I drew several #2 cards that deal with patience, balance and extremes. Those are the themes of this reading. I'll wait to see if you're still with me to continue. I'm not clear if you're moving to be w/someone or want to meet someone or exiting to get away as the cards are not clear. Thanks.

  • Hi D,

    My ex and I (off and on for four years) permanently broke up recently. I Begun seen a young man who I met at my old job back in November. He seems extremely interested in me. He's definitely attractive but there's things about him that turn me off.

    I want to move away from family drama and in my current city theres not much of anything. I've lived in this city for four years now and I still dislike it, the city I want to move to is a place I once live in and my son and I loved loved it but had to move after I lost house money job.

  • hello daliolitehope your having a good day...,can you do a reading for me? just a general reading about what i can expect in my love life and in my career in the future....

    thanx a lot

  • Hello Daliolite,

    You seem to have missed me altogether unless I messed your reading. Will you do a general reading for me?

    Thank you so much

  • Hello again Daliolite,

    Sorry, I HAD missed your reading!

    Ok, this is totally confusing...! 🙂

    Is the "unexpected loss material or emotional? If it is emotional, yes. I met my ex after many years and we were more in love than ever. After less than a year he lost his job and soon started to withdraw and in some way he blames me for that. He had been so obsessed with me that he had not paid the proper attention to his work but it was not me who was demanding...

    In the meantime I have realised where I went wrong, what I should have seen and have not... We have not been in contact for several months but I know that he loves me and maybe he blames me to talk himself out of love...

    Those two or three people, are they other than me? At the moment there are three men in my life, the man I am still married to and who leads his own life, my ex I am still in love with and a an old friend who recently told me he ha feelings for me...

    Does it make any more sense now?

    Thank you so much.

  • Questforlight, 3 of swords is an emotional break-up it pictures a heart w/3 swords thru it. Kinda ironic since there are 3 male figures in your reading. Yes, you have 3 men in your reading. The one who is distancing himself, I believe, is shown as the King of swords in your blocks position. Swords have to do w/communication. When I draw the King of swords it is usually someone who is distancing themselves. Sometimes a person can actually be two cards in a reading when they change their outlook or personality depending on the situation. In your challenges, I drew the knight of rods. This is a creative individual perhaps seems more carefree. You might remember him as your ex that you fell in love with and then he turned into the King of swords (distant.) See how the cards can work. Anyway, the knight of rods is a younger feeling individual than the king. Then you have the knight of cups coming into your future which could be the one who recently expressed his feelings. This is what your reading pertains to coupled with what I first posted.

  • Sweetoty, Yes, I couldn't understand why you were planning to leave when you have this love interest smack dab in the middle. Anyway, conforming to higher purpose/improvement is over this reading. A transformative time for you. Breaking bonds from the past. You have the ace of rods in foundation. This is a creative card that marks a transformative time. I'm getting that things will go your way/seek the right path that's true to you. Maintaining control is your challenge. Your themes are patience, balance and extremes. Challenge might be keeping your distance. Green lite as far as the move. I have to ask if it's by water. You'll have/will meet good friends. Your advice is to try and keep your dreams alive. Balance money/patience brings virtue.

  • DDTT--Will start yours next...

  • Sweetoty



    present--knight of cups

    below--ace of rods


    past--5 of swords

    challenges--2 of swords


    blocks--judgment--utilize judgment


    advice--2 rods

    outcome--2 coins

  • Daliolite, you skipped me.

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