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  • Daliolite,

    Yes, a creative personality vs. practical. Although we're both creative and practical, I'm more one (creative) and he's more the other (practical). We get along just fine, but recently had a disagreement, and now I'm not so sure which way our relationship is heading. It's not that I'm having doubts, it's that we had a disagreement, he asked me to leave, and we really haven't spoken much in the last three weeks. I'm not sure if he's just still sore at me, or if we're really done.

    Also, six months ago, the topic of marriage came up...not a proposal, just him saying "I wish someday that we could be married".

  • DA, Are you the one holding out on the idea of marriage. Don't be blind to what maybe happening here. Death in future position.

  • I would marry him in a heartbeat...but we do have a particular issue that would need ironing out. Not sure he still has the same feelings about marriage that he did six months ago tho...he hasn't mentioned it. But I think I'm being blind here and need it spelled out to me, I'm sorry. 😞

    As for creativity, I've been burying myself in my work, especially the last three weeks, trying to build my inventory (and also keep my mind off him). So I'm not really surprised that a lot of creativity came out in the reading?

  • Good Luck to you--God Bless you

  • If you were saying that he may want to end things because I don't want to marry him, that's incorrect. We've discussed marriage and are both just fine with it, as long as we can iron out the one issue we've been working on.

    I appreciate your time and your reading. Thank you, and blessings.

  • Hi, Daliolite,

    I'm sorry, but I just read my reading over again, and you said that it was more about my dreams/business/creativity...do you suppose the death card may be an indicator that this business just won't work out? I have been having trouble getting it off the ground...seems like obstacles crop up too often. 🙂

    Thank you again. Bright blessings.

  • DA, Most of your reading deals w/this project and death probably pertains to it. Four of rods is over the reading and pertains, I believe, to your relationship. I like to go initially with how I feel when I first read. You have several things going on. 4 of rods when I draw always points to a relationship/marriage. I'm working on my own business venture--Bakery. I'm going for what I enjoy. This is just a reading, nothing is written in stone.

  • Hi, Daliolite,

    You're right, nothing is written in stone. My focus right now is mainly my jewelry, and trying to talk my girl friend into working craft shows with me. She makes beautiful jewelry, we get along great, and she has awesome work ethics. And we both enjoy making jewelry and encouraging each other. I think the two of us could have a decent shot at success. 🙂

    Good luck to you with your business, too! I always tell my friend that the old saying goes "do what you love, the money will follow"...still working on that last part, tho, lol.

    Thank you again...blessings. 🙂

  • yes, im here 🙂

  • i have some news about my question, cos results of tests have arrived. so i didnt get into the college i want. but i got in the one that is really far away from my hometown. and my question is: should i go into that college (on the sea) that's far, or wait semptember and try out for closer college 🙂

  • Doree, I drew the 2 of rods in your advice position. 2 of rods shows a man looking towards the ocean. It is paired with the magician (a very good pairing.) The Magician in your outcome position which indicates, to me, that you'll be able to get where you want to be. I drew a lot of cup cards in your reading. Cups represent emotions, love etc. I'm getting that you fear some emotional loss or attachment to something. Your future shows that you have nothing to fear as far as acceptance. You'll be welcomed. King of Cups is blocked. This card always represents emotional detachment on some level when I draw it. Is there someone that you don't want to be separated from, or are you detached on some level. Is the far move something that you'd rather not do. Also, is the far away college one that is more affordable. I drew the ace of coins in present. I'm getting an indication that going to college is going to be great for you and you'll succeed. You have a tendency to be off to yourself (2 of rods in future position.) I believe your also creative. You have a king and queen of swords in your reading. I'm wondering if these are representing your family. Queen of swords in friends,assoc position. Where does your mom think you should go. You have very good card placements for success.


    3 of coins--present

    below--knight of cups

    situation--ace of coins

    past--king of swords

    challenges--2 of cups

    future--3 of cups

    blocks--king of cups

    friends--queen of swords

    advice--2 of rods


  • Hello Daliolite,

    I would love a reading, when you have time, on present and future regarding family.

    And current business project, will it workout to be profitable?

    12/12/1975 (m/d/y) (me)

    12/03/1973 (husband)

    01/26/1995 (daughter)

    09/12/1996 (son)

    Thank you so much for this offer. Many blessings and wonderful days to you!

  • Please do not forget about me Daliolite 🙂 🙂

  • I don't know where my life is headed to I recently graduated college but can't find a job. My birthday is 3/13/1988. Thanks I really would appreciate it.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I noticed that there are common themes of creativity, youth/young energy and celebration (4 of rods) in the readings you've done for me. Can it mean an awakening of creativity within me that I should be excited about, and not literally that I should be out there celebrating? Am trying to read between the lines.

    I do feel a surge of creative energy in the last few months, about dance choreography. I'm a beginner, not fantastic or anything, but there is a natural ability/affinity for dance that I've been trying to nurture. B teaches dance and he noticed it, and encouraged me to try creating my own choreo last year. And I had a really hard time. Maybe it wasn't the right time and it was very contrived. But now, as I'm exposed to more of other's choreography, I'm feeling ideas coming more easily. It's like something waiting to get out. Very haphazard and inconsistent - but it's there. What do you think?

    Anyway, I was wondering if you could also do a love reading for me, if it's not too much trouble. My circle of acquaintances and friends has increased exponentially, yet nothing happening in 'that department' and I guess I'm just getting tired of waiting. What am I missing here?

  • yes, my girlfriend is reason i dont move move so far away. but that college that' s far seems good, and this one is also good but i dont wanna trouble with recognition my diploma.

    my mom said i should wait for semptember and then decide.:)

    uh thanks a lot, i hope i will figure what's better 🙂

  • Doree--I think the one by the sea is indeed probably good. I think you'll listen to mom's advice--which is fine.

  • Flutterbyerabbit, I have several ahead but will get to yours. Thanks for including the family. Sometimes I have a lot of people show up in reading. I don't go, however, with dob's. Personalitites do show up.

  • please can I get a reading really appreciate it. thanks

  • CanIhaveatarot reading, I have some ahead of yours. I'll get to yours in time.

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